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difference between masculine and feminine energy

What Is the Difference between Masculine and Feminine Energy?

We all have masculine and feminine energy in our energy bodies. The masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender, and both male and female can tap into both essences. Typically, one of these energies is dominant. Hence a man and woman can be predominantly feminine or masculine.

You may recall a friend who is male, but he’s doesn’t struggle to express his feelings. Or the contrary, a female friend who has the go-and-get mindset is based on masculine energy. I’ll share with you what the difference between feminine and masculine energy is and for simplicity, I’ll use terms “she” to describe the feminine energy and “he” to display the masculine energy. However, keep in mind that both energies are beyond gender.

What is feminine energy?

The feminine energy is flowing and dynamic. Her moves can’t be predicted or always explained with the rational mind. She is unrestricted by the social norms because she doesn’t follow any rules other than guidance coming from her heart.


She is like a river with countless meanders. Sometimes quiet and patient. Other times strong and rumbling.

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The core of feminine energy is a creation out of thin air. Unlike the masculine energy, the feminine energy doesn’t need to apply 10-step to manifestation. She embodies the frequency of that which she wishes to experience and then she attracts like a magnet. Nothing can resist her magnetizing nature, and thus it must be hers. Hence the feminine energy doesn’t need to get out to the world to get it. It comes her way.


Contrary to traditional opinions, feminine energy is powerful.


The feminine strength comes from her soul and knowing who she is. The feminine energy doesn’t fear to descend to her shadows. Far from it, she enjoys facing her inner demons because she recognizes that she meets her inner power in places where most are unwilling to travel.

The feminine energy can see the possibilities that are invisible to the structured, masculine energy. Thus she can create opportunities that are in contradiction to logic and had been previously impossible. When a man or woman creates from their feminine energy, they tap into their intuition and receive guidance from their higher selves.

One can best see how this creation works in the case of great genii like Nikola Tesla or Steve Jobs. When you operate from your pure feminine energy, it seems as if the laws don’t apply to you.


You can bend the rules and create paths that previously hadn’t been thought possible.


The feminine energy needs expression and creation. Without it, it dries out. The feminine energy also recognizes when it’s time to destroy and let go of the old to clear out space for something new. The feminine energy also knows when it’s time to slow down and nurture new projects, ideas or self. Thus it lives in accordance with the natural rhythms of death and rebirth.

The feminine energy doesn’t suppress her emotions. She recognizes that the emotions and feelings are valuable messengers and thus she listens to their lessons. She is not afraid to feel, and she feels a lot. She dives deep into depths of her soul and reemerges stronger than before.

The feminine energy also perceives time differently. She thinks in the circular motion rather than linear. Everything is interconnected and moves through own cycles. For the feminine energy it’s not about how to get from point A to B. Rather it’s about how to get to any destination she wants even if it’s not on the map. If she needs to, she creates a wormhole to travel lighter and faster.


What is the masculine energy?

The masculine energy is stable and more predictable. Its strengths are willpower, clarity, and focus. The masculine energy likes to create structures and rules, so it knows how to apply the logic correctly.

Another way to look at the masculine energy is as knowledge whereas the feminine is knowing. The knowledge is static with precise dimensions and exact design. While knowing is forever changing. It’s not a level of knowledge to be achieved because once you get there, it opens new possibilities and thus inspires you to grow further.

The pure masculine energy has the gift of clarity, so it knows what needs to be done to achieve something. No confusion or lack of direction blinds the masculine because it can cut with his sword of knowledge through any unclarity. He is the master of planning and laying out the guidelines that are based on logic and experience.

The masculine energy is protective. Thus he can smell danger from afar and make sure that nothing threatens him or his beloved ones. He fights for what he loves and finds ways to achieve his goals.

Since clarity and focus are one of the greatest gifts of masculine energy, he is brutally honest. He doesn’t want to buy likeness, and he doesn’t care what others think because he stands up for the right things.


Hence he says what he thinks and doesn’t belittle himself to play any games. If others don’t like it, they’re free to leave.


Another jewel of masculine energy is righteousness. The masculine does the right thing even if it means more hardship for himself. He doesn’t raise one side over another because he is righteous. Thus the masculine energy is perfect for shaping his fate into destiny and following his life purpose. Sometimes following the life purpose means that we need to make compromises and leave from places we love but we know they no longer serve us.

The masculine energy thinks in the linear mode. Thus he knows that to achieve C, he needs to go from A to B first. Thus he usually follows the plan, but when the plan is in contradiction to his beliefs, he’s able to create a new plan that reflects his values.

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