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5 Key Steps on How to Find Yourself

How to find yourself and stand in your soul’s power? You weren’t born to play it small and live in fears. You’re here to unlock your true potential and to know who you truly are. Everything is about evolution, and it’s your task to keep moving toward greater consciousness.

In November 2019, I released my memoir: “Find Yourself: Go the Distance to Discover Your Meaning” with one thought on my mind – to inspire you to go beyond what you thought was possible for you. And by sharing my story, I show you how to find yourself too.

My purpose is to guide you back to finding yourself and restructuring your life around what is true for you. Incredible light and potential dwell in you if you’re willing to travel beyond the labels which no longer serve you.

You hold the keys to your potential, will you open the door? You have to decide how much you allow your true self to be seen and to act in alignment with your higher consciousness.

I know that many of you feel alone and like you don’t fit into this world. You feel like something precious is missing, although you may not know what that something is.

You have this feeling because you’re here to create a new world. You’ve never been meant to fit anywhere. So many of you, gorgeous souls, are gifted empaths, lightworkers, starseeds, way-showers, and you’re here to let your true essence to heal the world.

And I wrote, Find Yourself, for you. To hold your hand while you’re going through your personal transformation. To tell you that it’s okay to feel like an alien. It’s normal to have a huge awakened heart and not knowing what to do with all that love within you.

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What Does It Mean to Find Yourself?

To find yourself, you need to travel the distance. You have to be willing to go beyond where most people would stop. 


Finding yourself, the way I share it in my book through my own story is about coming back to your origin – to your soul’s power. 


We’ve been on this planet for a while, and during this process, we’ve learned to understand the rules of this reality. Our family and society have been telling us who we should be. What kind of person. What kind of man or woman. They’ve told us what is possible for us. How we should behave. 

So, we play in this well-crafted box that defines us. But finding yourself is all about going beyond that box. It’s about journeying back to your origin.


Finding yourself is about aligning with your Higher Self and with your true potential. 


The journey to find yourself is about becoming who you truly are. Deep down within you, there is a part of you that has never been touched by anything of this world. 

In your sacred heart, you carry the dialing device to your origin – your soul. And when you connect with this place, it’s like seeing the world for the first time. You start coming back to your true essence. 

Finding yourself means standing in your power. The power that isn’t manipulative or controlling. But your innate power that originates in your soul. 


How to Find Yourself in Life

{These five steps to how to find yourself are inspired by my memoir.}


1. Alone

Finding yourself happens in silence. As much as you wish your friends or family to tell you who truly are, it doesn’t work this way. Others can only project their ideas on you about who you should be. 


You need to walk this path alone until you start returning to your center.


Being alone may sound simple, but for many people, this is one of the hardest things to do. Notice your behavior when you’re alone.

Do you reach out to your phone? Do you go to eat something to numb uncomfortable feelings? 

What are the ways you escape your presence?


2. Forget

The second step to how to find yourself is to forget everything that you were taught. When you were little, you could connect with your true self.

But later, you believed what others told you about yourself. And you took actions from the space of that illusion. If they told you that you always fail, then your subconscious mind made sure that you sabotage yourself.


We’re a collection of other people’s ideas about who we are. But, we don’t have to choose to believe it.


You won’t know how to find yourself, as long as you place other people’s ideas above yours. 

Who would you be if you weren’t defined by your family and society?

Who would you choose to be if you didn’t know what you “should” want and do?


3. Story

The next step to how to find yourself is to look at your life’s story. Your story shapes you and guides you through recreating yourself over and over again.

Write your story down and look for similarities, challenging moments, and how your perception of you has been evolving. 


4. Frequency

The most important step to finding yourself is to tap into your unique frequency. The real you carry a unique frequency that contains all the specifics about your potential, your multidimensional self, your gifts, and who you are. 

And connecting with that frequency is the fastest way to know your true self. 


5. Expand

The last step is to keep expanding your unique frequency. This will naturally align you with the perfect life path for you. 

When you’re in the expansion of your essence, you feel fulfilled and peaceful. Being in the expansiveness of your being also serves as the best protection against unwanted energies.

You don’t need to protect yourself – you’re simply filled with your own light so much that there is no space for anything else. 


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How to Find Yourself

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