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Master the Art of Being Consistent to Reach Your Dreams

Being consistent didn’t belong to the list of my top priorities. As a creative person, I naturally used to despise consistency. Whenever someone has brought up the topic of being consistent, I wanted to leave the room.  Consistency felt incredibly annoying and limiting to me. I was thinking that being consistent equals living without inspiration and imagination.

I’ve noticed that many creative souls feel the same about being consistent. And I can understand it. However, today I also understand how being consistent can create the life you want.


“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”              

– Dwayne Johnson

Why Don’t You Like Being Consistent?

For many of us, being consistent means being a person of habits. We want to be free-spirited, creative, and unbounded. Anything that resembles limitations can scare many people to the point that they instead do the exact opposite.

They rather choose to always surprise themselves and others by doing something new. Some people have weird interests because it makes them feel alive. They don’t want to be restricted by those earthly to-do lists and musts.

While I can understand this, I also know that this thinking can sabotage us more than anything.

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Not Being Consistent is Self-Sabotage

If you don’t like being consistent, the chances are that you also don’t show up for yourself. Perhaps you unconsciously make sure that you’re always late, or when you’re working on an important project, you don’t feel good – it’s not coincidental – so you make sure you don’t bring your best self to the table.

Or maybe you’ve started over million times studying Italian, and before making the breakthrough, you’ve stopped attending the classes. Maybe you’ve signed up for yoga classes, but after a few visits, you’ve persuaded yourself that it takes too much time out of your week, which you end up spending by browsing the internet.


When you’re inconsistent, you never give yourself an honest chance to succeed. 


After talking to many entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed that all of them resist being consistent to some degree. Unconsciously they use it as a way to neglect their power. For instance, they indulge in behaviors that don’t bring their business further, and they don’t show up for the very activities that their clients need.


Any advancement in the direction of your dreams requires you to show up for it on a daily basis.  


Let’s say that you’d like to get fit by swimming twice a week. You go swimming for the first two weeks, and then your mind starts to talk you out of it. The little voice in your head starts telling you that you’ll never get fit, it’s too time-consuming, the results aren’t as you’ve hoped for, and so on.

If you think that it would be a relief to quit, you’re sabotaging yourself. The fear-based part of the mind that wants you to stay in the status quo. It feels safer and more familiar in its comfort zone. Therefore when you begin doing new things, this part of the mind trying to protect you by keeping you safe, so it keeps sending you the thoughts of quitting.


The Power of Being Consistent

Any achievement requires some degree of consistency. There wouldn’t be artists like Mozart, Shakespeare, or scientists like Tesla if they wouldn’t be consistent. Of course, they could have thought that it’s boring and restricting to sit by the piano and keep composing. But by doing exactly it, they’ve shaped their fate into destiny and have impacted the whole humanity.

You don’t have to be a composer to have a reason to become more consistent. I’d like you to start thinking about consistency differently, instead of thinking about it like something that is taking something from you – like your time, freedom, energy.


Rephrase consistency as something which adds to your life. 


When you’re inconsistent, it’s like wanting to travel 1000km through an overgrown forest path. You go a few meters; then you have to stop. Then you think if you should take another path. Then you return and start somewhere else again.

While being consistent is like taking a highway. You know that one day, you’ll arrive. You don’t have to change your direction, neither spend your energy on considering other ways.

Consistency opens up a whole new world. There in the consistency of land lies the fulfillment of your dreams.

You can choose to be consistent in many ways – creating new habits that support you, committing to success by preparing for your language classes or being consistent about not giving up.


It’s not the actions you perform sporadically that shape your life. It’s the actions that you do on a consistent basis that makes all the difference.


Take Inspired Action

How can you combine spontaneity and consistency in your life?

If you want to make sure that you’re doing the right things, do the things that you feel called to do. You know what the right things are when you tune into your soul. Your soul is guiding you. You can feel it as glimpses of inspiration and intuition.

You can trust me that it saves a lot of time when you begin to act on your inspiration.

Once you’re clear on what you want, sit down and think about the best ways how you can show up for your dreams consistently. It’s very likely that at some point, the fear-based mind will kick in. So the key to keep showing up is to clear these negative thoughts.

These 3 steps – choosing the inspired action, getting consistent, letting go of the fear and self-sabotage – will create a huge shift in your life. Then just keep repeating them.

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