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How to Let Go of Control by Trusting in Higher Power?

To invite ease and synchronicities into our lives, we need to learn to let go of control. So many times, our mind gets stuck with expectations, fears, and ideas about when things should happen. It’s natural, and yet, in this state, we cut ourselves off the universal flow of abundance.

When you train your mind to let go of control, you experience the flow in your life. However, before it becomes natural to live in this state of being, we need to work on it daily.


Examples of control

Before we take a look at how to let go of control, I want to give you examples of how we might hold onto things. Here are some common patterns that I’ve seen in my clients:

  • jealousy and controlling partner
  • constant fear and anxiety around finances
  • forcing spiritual growth and intuition
  • not allowing yourself to go with the flow
  • resisting positive change
  • worrying about what others think of you
  • being constantly stressed
  • fear of potential
  • being busy and worrying about responsibilities even in free time
  • fear of future
  • not allowing yourself to receive help
  • controlling the image of how others perceive you

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Why let go of control?

Letting go of control is one of the most challenging acts for most people. I used to worry that things in my life would never turn out better, so I feared to let go of control.

While my mind worried, the opposite of what I wanted happened. The more I held onto something, the less I trusted. With my restrictive energy, I didn’t leave any space for the universe to support me. 

The moment, I first surrendered with my whole being, I realized that letting go of control is not only liberating, but it also allows my higher self to guide my path.


When you let go of control, you allow your higher self to guide you. 


When we control situations in our lives, we separate ourselves from the universe. In this state, we listen to our egos and fears instead of following the voice of our higher consciousness. 

It’s the same as having a pipe that brings water into your house. Instead of emptying the tube, we stuff it with stones and dirt, and then we wonder why nothing comes in. When we can’t let go of control, we wonder why our life doesn’t flow. The more we control, the fewer miracles we allow happening. The lack of trust in the universe that blocks our manifestation. 

Letting go of control will change your life the same way it did for me. As you align with the natural flow of the universe, you’ll experience more peace and joy. But more importantly, you’ll allow your soul to reach you. 

Your higher self can’t get to you through all the ideas of how things should be. The mind freaks out whenever you experience something new.


The ego loves to control. It will do anything in its power to keep you in your comfort zone.


The fear-based mind sabotages us by holding onto things. This part of the mind tells us that when we control, we’re better off. But the opposite is true. When we control, we restrict ourselves and our energy. Thus, we don’t allow ourselves to experience our greatness and potential. 


What if something far greater was possible for you?

What if by holding onto something you restrict your true capacity?


How to let go of control?

Letting go of control doesn’t happen overnight. Especially, if you didn’t have the support and stable environment at some point in your life, then you might want to heal the deeper causes. Yet, I’ll share with you some principles that will help you let go of control.


1. Having control is an illusion

You can’t ever control anything. Even though the mind loves to tell us that we can control the outcomes, we can’t. I’ve coached enough people to see that when something is meant to happen, it will. 


The soul has a plan for you, and the key moments in your life will happen even if you try to manipulate them. 


The truth is that we can’t control most things. But this idea scares most people, and that’s why the mind creates the illusion that we have something in our control. 

Of course, you’re in charge of your day. But you can’t control whether you’ll meet someone, or you’ll experience a life-changing moment. This doesn’t mean that we should not be conscious creators, but the important situations will happen on its own.


2. Have an active relationship with the divine

Learning how to let go of control is about creating a relationship with the divine. I know that all of you believe in a higher power; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Yet we all believe in the divine in our own way, and that’s alright. 


Having an intimate relationship with a power greater than you will help you let go of control.


This relationship needs to be cultivated on a daily basis just as you would get to know your partner. 

For me, the relationship with the divine is something that happens within me in every moment. I don’t need to turn it on and off anymore. It’s constant. But at some point, I spent many waking moments inviting God and my soul into my life

As you learn to trust the universe, you’ll feel ready to little by little let go of control. Having a relationship with the higher power will allow you to lose the grip on the situations you can’t control. And in return, you’ll allow the universe to support you. 


3. Open up

Another principle of letting go is allowing yourself to open up. This practice takes the previous principles deeper.


By opening up, you liberate your restricted energy. 


By opening up, you’re willing to let the Spirit come into your life, mind, and body. It’s like opening a barn door into a house that had been in shadow for thousands of years. You let the light come into the house, and by doing that you’ll see that life can be easier and happier. 

When you open up, the energy that you spent on restricting yourself and situations is liberated. You’ll feel a surge of new energy that you can now invest somewhere else. 


4. Surrender to Higher Power

The last tip to let go of control that I want to share with you is to surrender to a Higher Power. I like to surrender and let go of control on a daily basis. By doing this, I allow my soul to guide me, and I feel peaceful and focused on my tasks.


True surrender happens within the heart, not with the mind.


When it comes to surrendering, your intention matters. The moment you recognize that you can’t control the key moments in your life, you allow yourself to be led. 

Make it your intention to let go of control and strengthen this decision every day by giving your fears over to God. Release your expectations of how situations should unfold. 

You don’t need to carry all the weight on your shoulders alone. The whole existence wishes to support you in every step, so welcome it actively in your life.  

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