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reprogram the subconscious mind

4 Powerful Ways How to Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

Ever since I read the book by Joseph Murphy, “The Power of Subconscious Mind” at the age of 10, I knew that I was onto something. I was so fascinated by that book so much that I read it whole at once.

After finishing the reading, my first thought was that I had always suspected that the human mind works like that. The second thought was; “Still, why no one has told me earlier?!” After all, I already spent 10 years of my life without becoming a master of my mind! But now I think that it’s a success to master your mind at any age. 🙂


In our subconscious mind lies the difference between being successful and happy, or not. 

How does the subconscious mind work?

The truth is that we don’t know what kind of information is “saved” in our subconscious mind. Since being born (and even before) we’ve absorbed everything that our family was saying and doing.

This information got saved deep into our subconscious mind where it started putting experiences together to create stories about everything that has ever happened. Without us realizing it, this part of mind replays these stories and experiences in our head, and thus it forms the way we approach life situations.


Everything that is in our subconscious mind serves as a blueprint for coping with our life. 


When something triggers us, our mind sends us the information about how we coped with it in the past. Unoticingly, we recreate similar thoughts and feelings about the new situation which resembles the same situation from the past.

How the subconscious mind works in a nutshell:

The behavior of a parent ➵ we accept it as a pattern of behavior ➵ the subconscious creates blueprints for how to behave in similar situations ➵ we reinforce it with the stories we tell ourselves about what happened ➵ trigger in the present moment ➵ the subconscious mind sends us instructions how to deal with it based on the past.

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Why are we rarely in the present moment?

The subconscious beliefs rule our choices. While encountering a new situation, we project our experience on it. Thus, we’re rarely in the present moment. Although our physical body is there, our minds are in the past or future.

I’m sure that you’ve experienced situations when you’ve been in a beautiful place or with someone you love but still, your thoughts were all in the past. Or you simply can’t let go of something that has happened in your life. Day by day, you wake up with having the same thoughts.

If you’re familiar with this, then I want you to know that you’re not insane. You need to learn how to understand and work with your subconscious mind better.

It’s not funny to keep replaying the same patterns over again. During my work, I’ve learned that this is the only reason why we’re stuck, unhappy, unsuccessful, or broke.


A note on using positive affirmations

Some people recommend the power of auto-suggestion. This is the process when you rewrite the subconscious programming of your mind by repeating positive statements. While this works, I know that if there is something unresolved from your past (which is often the case), persuading yourself that all is well won’t simply work.

Because your underlying belief is different than the positive statement.

For instance, if you don’t have money and you decide to repeat to yourself that you’re wealthy, you build up stiff resistance. The resistance will gain a strong momentum and will, unfortunately, sabotage your efforts.

However, if you like positive affirmations, then the best way to use them is to stay general if your resistance towards the subject is strong. You can say, for example, ”there is a lot of abundance in the world. I’m part of that abundance, and I allow it flow to me.”

When using the affirmations, always check yourself if you believe in what you say. If not, then change the positive statement to something more general that is easier to believe.


How to reprogram the subconscious mind


1. Become aware of your conditioning

The step number one to reprogramming your subconscious mind is to become mindful of your thought patterns. If you don’t recognize that you act out of a pattern, you don’t have any ways to change it.

Once you become mindful of it, you bring the information from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Anything that is in your conscious mind is something you can finally work with.

Recognizing the patterns of our behavior is something that doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it’s a lifelong process. Since you’d become crazy if you’d realize all the programs you’ve been carrying for decades in your mind at once.

One step at a time is the best approach. The level of your consciousness grows together with your inner growth.


2. Reveal your subconscious patterns 

Let’s continue with our example of financial abundance.

Once you recognize (step #1) that you hold yourself back in the area of your finances, you can unwind your programming. In this step, you’ve to be 100% (and more!) honest with yourself about why you sabotage your abundance.

If you choose to work with your patterns by yourself, then I think one of the best ways is to have a journal where you write down your money story. Or any other story that you hold onto.

It’s very likely that you don’t get it all out at once. Thus, it’s good to return to your story and add more details as they flow to your consciousness. Then reread your story and see what the similarities you see in your current situation are. For instance, your parents used to argue about money when you were little.

Thus you think that money is the source of distress in the family. When you can go one level deeper, you may find out that you actually believe that you’ve to choose family happiness or money. This way you can continue until you hit the cause.

You can read more about the patterns in this article. 


3. Release the stuck energy of your patterns

So now you know the story that holds you back. It’s time to shift the stuck energy of your pattern energetically. You can do so in many ways. Some patterns are easier to shift than others.

The patterns which are seated the deepest in our subconscious tend to return in circles many times before we finally let them go. So don’t get distressed if you’ve to repeat these steps more times.

Sometimes you might not be able to release the stuck energy by yourself. So you can ask someone you trust to help you, or you can find professional help.

One way that you can release your story is by releasing the suppressed emotions you hold about the topic.

Let’s say that you feel desperate about your finances then you must face this feeling and let it go. You know that the feeling has left you once you feel either love, compassion, or you feel neutral about the topic.


You have to move out the energy from your system and then rewrite it. 


You can read 5 techniques on how to release the suppressed emotions in this article.


4. Rewrite your story

There are many ways to rewrite your story (or to anchor new energy).

Something that you can easily do by yourself is to rewrite the story by writing down a new (empowered) version of what has happened to your journal. And see how it makes you feel. If there is still some resentment, then you must repeat step #3 as long as it’s needed.


Or you can write your money story from the perspective of what it has taught you – what is right about what has happened. 


For instance, not having enough money while growing up has taught you to learn to value relationships more. It might have shown you that your happiness is independent of outer circumstances, and so on.

Just be creative with it! 😉


Decode Your Subconscious Mind 

causes of low self esteem

If you want to learn more about the subconscious mind (and ego) and how to reprogram it (together with powerful tools). Then you might enjoy reading more in book Become the CEO of Your Mind. 

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