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This Is Exactly How Suppressed Emotions Rule Your Life

Do you have a difficult time releasing suppressed emotions? Most people aren’t aware of their suppressed emotions, although nearly everybody has them. 

Emotions are an inseparable companion on life’s journey every moment. Of course, there is no way to escape from them. Yet, many of us are unwilling to deal with emotions until they become suppressed in the subconscious mind.

Instead of allowing themselves to feel whatever they’re feeling, they try to numb their emotions. They’re eating over it, thinking it over, shopping over it, or working over it. The getting over it mentality adds to depression. As a result, people suppress emotions, erroneously believing that they have them under control. But whatever we suppress will eventually surface.


Although we think we can control our emotions, when we suppress them, they control us.


Thus we don’t allow ourselves to be internally free and do what we want. We live in a time when “the faster, the better” and “go and get it” mindsets don’t allow us to take time and heal old wounds.

We might feel pressure to be better, smarter, more productive, and faster and keep trying. Often we try so hard that we lose ourselves in the process. And when we eventually get our ends met, we realize it doesn’t satisfy us. It’s not what we wanted as we lost sight of our true selves along the way.

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How Suppressed Emotions Impact Us?

If you don’t face suppressed emotions, you stay stuck in the getting over it mentality, and it becomes challenging for you to heal.

You might believe that the old pain is long gone, but when you aren’t connected to your emotional body, the emotions move from the conscious to the unconscious mind, where it gains more power over your behavior.

Your ego knows all your suppressed emotions and uses them against you. Whenever you choose not to heal them, you allow the ego to project your hurts onto your present and future through unloving beliefs about yourself.


How Suppressed Emotions Run Our Life?

Let me describe the effect of suppressed emotions on a short story. A 9-year-old boy is cheerfully playing with his new toy. Suddenly, he hears his parents quarrel in the next room, so he walks there to stop them arguing. From his perspective, he doesn’t understand why two people he genuinely loves should treat each other in such an unloving way.

He walks into the room and sees his mum cry, so he hugs her and tries to make her feel better. He feels responsible for his mum, so he unconsciously starts to feel her pain and pain from his parents’ unloving relationship.

However, the dad tells him to buck up and go and play again. The little boy is left with his pain alone, not knowing how to deal with it, so he listens to his dad and buries it deep within. Next time, when the same situation occurs, he stays in his room, pretending that he doesn’t hear the quarrel, pretending that he doesn’t feel the pain.

He begins to feel unworthy, unloved, and insecure and learns he cannot trust. The ego uses these feelings and convinces him that when someone argues, it’s his fault.

The ego creates beliefs like: “I can’t please any woman” because he couldn’t help his mum. “It’s not safe to love or trust someone. I’m alone in my pain. No one understands me. It’s safer to be alone. I’m not worthy enough.”

Suppressed emotions turn into limiting beliefs that make people choose harmful behavior. It paralyzes people from saying stop and making changes that would bring them more joy and a sense of self-worthiness. These limiting beliefs are mostly why people might continue drinking alcohol, stay in unhealthy relationships, or why they fear saying what they need and want.

We all have experienced moments when we have buried hurt or pain instead of dealing with it. The crazy thing is that, like in the little boy’s case, the harmful situation wasn’t about self-worthiness. It wasn’t his fault that his parents had problems. Yet, he didn’t know how to respond, so he internalized his parents’ unhealed wounds.

He took on their pain, and his mind made him feel it was his pain. This is how our subconscious mind works. Therefore, we have negative thoughts and patterns that don’t make logical sense, yet they hold a powerful grip on us.


Ask yourself:

What if the pain never belonged to us?

What if the limiting beliefs that negatively influence our decisions were lies?


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