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Spiritual Initiation You Might Be Going through Now

We undergo spiritual initiation and tests without realizing it. In the ancient past and still, some native societies have prepared initiates to access their spiritual power and become enlightened.

It was about seven years ago when I started to realize that we, too, experience spiritual initiation. Yet in our times, no one prepares us for it, and not enough people speak about it.

Although I could speak about spiritual initiation for a long time because it’s one of the closest topics to me. As I also guide people through their initiations in the Lightworker Healing Coaching, let me talk about some fundamental principles today.


What is spiritual initiation?

Spiritual initiation is a rite of passage into higher power or the next phase on our journey. Naturally, some of those rites of passages are: becoming an adult, marriage, having a child, etc.

But there are also other kinds of spiritual initiations that we undertake along our transformation journey.

You can think of spiritual initiations like passing a test at the end of the school term. Before you move to the next level, you need to prove that you’ve mastered the material. Along the spiritual journey, we do just the same.

Before breaking the energetic walls that lead to a higher level of consciousness, we need to pass the spiritual initiation. The spiritual initiation helps us clear out the influences of the ego on our personality.


Moreover, when we pass the spiritual initiation, we prove that we’re mature enough to handle more power, money, true love, or impact on others.

The spiritual initiation helps us to purify our human self and merge with our spiritual self. So the result is always positive. After a phase of undergoing spiritual tests, we’re better off.

But, as you may imagine going through the spiritual initiation is challenging, mainly because we’re not aware of it. Thus we may continue living in the same vicious cycle wondering why our lives don’t change!

This certainly has been my case before I understood that the process of spiritual initiation is key to the spiritual awakening journey. I focused on healing something when all along, I was tested in something entirely different. No wonder, it had taken a long time because I didn’t see the greater picture.


Recognizing those tests and initiations is essential if you feel like you’ve been healing something for long and yet it’s still coming back to you.


Or you feel caught up in between two worlds, unable to move either direction. You may also want to see whether you’re going through spiritual initiation when you feel out of alignment with the universe for a longer time.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Faster spiritual growth

I’ve spoken about it many times yet; still, it’s so crucial that you hear it – every single soul on this planet has an opportunity to grow spiritually faster than ever before. Since a time window opened in 2012, we can master lessons that have taken us lifetimes to learn. 

This practically means that you can release your karma. All of it if you wish. You can master your ego and not let it define you and your purpose. You can become any version of yourself and create a life beyond this reality. 


This life is the time to get to work! Will you take that chance? PS. The window won’t be open forever. It’s happening NOW.



Spiritual Initiation: 9 Principles to Master


1. Integrity

Integrity is one of the core principles of spiritual initiation. With mastering this one alone, you will save yourself from experiencing some tough lessons. 


Integrity means that your thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment with the universal laws. 


You don’t need to display your integrity to others. There is no one to astonish, do it for yourself. In every situation, especially when no one is around. 

Do you lie or harm someone? 

Are you a person who judges others while making the same mistakes? 

Do you cheat? 

Before worrying how far you’ve come, check your integrity. Of course, we’re not perfect, but at least make sure that your intentions stay pure. And when you slip, come back faster. 


2. Responsibility

Another favorite word, responsibility! Taking responsibility means that you take ownership of yourself and the impact you have on others. Mastering this principle of spiritual initiation will definitely take you out of the victim mentality. 


If you don’t take responsibility for yourself, you’ll keep telling yourself excuses about why you can’t fulfill your potential. 


Many people fear responsibility because they think they have more freedom without it. But the opposite is true! Taking responsibility will liberate you. You’ll become your own master and will have the energy to make your dreams happen. 


3. Who do you place above God?

This is one of the biggest tests of the Lightworker journey. In the past, I struggled with this spiritual initiation because I put my twin flame above God. It had taken me years to recognize where I was failing and find liberation. 


That which you place above God will be taken from you. Every single time. 


You don’t need anyone to complete you. Also, you don’t need a specific person to be next to you, or you don’t need something to live your life purpose, be it money, power, or fame. 

What or who do you place above God? 


4. Find balance

Sure, before we find balance, we move from one extreme to another. Yet, keep in mind that anything extreme doesn’t serve you. Learn how to manage the energies in your life so that they don’t take you off balance too quickly. 


Finding balance means that you find peace with your feminine and masculine energy. This divine union will help you to step into your real power that comes from the Spirit. 


Look for a balance between being too active and too passive. No one asks you to become an ascetic and be super serious when you’re on a spiritual journey.

How can you find a healthy balance and make peace with your feminine and masculine essence?


5. Faith

Spiritual initiation often revolves around your faith. It’s easy to have faith when you open up for spirituality, and everything seems effortless and new. 

Yet it’s another level to maintain your faith when you change your life, walk the journey day by day and still, you’re being tested and face challenges.

Sure enough, there will be moments when you will want to quit. You’ll question your path and God. There will be times when let’s say money doesn’t show up, and you’ll think that you can’t make it without them. You’ll feel betrayed by the universe and manifestation process.

The tests in faith are brutal because when you think you can’t anymore, it lasts still a bit longer. How else your faith could restore?


6.  Do you give up?

Hand in hand with faith comes giving up. Too many people give up before a breakthrough. 

You should know one thing, everything that you see online is polished. People make it sound easy to achieve success or create a beautiful life.


But there is tons of hard work behind this ease. 


Especially when you’re awakened, you’ll be tested even more. Because you should be the one with integrity and responsibility. You should be the one showing the path to your family and friends. 

So, don’t give it up! It’s a natural part of the process. Every hardship prepares you for what you ask. 


7. Pride

Together with integrity, another fundamental principle is not being proud. This one is always part of spiritual initiation!


Pride comes from the ego that wants to place itself above or below others. You can also be proud of being and having less!


Remember the principle #4, finding balance? Here it comes handy! People either secretly think that they’re better or worse than others. It’s the same energy with two different extremes. 

You may judge someone in a difficult situation or someone who seems to have it all. Also, you may think that you’re more evolved than your family who just doesn’t get it.

Be super honest with yourself when it comes to pride. It can really be sneaky and hide behind noble thoughts. 


8. Who do you worship?

As A Course in Miracles says; there are no neutral thoughts. With every thought, you either worship your ego or God. You either believe in love or fear. 


Remember that littleness is also an act of adoration of the ego.


If you know you have the potential for something more significant and you don’t act on it, your worship your fear. When you say you can’t do something that your heart wants, you choose ego. 

You know who your worship by taking a look at your actions, which brings us to the last principle. 


9. Walk your talk

The whole purpose of undergoing spiritual initiation is to walk your talk. We’re here to become enlightened beings from inside out. The way we practice is by applying our knowledge in our daily lives. 

I love what my grandmother taught me after her death: there are no ordinary moments.  


Walking your talk applies in the smallest of moments as well in the most significant decisions. 



How do you embody your soul?

Do you read through books without applying the teachings?

Are you the person who says they know everything yet your life doesn’t reflect it?

Once again, you walk your talk for yourself. You can only betray yourself. 


If you want to receive help and guidance on your awakening journey, no matter how long you’ve walked on it, read more about the Lightworker healing.

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