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7 Amazing Practices to Shift Your Energy You’ll Love

As the global awakening process is getting a higher spin, it’s imperative to have tools to shift your energy. During the last couple of years, the manifestation grew more instant, and the light and dark are more visible.

This means that we can be easily pulled in any direction if we don’t hold a pure intention of what we want. As the higher energies are coming to Earth and as they also emanate from awakened Lightworkers, the so-called dark is easier to notice.

As a coach, I’ve noticed that some people have been getting into a negative momentum in their lives, especially since 2018. This happens because the energies are moving extremely fast, and we’re called to heal and integrate our subconscious wounds. As those wounds come to surface, it’s easy to let them take over you.

As opposed to the last decade, now everything is intensified. And it’s important to anchor these high-frequency vibes in a balanced way within our energetic system. And then let them settle in the physical body.


Why Is It Crucial to Shift Your Energy?

Shifting your energy is essential because if you don’t do it, you can be carried away in a different direction than you want. I see many people talking about the heavy stuff that is happening now. And although it’s true, there are also positive aspects to it.

Some people can talk about how everything is heavy, but if you align with that energy, this is exactly what you’ll experience.


The key to shifting your energy is to always look for what empowers you. 


To give you an example, the last two months (again), we’ve had an opportunity to clear out more karma. This is a fact. But the question is whether you start to feel like giving up or you see the potential it brings?


What I see is an incredible potential for us to step even more into our light and embrace our inner power. We have a chance to uplevel our mindsets and let our souls pour into everything we do. This is the other spectrum of what is happening energetically now.

Everything is about the balance between inner healing AND then stepping into our true essence. But how much time do you spend doing the latter?

In my work with Lightworkers, guiding them into their true essence and light is crucial. Because without it, we have only one half of an equation, but I’m interested only in the holistic healing.

So shifting your energy is a key step to navigate the awakening process. Shifting your energy doesn’t mean that you’ll bypass your lessons, or you’ll ignore your inner wounds. You can’t heal without looking at the depths of your being, but don’t also forget to anchor more light in your life.

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The 7 Practices to Shift Your Energy

The following practices to shift your energy are both practical and energetical. As I said previously, I always recommend a holistic approach because you need to anchor the energy at both ends. So, let’s start with the practices that are more down to earth. 


1. Relationships

It’s difficult to shift your energy if the energy of your relationships doesn’t support you. An energetic dissonance between you and others will always impact you. 

So take a look at your key relationships and see which ones need to be mended. And which relationships you should let go.


When the closest relationships aren’t flowing, nor will your energy, business, work, and money. 


If your closest people aren’t toxic or energy vampires (in this case, you can’t fix them), see where you can bring more love and understanding. When you mend some of your key relationships, you’ll automatically shift your energy too. 

On the other hand, if your frequencies are too disharmonious, could you let those people go? Or could you set up stronger boundaries and spend less time with them?

Already when you take a stand, it’ll be easier for you to shift your energies to a purer spectrum.


2. Space

To shift your energy, you need to have space. Energetically speaking, whenever we feel contracted, our energetic bodies don’t have enough space to expand. 

Do you know that feeling when you want to change something, but you feel like there isn’t enough room to grow into? This is the feeling!

Therefore, it’s also essential to create more space in your life to shift your energy. Even when you tidy up your home, you’ll feel much lighter because your energy can expand. 


Here are some tips on where to start:

  • Clean up your working space and organize files on your computer or phone. 
  • Is there something that you’ve been planning to organize (like old pictures)? Now is the time. Just the thought of doing it costs you energy. It’s better just to get it done. 
  • Look at your calendar. Do you feel light and expansive about your schedule? If no, can you cancel some items on your to-do lists?
  • How do you spend your evenings? Do you also create space for yourself? 
  • What can you do less of what doesn’t bring you joy?


3. Recharge

You can’t shift your energy when you run low on energy. If you feel stressed, tired, or even depleted, you simply don’t have enough energy in your system to change the energy current and sustain it. 

What never fails to recharge you? Could you do it more often?

How are your energetic levels now?

If you’re low on energy, just take care of yourself first before doing anything else. You can read more about how to nurture yourself. 


4. Journaling

Nothing will shift your energy easier than journaling. I’ve been talking about it quite a lot because it’s so powerful! 


The idea behind journaling is that you get everything out of your system. 


Your journal is a safe space where you can pour your heart and mind onto paper. The more you journal, the more you get to know your true self. It’s all buried down there, and by journaling, you can access it. 

Journaling will shift your energy because you get the “negative” energy out of you, so it’ll not continue to magnetize unwanted experiences into your life. For that, I recommend having a shadow journal


5. Heart

Now, we can move to more energy-based tips to shift your energy. The first suggestion is to connect with your heart. If you experienced the heart chakra awakening, then rekindle that feeling of expansion and unconditional love daily. This should be your non-negotiable. 

If you didn’t experience it yet, then talk to your heart. Place your palms to the center of your chest – the seat of the heart chakra – and take a couple of calming breaths in. Then start asking your heart questions just like you’d talk to your best friend. 

Some of the questions may be:

How do you feel today?

What can I do for you so that you could feel more ease?

Do you have any message for me?


Just like your best friend, your heart wants to feel that you care. The more you talk with your heart, the better the relationship you’ll create. And then, when it’s the right time, you’ll feel your heart opening and ecstatic sensations will flood over you. 


6. Fire

The next practice is to shift your energy by setting yourself on fire – metaphorically speaking. 🙂

In one of my Instagram posts, I’ve written that my element is fire. This means that I can awaken very high energy within myself and fire up others with it and also activate their heart chakras. 

Fire is a powerful tool for shifting your energy. So my question for you is:

What does set you on fire?

Reconnect with that dream or life calling every single morning. Let that fire travel through your veins and move your soul. Become that fire. Realign with your most inspiring vision.


7. Light

What a conversation about shifting your energies would be without talking about light! By the word light, I’m referring to Source energy. This is the place of our origin, and we’re forever connected with that light.

The last practice to shift your energy is to call in light into your body. In your thoughts, set the intention to draw in the Source energy and then call it into your system. You’ll immediately feel the shift. 

In our times, this practice is imperative. But bear in mind that your body also needs to get used to carrying more light, so don’t overdo it before you’re ready. Follow your instincts to know how often and how much light you should call in. 

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