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Unlock the 4 Stages of Lightworker Mission

What a lightworker mission consists of? And how can lightworkers fulfill their mission? If you’re a lightworker, does it mean you have to be in service to others in a big, visible way? Do all lightworkers have the same mission? What if it doesn’t resonate with you to be a healer, priestess, or teacher? Can you still fulfill your lightworker mission? In this article, I do my best to answer your questions.

A Lightworker Mission

When you first realize you’re a lightworker, you feel a mixture of relief and pressure. Suddenly, everything you’ve been through makes sense. But, it might also feel as if there is this one big thing you were born to do, and you’re not living up to your potential. This inner pressure might either make you stronger or keep you stuck for a little too long.

Being a lightworker isn’t the easiest path. It doesn’t guarantee that we as lightworkers will live up to our potential. The truth about being a lightworker is that once you realize who you are, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. On some level, we’ve always been helping others, but our capacity to truly help is limited until we come to terms with our inner power. A lightworker mission has many levels to it. And it depends on your daily choices how much you’ll step into it.

First, we have to heal ourselves – it doesn’t have to be 100% or even close to it – and then heal others.

Some lightworkers can get stuck for years and even decades. They walk around the perimeter of who they truly are. Waiting. Hoping. Postponing the inevitable. Although resisting who you are, offers you temporary relief, it doesn’t bring a deep fulfillment. Eventually, you’ll be facing the same choice regarding your lightworker mission. Are you going to step into your potential as a lightworker? Or will you heal just a little, do the necessary without ever going fully in?

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How Lightworkers Fulfill Their Mission

A lightworker mission is about stepping fully into who you are. This also means that you’ll be asked to do deep soul healing. At some point, you’ll want to remember who you are at the deepest level. A level that goes beyond this life, this body. And the identities you’ve created to protect you from getting hurt.

1. Heal Yourself Then Heal Others

The first level of a lightworker mission is to heal and know yourself. Although lightworkers are naturally inclined to spirituality, it doesn’t mean that they always commit to their healing paths. One might read all the books in the world and understand metaphysical concepts intellectually, but not live according to them.

True healing happens when you embody the wisdom of your soul.

A couple of first years upon your awakening, it might feel like you understand everything. It might feel like you’re mastering your mind, your beliefs. Perhaps, you do inner child healing work. And things start nicely coming together. You’re guided to follow your soul’s calling. It seems that the universe goes above and beyond to support you. It feels like this is it. Well, this is only the very beginning of your lightworker mission.

Part of the lightworker mission is to heal thousands upon thousands of years of your soul’s journey. Healing happens through stages. Don’t rush it. But don’t stop the flow either.

Laying firm foundations is necessary. But then you realize that there are so many other levels of healing you had been unaware of. People can find a comfort zone in a specific healing modality – like inner child work and working with their belief systems.

However, as you evolve, the ego is getting smarter too. Thus it might make you believe that you can’t ever fully heal past your earlier traumas from this life. It might make you believe that you’ll never feel balanced and peaceful. If this is the place you’re at then, it’s time to commit to deep soul healing. And then starseed and multidimensional healing and then working with your cosmic essence. There are many layers to our being. Even if something feels like this is it, it’s just the base of the next level you’re stepping into.

2. Integrate Your Parallel Versions

The next level of a lightworker mission is to integrate the parallel versions of you. Your relationship with time will massively change. As a lightworker, you’ll realize that you can collapse or expand timelines. You can jump and withdraw knowledge from all walks of reality. And you start connecting and integrating different versions of you that we call past, future, parallel, and potential future.

We work on integrating your many soul’s gifts and memories from different lives in the Lightworker Healing. And then, in the Starseed Healing, we move onto a galactic and sometimes a cosmic level of integration. This is the point when your lightworker mission really starts to make sense. Every soul has a specific purpose and role in the cosmic hierarchy. When you realize what your soul has been truly mastering over eons of time, you can use this knowledge to help others.

3. Be In Service to Others

At some point, your lightworker mission will become fully about being in service to others. As you heal and unravel your life (and other lives), you’ll realize that you’ve been training for this specific life for thousands of years. Your soul’s journey is intertwined with other people’s journeys too.

You have soul contracts with others to help them awaken and heal.

The question is, do lightworkers need to help others? Is it necessary to become a healer, priestess, or teacher to fulfill your lightworker mission? Isn’t it enough to help the collective with your own healing and frequency?

Depending on your unique soul’s design, you’ll be guided to be in service to others in your distinctive way. Some lightworkers are excellent grid and crystal keepers. They help Gaia’s grids raise their frequency and access information stored in crystals from the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.

For some, their lightworker mission is about helping and protecting the plant and animal kingdom. While others feel called to work with children to help them maintain their purity and gifts. There are many colors of the spectrum that you’re bringing to Earth.

But at some point, you’ll be guided to become a teacher. Or, in some form, become a visible resource of help to hundreds if not thousands of others. This is true for every lightworker. However, you might not choose it in this life. It’s all up to your own soul contract AND your free will. All lightworkers have an open gateway to their greatness in this life. The question is will you take it?


4. Spiritual Leadership

The last pillar of your lightworker mission is the path of spiritual leadership. Here, leadership doesn’t mean being in a superior position. Rather it refers to your deep commitment to walk the path of self-mastery. And thus teach others by your unique embodiment of divinity.

Stepping into your spiritual leadership is the fastest way to grow. It’ll constantly challenge you, and that which you had thought impossible will become your daily bread. Miracles and spiritual tests will abundantly pour into your life, offering you an opportunity to master them.

At some point, EVERY lightworker will be asked to step into their spiritual leadership. When you are called, you’ll also be guided to work with other people in a more visible way. However, this idea might feel overwhelming at first. Remember that you had chosen this. It will feel natural, although not easy. Your life will become an open book, and you’ll practice self-mastery, commitment, and discipline every second of your life. Here it’s not about perfection but your unwavering commitment.

Your lightworker mission is always interlaced with being in service to others. That’s what we’re here for. Although first, we need to be able to receive help and support for ourselves. A part of spiritual leadership is to first take care of yourself and your energy to be in the highest service to others.

Stepping into your spiritual leadership will naturally guide you on a path of becoming an ascended master. Eventually. This is something you might choose in this life. Or in the next golden ages after this one. Every lightworker has an inherent capacity to become an ascended master. When this happens, you’ll master the Earthly plane, and you’ll be ready to move onto a more galactic role if you choose it.

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