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Solar Strength Empath Meditation

Solar Strength is a guided meditation to connect to your soul’s power and strengthen your aura.


This meditation is designed to:

strengthen your aura
help you feel centered and balanced
show you how to hold your energy without collapsing it
show you how to maintain a clear energy boundary
connect to your power and your soul’s power
feel grounded in who you are


How to Access the Meditation?

You’ll find a link to the meditation in your purchase order confirmation email. If you can’t see it, please, check the spam folder in your email.

Length: 12 min 37 secs


I work with clients daily without taking their energy in and without their energy impacting me. How is it possible? About six years ago, this meditation dropped into my mind.

As I kept practicing this meditation, I noticed that I’m aware of the external energies – I can read them accurately – but they no longer impact me energetically or emotionally. Since then, I have guided hundreds of clients with this exercise, witnessing their aura getting stronger, and it became easier to stay centered and aligned with their soul power.

This is a must-have meditation and energy tool for sensitive and intuitive people. Especially if you feel your solar plexus is weak and you easily get influenced by other people’s energy.