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Free Will and Relationships: Can You Impact How People Show Up?

Have you ever wondered how it is with free will and relationships? Can you actually impact how people show up in your reality? In the world of duality, the answer is yes and no. Yes, you do impact how people show up for you. And no, you shouldn’t use your willpower, manipulation, or control to influence them. The “influencing” is taking place in much subtler ways. And to understand it, we need to talk about multidimensionality.


Multidimensional Relationships

Free will and relationships aren’t in contradiction to each other. You may have read my article where I explain that we’re multidimensional beings. When we bring in the multidimensionality, we realize that our beings vibrate at the different frequencies that penetrate different dimensions and levels of consciousness. (Multidimensionality isn’t only a matter of frequency, but for our purpose today, it’s enough to think about it that way).

You and I are like onions. We have multiple layers which carry different aspects and frequencies of our being. Each layer is like a universe on its own. When you meet someone, you usually don’t reveal to them all the layers that create your multidimensional being. You may interact with them from a couple of layers that represent your current personality. Thus, others rarely (if ever) get the real you.

The same goes for others. When they speak with you, they operate from a certain set of layers within their beings. No one is entirely bad or good. There are always many shades in between. One person can seem angry and upset with you while being nice and loving to someone else. And this is where free will and relationships step in.

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Free Will and Relationships

Free will and relationships where you impact how other people treat you aren’t mutually contradictory. With your free will, you decide which layer of the other person you connect with. The other person can show you many shades of their multidimensional essence and their personality. Unconsciously, we might use our free will (and we often do) to attract others’ different behaviors. Of course, I don’t say that if someone is mistreating you that it’s your fault. In these kinds of cases, a common-sense guides us to leave the relationship. And then, understand the soul’s lessons.

Depending on your current frequency, you connect to a similar frequency within the field of resonance of others. If you always hold a high and loving vision for others, it allows them to show you the better side of them. Your high vibration and clarity of your intention invite their soul to step in and interact with you.


When you CHOOSE your frequency regardless of the circumstance, the circumstance has to rise energetically to meet you.


We impact how people show up in our lives by choosing our frequency. During my online healing sessions, for instance, I hold the highest vision for my clients for the entire time we work together and even after that. This way, their soul, higher self, even their multidimensional essence, can come forth.

When this happens, I can witness the greatest miracle of life – seeing my brilliant clients remembering their soul gifts, soul journeys across time and space, and knowing who they are. When you align with the highest aspects of you, it changes you forever. As you do it frequently, your life transforms for the better.

In this case, the vision I hold for them isn’t an act of ignorance or naivety. It comes from knowing their true selves. Nothing could shake my vision, and because it’s so strong, it can shift people’s energy fields. I connect from my highest levels of being with theirs.

On the other hand, if you expect people to show up negatively, you invite their egos to the table. The same goes for feeling out of sync; then, your interaction will likely occur at the inner child level. There is no wrong or right way to do it; it only matters what you want and need at the moment. Interacting from the level of your inner child can also bring healing to your being. The main point here is to become aware of how we impact people in our lives.


Free Will and Relationships and Soul Contracts

Now that we’ve covered a little bit the connection between free will and relationships, the next logical question is, how do soul contracts step in? Remember that there are no paradoxes in the universe. Whenever we see the paradox, it means we look at something from lower dimensional planes. If we raise our awareness, things fall into place.

Soul contracts may include very specific events (like car accidents or marriage) or mastering soul lessons. Usually, they include both. Your soul contract with your friend might be – mastering your sovereignty. There can be thousands of different ways how you two could fulfill this contract. The way how it will be done is up to you and your friend. It depends on what else you’ve mastered, integrated before you meet your friend.

Let’s say that you’ve been quite awake during your life, and you acted on opportunities, and you’ve been teachable. By the time you meet your friend, mastering your sovereignty is just the next logical step, and it’s done through expansion and joy rather than through challenges and drama.

On the other hand, if you had been disconnected from your power entirely, then meeting your friend to fulfill your soul contract can be quite a shocking and bitter-sweet experience.

Free will and relationships go hand in hand together when we realize that we can impact the how. We can choose if we’re open and teachable or resiting and denying. In free will relationships, we impact how people show up in our universe as long as our intention is clear and unshakable. Of course, if you meet someone with stronger solar plexus, they might override your willpower, and their energy is leading your interaction.



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