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5 Solar Plexus Chakra Tests You Might Be Experiencing Now

The Solar Plexus chakra is the gatekeeper of the value, energy, and self. It’s located right under the rib cage and emanates yellow or golden color depending on the level of our awakening.

But today, I’d like to offer you another perspective on the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is essential because it helps us form a sense of self. When the Solar Plexus chakra is balanced, we stand in the center of our being and don’t let anything shake our core. We feel radiant and confident and have the energy and capacity to follow our path.

On the other hand, when the Solar Plexus chakra doesn’t function at its best, we experience all kinds of issues that impact our daily life. During the spiritual awakening, many people first open up the higher chakras without being fully rooted in their lives.

This had been certainly the case for me, and I’ve seen the same pattern with all of my clients.


Usually, we don’t struggle to open up to higher energies, but we’re afraid to root ourselves in our bodies, life, and this reality.


Lately, I’ve also talked to many clients about the “Solar Plexus chakra tests” as I like to call them. Those tests revolve around 5 crucial areas of our lives, and I’d like to address them in this article.


The Solar Plexus Chakra Tests

First things first, what are the Solar Plexus chakra tests? Those tests are perceived as unpleasant situations that initiate us into our authentic power. This lays the foundations for more loving relationships, self-love, and following our path.

We know that we undergo the Solar Plexus chakra tests when we feel pain (or other uncomfortable sensation) above our navel. Sometimes it can go as far as having a piercing pain in our stomach or feeling suddenly weak and nauseous.

We may also feel irritated and unable to focus our energy. The Solar Plexus tests usually transcribe through another person or a group of people. When we think about some person, you may feel a wave of disturbing energy in your navel. Then we know that we have this dynamic going on with them.

Although this may sound a bit negative, it’s not. The universe sends us those tests – opportunities – to help us master some aspect of ourselves. If we’re weak in one area, we may experience challenges there to help us realize our Source within.

The Solar Plexus chakra tests guide us to reframe the sense of self. They teach us how to manage our energies mindfully and have strong foundations so that we’re safe when we’re open to the higher frequencies.

(To balance and ground yourself, you can listen to my free guided meditation on YouTube.)

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1. The Solar Plexus and Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who mostly unconsciously feed on our energy. They can be your friends, family, or random people you meet. You always know that you’ve met an energy vampire when your energy suddenly drops in their presence.


During the awakening, we often don’t yet have strong boundaries, and together with our inner light increasing, we become magnets to energy vampires. 


They may not even say anything, but still, they suck your energy from your navel into their system. I don’t want to go into the details of why this happens, but this is one of the Solar Plexus tests that helps you to strengthen your core. 

When your core is strong, not even an energy vampire can take your energy. So, those people unconsciously help you to become stronger. They teach you to strengthen your energetic system. 


2. Firm Boundaries

Another Solar Plexus chakra test is familiar to all of us – setting firm boundaries. This is yet another paradox of the universe. On the one hand, we’re indeed all connected, but it’s also true that not everyone is for us at all times.

The Solar plexus teaches us to draw strong boundaries so that we can focus on the tasks that are aligned with our highest potential


Being able to discern illusion from the truth, and distraction from our path is one of the spiritual initiations.


As we approach the art of applying our boundaries well, we support our core – our Solar Plexus. This, in turn, allows us more space, energy, and time to direct it to where it matters to us.

To give you an example, before I started to follow the path of being an author and life coach, I wasn’t deliberate about how I spent my time. It was tough for me to say no. But then, at one point, I felt incredible pain within me because I knew that I was wasting my time. 


From the outside, I did the right things. While on the inside, I knew that I was meant to walk another path. The path of my Higher Self, not my ego’s path, where I felt secure in my comfort zone. 


Without setting some boundaries, I’d still drift aimlessly to places that others wanted me to go. 

Building personal boundaries is a must if we’re to make the best out of our time here. Don’t allow others to shame you because you can’t be there for everyone. Follow your intuition to take you to the place; you know that you need to travel.


3. Managing Energy

Together with setting boundaries and spotting the energy vampires, the next Solar Plexus chakra test is about managing our energies. A big part of what we do with my clients and Lightworkers is mastering the energy in the body and life.

Having low energy isn’t nice. We’re not as effective as we could be, and even small tasks feel arduous. Then there is a whole new level – managing energies within our relationships and using the energy to manifest the life we want.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is also known as the City of Jewels (from Sanskrit, Manipura) since many conduits of pranic – life force – energy intersect here. This makes it one of the key energy centers in the body. 


The universe sends us opportunities to master our own energies in the form of other people who wants us to do more things than we can.

How good a steward of my energy am I?

Can I distinguish important tasks from distractions?

To help us strengthen the Solar Plexus chakra, we may be drawn to exhausting situations and which are a waste of energy. So that we understand that once again, we’re the stewards of our energy, and we must learn to say no. 


4. Solar Plexus and Self-Worth

The Solar Plexus chakra is also the warden of our worth and confidence. Usually, when we don’t have a healthy sense of worth, we’ll be given opportunities to change it. In practice, this means that we gravitate toward situations where someone questions our worth. 

We may feel less than others and question our value for them or the value of our work.


Our net-worth always mirrors our self-worth.


If we struggle around finances or work, we likely face situations where someone questions us, or we doubt ourselves. This Solar Plexus chakra test is about stepping into the sense of our own value. Knowing who we’re, what we’re good at, and being able to share it with others without overgiving or under giving. 

Likewise, we may be tested in relationships. When we don’t value ourselves, others may not value us either. And if they do value us, we don’t pay attention to it because it’s not aligned with our beliefs. 


5. Personal Power

Usually, we connect the word “power” with self-centered people who take advantage of others. Yes, this is one form of what I call “cheap” power, but this is not the only way to experience power.

We’re in the times when we step into our true power, which originates from our Higher Self.


This power doesn’t try to possess or control others; it’s about self-mastery and owning your voice, energy, and time. 


The authentic inner power doesn’t own you; it’s a tool for you to do what you were born to do and maintain your balance at the same time. 

What does authentic power mean to you? 

How do you want to express your power in your life?

What beautiful things could you create if you were in the center of your being?

The Solar Plexus tests always revolve around power. Whenever we don’t feel that we’re equal with someone close to us, it’s a sign that the energy flows more one way than the other. It takes us of our core, and it allows us to change it. 

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