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How to Release Family Karma as a Lightworker

How to release family karma, and is it possible through an individual? Are lightworkers here to help release family karma? And if so, how is it done? You may have felt an inexplicable feeling that you should “save” your family. Perhaps you’ve felt responsible for them being happy. And maybe it has felt like your family actually expects this of you. As a result, you feel caught up in some strange dynamic with your family. Even though you want to have healthy relationships, it’s somehow not happening. The reasons for this are many, but one reason is that you can release family karma through your inner healing.


Can Lightworkers Release Family Karma?

Lightworkers are people on a spiritual path who know how to transmute dark into light. They’ve experienced the shadow first hand, both within themselves and in their lives. And for various reasons, they’ve turned their attention within and found a way to experience true healing.

Lightworkers aren’t special. But their courage and instinct to never give up are remarkable.

Lightworkers aren’t pure light. They have been through the shadow many times. But what makes them unique is their resistance and choice to heal. Despite not knowing how the healing will sometimes unfold.


Lightworkers are born into families to release family karma. Thus old family patterns won’t be passed down to the next generations.


What sets lightworkers apart is their willingness to go into the densest places and bring their healing there. Although they know what lies ahead on the soul level, being in the 3D forgetting what they had chosen makes their courage exceptional.


Healing is a process of integrating the shadow and the light. Thus releasing the shadow from its role as something dark, returning it to neutrality.

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Four Things to Remember When Releasing Family Karma

Since you’re reading these words, likely, you’re a lightworker too. Something has brought you here. And that something wants you to remember who you are. Although the term “Lightworker” is a label, your unconscious mind recognizes this word to awaken something in you. 

Since you’re a lightworker, you’re here also to release the family karma of your lineage. I know this may not sound great, but through releasing family karma, you step into your entire soul’s power. That’s one of the reasons you’ve chosen to volunteer in healing your ancestral lineage. 

You may feel a heavy connection with your family, so the idea of releasing family karma may not feel precisely appealing. But it’s happening anyway. By ignoring what is, one creates more chaos and challenges in life. As I wrote in one of my previous articles, you’ve been training for this lifetime. You’ve got this. You’re more ready than you realize. 


1. No Accidents

When releasing family karma, the first thing to remember is that there are no accidents. You’ve chosen the specific ancestral line. Although there are many more reasons for this, by choosing this, you have a chance to step on a path of self-mastery. 

The details of your family patterns correlate to the lessons your soul is here to master. Also, you’ve likely already been initiated into similar frequencies and unhealed wounds that your family holds. Therefore, when you release family karma, it brings closure to your major soul patterns too

2. Stop Healing Your Family

Now, this may sound counterintuitive at first, but to release family karma, don’t try to heal your family. When you take full responsibility for your healing alone, you allow others to heal. Since you’re not separate from your family, your inner healing brings healing to others. What one does impacts the whole. 

You may have tried to heal your family. Perhaps you’ve felt somehow responsible for their happiness. And likely, it never brought lasting healing. Instead, you’ve been playing out the old dynamics when one pushes, and the other one resists. 

When you let your family off the hook and accept them the way they’re – including their shadow – you begin to heal. It allows integrating the same shadow in you. And this will sooner or later impact them without you directly trying to heal them. Sometimes the desire to help others comes from unconscious bypassing of healing yourself.


Remember that when one focuses too much on others, it allows them not to own their own shadow. 


3. Heal Yourself

The only way to release family karma as a lightworker is to heal yourself. Healing yourself has nothing to do with other people. It’s about taking full responsibility for our path and the ways we’ve let others transgress our boundaries. 

The deeper you go into your own healing, the more impactful your healing will be. The inner healing will move through your ancestral lineage like the ripple effect creating circles on a lake. Because we’ve been templated by the ancestral patterns and therefore healing them within releases the whole chain of family karma.


When you heal, the family karma ends with you. It’s not going to be passed down onto future generations. 


Thus if you want to release family karma, bring all the awareness to your shadow. Look at the ways you’ve been playing out the same patterns. Also, look at the places you’ve been in rejection, denial, or refusal of your family patterns – because this is a shadow too.


When you own all of your family templating – the light and dark – it no longer owns you. 


4. Collective Healing

Relationships create families. Families form organizations. Organizations create states. States create the collective. Therefore, through the ripple effect, one individual impacts the collective. 


When you release your family karma, you bring healing hundreds of years to the past and the future. 


Imagine that there would be someone releasing family karma for every ancestral lineage. Eventually, all collective would heal. Because everything begins with relationships and with someone taking the responsibility and healing wounded energy in themselves. 

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