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Meet Your Inner Genius Masterclass

Meet Your Inner Genius is a 2-hour replay of a masterclass. 


The Inner Genius is a gateway to self-mastery, and it’s within each of us to learn how to access it. 

Genius holds the keys to unlocking your highest potential.

The inner genius guides us to self-mastery. 

Learn how to hone and nourish your talents, soul gifts, and inner genius.


How can you access the recording?

Please check your order confirmation to find the link to the recording.


Please note that you can receive this masterclass as a part of the Spiritual Leadership program. 


P.S. You can also get this masterclass as a part of the Leadership Bundle.


Why do we give something 80% and then stop? Why do we distract ourselves from the important things that would create a positive impact in our lives and rather watch the TV or scroll on social media? Why do we hide our inner genius? Why are we so afraid to be seen in our greatness?


You’ll learn:

  • How to activate your inner genius.
  • How to restructure your life around your genius zone.
  • The true reason we sabotage ourselves and it’s not what you’d normally think.
  • Birthing new solutions from your genius zone.
  • How to tap into your greatest, grandest version of you.
  • How to make decisions from your genius zone.
  • Jedi-like training to help you follow your self-mastery.


The master operates in his genius zone. The master isn’t bound by the shiny objects, achievements, and buzz words like hitting the next goal. The master leads his life from within. The master isn’t here to entrain others or his own ego. He’s seen through the illusion and tapped his zone of genius.

The master understood the paradox – only when he liberates his consciousness from what drives most people can he finally create unprecedented new solutions for himself and others. As he elevates his own consciousness, he elevates all around him. He becomes the alchemist of life who has mastered the laws and let go of what had used to bound him and appears to be the ceiling to his inner genius.

The master thinks of a bigger picture that only a few have seen. He sees far beyond the horizon, and thus he can truly hone his inner genius.

The master creates for himself a Jedi-like training to channel his genius to this world.


During the masterclass, Sylvia Salow will also guide you through powerful transformative energy exercises.