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Don’t Choose the Easy Path – Choose the Right Path

Don’t choose the easy path; choose what is true to you. You’re not here to hide from your potential and from your dreams. It would be an incredible waste of your time and of the life force energy that flows through your being at every second of your life. You didn’t come here to play it safe. And to do the things you’re “supposed” to be doing. You came here to grow into your potential and to keep expanding your true essence. Not to shrink and become less.

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You’re Not Here to Choose the Easy Path

Let me clarify a couple of things. You’re not here to choose the easy path only because it feels within your reach, and it makes you feel safe. Neither you’re here to satisfy the expectations of other people. You’re not here to entertain others. To make yourself less-than because that way, you feel more socially accepted.

This is NOT true safety. It’s only a game that your ego is playing with you, so you stay within your comfort zone where you can control yourself. In the familiar, you THINK you can control your actions and situations of your life. It seems like living this way gives you some guarantees. But here is the thing; we’re not guaranteed ANYTHING. Niente. Nada. Nichts. Ever. It’s only an illusion that you’re safe in your comfort zone. The only real safety can be found in the space of constant expansion. 

When you put your head into the sand, so you don’t see what is happening around you, it doesn’t make anything to disappear. You only deprive yourself of the truth. And it’s only when you see with clarity, the life the way it is, that you can change something. When you choose the easy path over what is true to you, you give your power away.


If you choose the easy path that isn’t real to you, you’re worshiping your fears instead of following your soul.


There is no real safety in what isn’t aligned with your highest truth. You’re not here on Earth to get likes from others or to run the other direction from your potential. Somehow, we got this all twisted. We want everything to go the easy way. From job, money, to relationships. If something doesn’t seem to flow the way we assume it should, we think something is wrong. Or even better, we believe that we’re flawed.

People want instant success, more money for doing less, or they seek special love. And I’m asking you – does any of this truly matter? All these things we often seek are just poor substitutes for the true essence of our being. When we don’t know how to connect to our true essence, we look for it on the outside. And we want that external dream to be fast and easy even if it means that it might not be what you actually want.

Don’t choose the easy path because you want to avoid pain. The worst pain is knowing that you’re not living up to your real capacity. Don’t choose the easy path because you’re scared. When you choose the right path even if it’s more challenging, you’ll find a fulfillment that nothing can replace.


You Can’t Escape Your Truth

If you don’t know what is true to you, it’s only because you don’t listen enough. You have too much energy clutter in your life, so you don’t have to stay with that uncomfortable feeling that is inviting you to a greater version of yourself.

It’s like betraying yourself every day again because deep down, you ALWAYS know what you want. And I’m not talking here about the lower chakra desires – this is often an ego too. I’m talking about the desires that originate in your higher being and which make you feel like you’re expanding when you think about them. Those dreams uplift you because deep down, you know that this is it. There is no denying that, but you may still choose to stuff yourself with external stimuli, so you don’t hear the voice of your higher self.

Let’s have a look at what is going on when you don’t choose the easy path.


1. Your Dreams Are Your Higher Self’s Visions

When you don’t choose the easy path over the right steps, you realize that all the dreams that you’ve had about a potential future are realistic. You didn’t receive them because you’re naive or too-dreamy. Those dreams of yours are actually sacred visions that your higher self has for you.

Your higher self is continuously beckoning you to a greater version of yourself. Whatever idea of who you think you’re is limited and ridiculous compared to your real being. Don’t numb yourself into sleep. You’ve been sleeping for too long, and nothing will change unless you choose a different path.

When you don’t choose the easy path, the most striking aha-moment is that you could have ALWAYS created the life you wanted. It was not only possible for you, but it was also where your higher self was guiding you. And then you think, “Oh, my God! I’ve wasted so much time on nothing. All this time, it was actually me who kept myself small, and my essence tamed.”


2. There Is Only One Easy Path

When you don’t choose the easy path that your fear has chosen for you, you realize that living in alignment with your higher self IS the only ease that you’ll find. Of course, this commitment to ever-growing and becoming more of who you truly are will challenge you more than anything. But it’s the right kind of challenge which forces you to stand more and more in your power. Whereas the path dictated by fear will create nonsensical obstacles that are just to entertain you and keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

In following what is true to you, you’ll find lightness and joy eventually because nothing compares to the feeling of allowing yourself to become the best possible version of you.

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