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How to Awaken Your Inner Power: Stop Neglecting Your Truth

Have you ever asked yourself how to awaken your inner power? And what your inner power is? For me, the topic of inner power has always been interesting. Intuitively, I’ve known that if we acted in alignment with our inner power, most of our issues would go away. However, it’s been only later in life, in my twenties, that I’ve understood how to awaken inner power. And first of all, I’ve realized that we have never been disconnected from our true power.


You Were Born Powerful

You were born powerful the only question is, what are you doing with that power? Are you giving it away to fears, illusions, limitations, excuses? Or do you embrace your inner power and use it to create your reality consciously and express your true self? At the beginning of my work with clients, I’ve noticed that most people have learned to act AS IF they don’t have any real power. And I’ve been there too. We’re the infinite Spirit expressing itself through different dimensions, times, spaces, and bodies, and yet our soul’s power is so great that we create an illusion of not having any.


If you want to know how to awaken your inner power, use the power you already have. The infinite power that was bestowed upon you the very instant your essence was created. Your being is powerful. Can you feel it?


There are only 2 options when it comes to accessing your inner power:

  • Will you embrace your inner power?
  • Or are you going to neglect your power?


Certainly, some situations seem completely outside of our power, and we think that we’d never choose to be part of them. Well, wouldn’t we? Wouldn’t an infinite being choose ANY situation because it knows that it’s greater than what is currently taking place in one version of infinite realities? Especially if the situation serves the purpose of your higher self?

And yet, there are certain situations we go through because they serve our higher purpose – beyond the good and bad of what our mind can perceive. The question here is: WHO are you during the challenging situation? How do you express yourself? How do you work with the cards you have right now in front of you? To dive deeper into free will vs. destiny, read more here.

When we neglect our inner power, we act out of our subconscious conditioning. We react to people and situations instead of thinking what the highest possible choice aligned with our inner truth was. It takes time to break free from this conditioning and honor the truth of who we are.


Every time you make a choice you give your vote to fear or truth. You act from the space of your soul power or you give it away.

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You Always Use Your Inner Power

The key to how to access your inner power is realizing what you’re doing with the power you already have. You always use your inner power in one way or another. Unconsciously, you might be using your inner power to strengthen your limiting beliefs about yourself and your true potential. Or you can use the same power to help you quantum shift to your highest timeline. You always make a choice even if you choose not to act and maintain your status quo.


Where People Give Their Power Away


1. Hiding from Who You Are

The most common way people give their power away is hiding who they are and what they want. I’ve seen endless times amazing and powerful people with incredible potential playing a game with themselves about how they CAN’T change something.

At some earlier point in their lives, they’ve unconsciously decided that they can’t have something. And since then, they sabotage themselves whenever they’re about to make a breakthrough. The sad irony here is that the only reason why they keep falling back into old cycles is that they are hiding from who they are. The way to awaken your inner power is to tell yourself the truth of who you are—this time without the littleness and ego. Go in front of the mirror, look into your eyes, and tell yourself the truth.


2. Worshiping Fears and Limitation

When you want to learn how to access your inner power, become crystal clear on what you worship. Do you put your fears, limitations, and ego on a pedestal? Or do you choose truth, lightness, space, and soul? You can’t have both at once. Which one are you choosing?


How would you do the very same things if you acted from the space of your inner power?


3. Not Following Your Soul

Accessing your inner power – your soul power – is about honoring your inner ‘yes.’ Deep down, you always know the answer. When you remove the clutter of your mind, and you feel into your being, you know whether something is a yes or no.

How NOT following your soul might look like:

  • Knowing that something would expand your universe but letting your fear talk you out of it. For instance, your soul knows that working with a coach or joining a program would catapult you to a new reality. But you don’t invest in the end, and you go back to your old self. Seeing investment into yourself as the sum of money you’re losing is an illusion because it’ll always come back to you multifold. The soul-aligned investment enriches your world on many levels. I’ve seen clients joining the Lightworker Healing school and manifesting the same and higher amount of money the same week.
  • Knowing that you love someone, but you tell yourself it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. It sometimes surprises me how many guarantees people want before they even take the first move. I’ve known one man who met the love of his life, but he let her go repeatedly. For years, she would always come back with the same open and trusting heart, but it was too much for him. Her love was too good to be true because his parents got separated when he was young, and he stopped believing in true love even if it was right in front of him. When you access your inner power, you follow the guidance of your soul no matter how scary it is. Because the only second option is diminishing yourself to fit into some arbitrary comfort zone you’ve created out of pain.


To access your inner power, realize that you’re powerful. It’s nothing you have to develop – it’s a matter of exercising your power and being super mindful of how you use it.

What do you put on your pedestal?
Do you put your fears and limitations there?
Or do you CHOOSE yourself over your fear-based mind?

Either case, you always use your power. It’s an unhealthy ego illusion to believe that we don’t have power as if our choices were NOT expressions of our inner power.

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