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How to Embody the 15 Principles of Spiritual Sovereignty

Have you ever gravitated towards mastering your spiritual sovereignty? What does spiritual sovereignty even mean, and why is it so important? Many years ago, I was on a quest to understand the true spiritual power, sovereignty, and self-mastery. Back then, before fully stepping into my purpose, I was searching for information on this topic. To my surprise, I didn’t find any too relevant guidance for me. There were all shallow and basic. So I wondered, why don’t we have more conversations around these topics?

Surely, I’m not the only one wanting to step into my spiritual sovereignty and power. And so, my own initiation into power and spiritual sovereignty has begun, as is my primary – often only – way of remembering/receiving information. This article and video, which I recommend watching, will give you a basic understanding of sovereignty. However, this topic runs so deep that sovereignty, in itself, is its own path of self-mastery. Those of you joining my Lightworker Healing will understand, feel, embody your spiritual sovereignty and power. But in this article, I want to open up your mind and heart to start aligning with your spiritual sovereignty.

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What Is Spiritual Sovereignty?

Stepping into your sovereignty will dramatically change your life and enhance your ascension process. Spiritual sovereignty means claiming your spiritual energy and power and use them to explore your divinity and your sacred relationship with life. It’s the pivotal shift of consciousness from the lands of forgetfulness, dreams, and unconsciousness and realizing the ever-present source within yourself.

Spiritual sovereignty is a path of mastery as it will ask of you nothing less than becoming who you truly are.


How can you become who you truly are? The Spirit is descending through dimensions of time and space (sometimes universes) to carry its unique expression and experience of source. You’ve always been an infinite spirit – your true essence. You’ve traveled all the way to 3D Earth to experience forgetfulness and separation. When you start to explore your spiritual sovereignty, you start remembering and merging with your true self again. And yes, this CAN be done while on Earth. In fact, I see this as our primary goal.

Spiritual sovereignty is about retrieving every part of your life and your creations where you have given your power away.

Collectively, we bounce on every ray of the spectrum between victimhood to self-mastery – sovereignty. Essentially, this is the same energy manifested through different consciousness. During the golden ages of Atlantis and Lemuria, many of us were the embodiment of spiritual sovereignty and consciously merged with our multidimensional selves. Consequently, as the events took place and the cycle has changed, we’ve collectively explored the victim consciousness, which is the other side of the spectrum. Now, since 2012, we’re again at the brim of a new golden age.

Each of you reading these words are contributing to its full manifestation. And we’re, once again, exploring and embodying our sovereignty. Therefore, if your soul has been calling you to think about topics like spiritual power, self-mastery, and sovereignty, something within you is REMEMBERING. You’re about to close one long, cosmic cycle. Don’t dismiss this inner tugging as unimportant because this indeed IS your purpose.

The 15 Principles of Spiritual Sovereignty 

We start naturally exploring our sovereignty as we re-activate our 12 strands of DNA (or at least the first 5 strands). One of the strands carries what I call the sovereignty codex. Once it’s fully activated, it allows us to understand and use our spiritual power for our greatest good. And be in service of others – which is the ultimate honor of soul. At some point, your sovereignty will become of your highest interest. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the topic of sovereignty could be taught for hours and practiced for lifetimes; you can watch a video where I go through the main 15 principles of sovereignty.

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