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How to Be Your Own Source of Energy and Light

How to be your own source of energy? Have you ever felt that you already have everything within yourself? Isn’t it an empowering state of being? What if the pursuit of external love, abundance, and possessions was merely an indirect road to discovering your own sovereignty?

Be Your Own Source

In the previous planetary cycle, which ended in 2012, we were all disconnected from our sovereignty. Since the last fall of consciousness on our planet, we’ve learned to search for the source of energy and light in others. We’ve turned our sights to gurus, holy scripts, to our spouses, children, neighbors. Anyone but self. Many lightworkers still carry deep soul wounds from those times.

This was the only way to make it through the lower levels of consciousness. But luckily, things are changing. Actually, YOU are shifting the consciousness by committing to your own healing journey. The new Golden Age is a work in progress. Its result depending on our daily choices.

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You Have the Source of Light and Energy Within

To be your own source means recognizing that you’re a powerful soul. It’s about recognizing that it is SAFE to step into who you are. It is safe to be seen, heard, and connect with others on a soul level. To be your own source also means that you rely on your inner source of energy and light.

Collectively, we’ve depended on each other energetically. As I said, it needed to be done to survive the past hundreds of years. But now, we have to relearn how we work with our energy. In fact, this is what I emphasize a lot in my Lightworker healing because it IS so essential.

To raise the collective and personal frequency, we all have to retrain ourselves in our energy and light management. We’re the first generations slowly coming out of energetic survival. This might be even more emphasized for you if you’re a lightworker, starseed, or priestess. To be your own source of energy is one of the most empowering paths you’ll take. Because it guides you right back to your divinity and sovereignty.

The Old Way of Managing Energy

Currently, there are more parallel timelines than ever before running alongside each other. As a humanity, we’ve reached a point when we reconnect with our multidimensional essence. It means that the old, present, future and parallel realities all exist next to each other. And we can move between them in a matter of seconds as our choices are changing. So the “old way” of managing energy is still very much in place. However, we don’t have to participate in it anymore. This is the luxury of being at the dawn of the next golden age.

In the old way, it wasn’t safe to be your own source of energy and light. It didn’t feel safe to be seen as a sovereign being. Because it would bring some form of punishment. As the truth was concealed once again, we’ve also lost our connection with the divinity within us. We’ve started to look outside ourselves for extra energy and light. Since we didn’t recognize our own source of everything within.

Energetic Co-Dependency

In the old way, we stay in wrong friendships and romantic relationships out of fear. Acting against our inner guidance. We create a complex web of co-dependency across most of our connections with others. Perhaps, you stay with your partner because it brings you a sense of safety. Although it’s a choice, and sometimes this is exactly what your soul needs to heal, it disconnects you even further from being your own source.

Unconsciously, you’re saying; I need someone outside of me to take care of me because I don’t trust I can do it for myself.

In the old way, you might keep friendships with people who don’t respect you or who are draining your energy. It’s because we’ve all been conditioned to be the good girl or boy. It might not feel safe to honor yourself by walking away because what about your friend, right?

However, this is just a choice to maintain an illusion that you’ll gain more by becoming less.

If your friendship doesn’t work for you, chances are, it doesn’t work for your friend either. To be your own source means that you remove yourself from any lower energetic circuits of co-dependency. Or even better, you transmute them, and that which is truthful will remain stronger than ever.

In the old way, we’ve been maintaining situations from a place of an inner lack. If you don’t feel whole – and before doing some amount of healing, most people don’t – you’ll do anything to fill in the hole inside. It doesn’t feel comfortable to feel a void within. Collectively, we’ve been running away from feeling the void since the last ancient priestesses, and the keepers of the Sophia wisdom had been silenced.

To be your own source means that you stop distracting yourself with people, situations, and dramas to avoid feeling a lack inside.

Instead, you expand your energy and realize that you don’t need anything external to fill you up. All those are just detours from real healing. All along, you’ve been waiting for connecting with your own source of energy and light. It’s there. It will carry you through any challenges. Your inner source will guide you back into your sovereignty. It will guide you to your true purpose.

The days of energetic co-dependency are slowly dissolving. This is one of the reasons why some things don’t work out. If you diminish yourself in a relationship, you deny who you truly are. AND you deny the other person from being who they are. Therefore, those relationships are dissolving. They can’t survive in the higher dimensional energy pouring so gracefully to our planet.

Does it mean the other person or you are wrong? NO! It means that it’s time to put your crown on. It means it’s time to fall in love with the divinity within you and with the sacredness in others.


If you want to heal co-dependency and step into your sovereignty, I invite you to the PRIESTESS HEALING.

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