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5 Simple Ways How to Release Suppressed Emotions

(This is a continuation of the previous article: This Is Exactly How Suppressed Emotions Rule Your Life.)

There are many ways how to release suppressed emotions. The fundamental principle of letting go of suppressed emotions is feeling them entirely. This works miracles as repressed emotions is stuck energy and as we know from physics, the energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed into a different form of energy.


Thus when you connect with your suppressed emotions (stuck energy), by your awareness (a new, higher vibrating form of energy) you help the stuck energy to move again. 


You can apply this simple process to any negative emotions that you wish to let go. Once you get comfortable with the following processes, you’ll see that your whole life changes. You’ll be happier, lighter, and more balanced.

I believe that we have to learn to understand our minds (how exactly it works) as well as learn ways how we can release negative emotions. Or else, the life isn’t so fun! But it doesn’t have to be that way!

For me, learning how to find inner freedom from the negative thoughts have opened new dimensions. It feels like being born again but this time with a clear road-map. So, I put together 5 simple ways how to release suppressed emotions.

Yet, there are many other options how you can do it. Sometimes we need professional help, but it’s so worth it because you can save yourself years of unhappiness.

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5 Ways how to release suppressed emotions


1. Motion unleashes emotion

Dance, jump, run, move. The unhealed wounds are stuck energy in our body. Therefore the motion releases these energetic blocks from the body. Whenever it feels difficult to connect with your emotions, move your body.

For instance, next time when you get upset instead of start arguing with someone, do some sport. Or start stomping and releasing the steam out (preferably where no one can see you because it could be a bit difficult to explain :)).


2. Stay present with your emotions

If you don’t have a hard time to get emotional, that’s good! You can take it as an advantage and feel your emotions fully. The most efficient way how to get rid of negative emotions is to feel them, accept them (it’s okay to feel sad) and then release them.

Alternatively, you can also observe your body and see where the energy is stuck. Perhaps, you feel it as tension, sharp pain, muscle twitching or heaviness. When you locate the stuck energy in your body, stay present with your feelings for a while, don’t judge or think about what you feel. This will release suppressed emotions.


3. Use the magic phrase

Anytime, you feel gloomy say out loud to yourself: “I feel xxx because I chose to feel it this way. Or, I feel xxx because it felt safer for me to feel it this way. But I’m ready to let it go now.” (Fill any emotion that you want behind xxx.) This simple phrase rewires neuron pathways in your brain.


4. Accept your suppressed emotions

Sit down, close your eyes, breath deeply in and exhale. Then scan your body and when you have any unpleasant feeling then focus your attention on it for a while. Just observe it.

Then, express the emotion somehow and observe it with your inner eye. You might receive images in dark colors, or you see a cloud-like image of a particular color. Try to feel gratitude and love for it and then you’ll see that the picture you previously saw becomes dull and it slowly disappears.


5. Write it down

This is an old yet powerfully working technique. Write down anything that is on your mind for about 15 mins. In the beginning, you might think, it’s pointless and that you write only stupid things. But, after a couple of minutes, you’ll get to the core of the limiting belief.

If you don’t know how to start then ask yourself questions like: “How do I feel at this moment? What kind of person am I in this situation? Why does it hurt me?” Or, “Is there something that I should understand about the situation?”

All the above tips help you to feel old wounds so that you can let them go for good.  Remember that any energy (emotion) has to be either transformed into light energy or released. Otherwise, it stays with you until you face it. It’s a long process, we’re piled up by many unhealed issues, but you’ll see the results right after you start.

One moment at a time, this is all it takes to transform your life. 

Let me help you while processing suppressed emotions and letting go of the limiting beliefs (like, I’m not good enough for this and that). Let’s shift your mindset together!

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