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Letting Go Is a Sign of Trust in the Universe

Letting go is one of the most challenging things. The mind likes to think that it needs a particular person or thing to be happy. Thus, it loops in cycles of dependency (and often despair).

There used to be moments when I tried to stick to something which I was convinced that I needed to have. Sometimes, I could see only a few options, and I believed that what I wanted must have come in the exact form I wanted. Each time when I clung onto something the universe took it away, or I got stuck.

I’ve realized that when our mind is creating scenarios about how things should happen, then we are limiting ourselves and feel fearful. We want to control everything desperately. The truth is that we cannot understand anything. There is no way how we could see the greater picture of our lives.

When we let go of our scenarios, fears, thoughts, and control, we feel peace and calmness.


When we let go of our problems, we show the universe that we trust its plans for us.


The universe is the only power we can count on and trust. Letting go does not mean that we do not care. On the contrary, we say what we want accurately and then let the go of the how and when. We trust the universe that it has our back and much greater plan for us.

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The best example of letting go are relationships

If we trust our spouse 100% why would we need to control them or telling them what they should be doing? Why would be then imposing our solutions onto them?

If you let go of control in your relationship, you will have more energy to focus on your dreams. You don’t need to carry any burdens or worries of others.


Only by letting go, you show that you trust someone. 


You give yourself and the person freedom to choose what they want. You know that whatever the person chooses is the best decision for them regardless of what you think. If you trust them, you also trust yourself. You value yourself more and feel freer.

The universe waits to gift you with everything that you want, but you have first to trust it so you can receive. Without the trust, you close yourself off from receiving. If you prioritize own solutions, then you don’t want to accept the greatness the universe has prepared for you.

Let go of your scenarios and restore trust in the universe. You will feel lighter, happier, guided, and you will be in a receiving mode.

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