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The Mindset Shift For Dealing With Difficult People

Sometimes dealing with difficult people is inevitable. Like during family reunions or interacting with your co-workers. When you don’t have other option than dealing with difficult people and situations, you have to shift your mindset.

How Does Dealing With Difficult People Work Energetically?

Avoiding certain types of people doesn’t always help. Whenever we feel a strong emotion about someone else, we’re energetically connecting to them.

When we try to avoid or suppress something – be it a situation, emotion, or a person – we create a strong subconscious stream of energy that merges with their energy body. Or with the energy of the situation.

Thus you may find out that the more you avoid certain circumstances or people, you only seem to meet them more often. Therefore, the first step in dealing with difficult people is to take an honest look within yourself.

How do you feel about the person or situation?

Is there possibly a strong emotional charge?

Let’s say that you feel resentment toward a friend who always seems negative. Yet, you don’t know how to say no to them. Consciously, you don’t want to resent them, so you try to push your feeling away.

Over time, the resentment gains a strong energy-momentum and starts attracting similar people to your life. Also, your friend is now contacting you more often, or you have nightmares about them that leave you feeling drained.

Expectations, attachment, anger, or hate bind you to the very same situation you want to avoid.

Whenever you feel a strong negative emotion to someone, you’re attracting them into your life so you can release your emotional charge.

Life always brings everything back to neutrality. So you, too, will go through the same situations until you learn to deal with difficult people by bringing your emotions to neutrality.

Even though it may seem that those people show up around you on purpose to push your buttons, it isn’t the case. It’s just another opportunity for you to do some inner healing.

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How to Deal With Difficult People


Receive the Lesson

Let’s shift your mindset about dealing with difficult people! Every person, including those you don’t like, are your teachers.

We’re playing different roles for people to assist each other’s growth. Some of the most difficult people are, in fact, people who love you the most at the soul level. They’ve decided to play the role of a villain in your life to help you understand some aspects of yourself.

Therefore, when dealing with difficult people, shift your perspective.

Instead of making it about the other person, make it about the lesson.

Be willing to accept the teaching of the situation or encounter. You DON’T NEED TO like the other person. But realize that even though you’re dealing with difficult people, there are ALWAYS some hidden gems for your growth.


Before you have to deal with difficult people, surrender the whole encounter to the Higher Power of your belief. Don’t judge in advance how the meeting will go or how you’ll feel. Because when you create a judgment, you’re already leaking your energy toward that person.

Instead, allow yourself to see whether perhaps there are some blessings in those interactions. You can use this little prayer:

I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to accept the teaching of this situation. I’m willing to stay open.

Remember that it’s not about the other person, it’s about you. In my work as a life coach, I’ve seen miraculous shifts when people changed their perspective on dealing with difficult people (and did some inner work around it). The other person is more likely to be nicer to you, and with some people, you may even find out that you don’t mind them anymore.

Examples of Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Family reunion. Instead of seeing your family as the people you have to deal with, change your mindset to be curious about what is the lesson and gift of your meeting. Pretend like you’d see them for the first time, and you’re looking for a hidden treasure. When you look carefully, you’ll see that the family reunion will teach you a lot, and you’ll remain more neutral.

The job you don’t like. Let’s just assume you don’t like your job, and you wake up every morning with resistance. This naturally drains you energetically before you even get to brushing your teeth. But you can’t change a situation by resisting it.

So, how about being open to seeing what your job has to teach you about yourself? For instance, it can teach you to value money and your free time. Or your job helps you realize what you truly want to do in your life. It makes you more responsible and consistent in life.

Dealing with toxic people. (P.S. If possible, don’t try to fix toxic people). But, even toxic people can teach you something. There is a reason why there are toxic people in your life.

Is it possible that they teach you to say no? Toxic people find people who don’t have high self-confidence, so perhaps, they’re pointing out to you some areas to work on.

Are you willing to learn something about yourself from them? After all, all people are just mirrors to each other’s souls.

When you’re dealing with difficult people, don’t think too much about the person in front of you, but be open to learning from your interaction.

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