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beliefs create reality

This is How Your Core Beliefs Create Reality

Our beliefs create reality. Beliefs determine our decisions, behaviors, and whole life. We always get what we want the most, even if we don’t realize what it exactly is.

If you look at your life and aren’t satisfied with the way your life unfolds, then it’s because you experience some form of internal conflict. It is our belief system that keeps us stuck.

If we have conflicting beliefs about what is possible and what we think we should want, we experience conflict.

Say that you’d like to become a philosopher, but you don’t study philosophy because of your parents. They want you to study business because it’s more likely that you find a well-paid job.

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You have at least two conflicting beliefs:

One is that you love philosophy, but you align your belief system with your parent’s fear. And you have a belief that you can’t do what you love and that your parents know better.

One of the results can be that you study business harder to prove to your parents that you’re successful. The other possible result is that you unconsciously sabotage it because you don’t want to devote your life to business.

(You can read more about dysfunctional patterns that make us experience similar situations over again).

On the other hand, when we allow ourselves to do what we want, we are in the flow. We feel at ease and relaxed.

The soul is sending us impulses to do certain things. The only way how to get our attention is through our feelings.

The soul’s guidance is straightforward.

If we feel good while doing something, then it’s what the soul inspired us to do. On the other hand, if we feel bad while doing something, it isn’t our highest path.


How do beliefs create reality?

I want to give you another example to make it clear how our beliefs create reality.

Imagine a little girl who loves to sing. She is just 5 years old. Each time when her dad comes from work and finds her singing, he shouts at her that he’s tired and wants her to stop. Similar situations continue for a while. Until one day, that little girl gives up and stops singing.

She wants dad’s approval and his love. She loves singing too, but the love of her dad is more important for her. (You can read more about getting approval from others).

Years go by, and she goes and has a corporate job instead of being a singer.

She believes that when she sings, she doesn’t get dad’s love. Later on, the mind starts to look for other evidence to support this belief, and she begins to think that she must change herself to get men’s approval and love.

She could have become a great singer and bring joy and inspiration to others. Yet she believes that her singing means a lack of love.

One “little” thing that has determined her whole life. The truth is that her dad was really just tired or had some problems that he didn’t deal with. It had nothing to do with his daughter.

When someone tells us something ugly, it has very rarely something in common with us.

However, since we feel a lack of love, we thrive for others’ approval and love to fill in that void.


The mind always seeks evidence for our thoughts. If we decide to focus on lack and limitations, the mind will create a story about us being powerless.


This story then determines our lives and keep us from things we love.

It’s crucial to understand what our beliefs are. Without realizing, we may end up living a life based on someone else’s beliefs.

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