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5 Easy Ways to Embody Your Soul In Daily Life

“Embody your soul” are the words I heard when I consciously communicated with my higher self for the first time.  Until then the connection with my higher self was rather one sided. I could feel the answers but I couldn’t hear them. These three words in themselves contain everything that I believe from the bottom of my heart that is the purpose of our lives here on this beautiful planet.

At first – embody your soul – looks innocent, but if we understand the depth and beauty of these three words, they give us the power to transform our lives. I don’t know anything more beautiful and uplifting than devoting my life to embodying my soul to the best of my ability.

And you can do it, too!


What Does It Mean to Embody Your Soul?

Do you remember the moment when you were little, and you were envisioning the marvelous things you wanted to do?

You saw yourself traveling the world, having a beautiful house, being original and creative, and having the most loving relationship in the world.

And when adults told you that you’re just a dreamer or naive, you thought, “I know this will happen. They don’t understand it because they’ve given up on their dreams.” And you continued happily dreaming of your life.


It’s exactly this excited and positive part of you that you need to reawaken!


to embody your soul, you have to reconnect with the part of you which can move the mountain and create beauty out of thin air. You need this part of you more than anything because this is what makes you feel alive. Just as we need food to nourish our bodies, we need faith, creativity, wild imagination, and love to feed our souls and hearts. Without it, we become dull, empty, and bitter.


To embody your soul means to connect with your true essence consciously and express it in your life.


To embody your soul means connecting with the unchangeable essence of your being. The side of you that knows your true potential. You start embodying your soul when you ask yourself the magical words:

“What if?”

No matter how deep you’ve buried yourself under the heavy soil of “shoulds,” somewhere inside, you can feel the light that wants to dance and smile instead of living a life less-than-happy.

Happiness is nothing but a choice. And to choose it, you need to reconnect with your essence. You aren’t your problems, duties, or unhappy relationships. This is not you, although often it can feel like it is.

Your true essence is the childlike part of you which is pure, innocent, and see the beauty and magic. But you bury it each time when you choose to abandon who you know you’re. You don’t need any guru to tell you who you’re; you know it very well yourself. The question is, will you allow yourself to feel it?

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

What Is Soul? 

I use the words soul and essence interchangeably. To me, the soul is who we are. We also have the human self that is often driven by fears and illusions.

And we all fall into the human-self trap. We all believe in its games and the world of limitations. But we also have another choice. Step by step, we can choose to tune into our soul.

Your soul is your vibrational blueprint. The soul carries your highest potential and best qualities. It wants you to evolve and choose love over fear—one decision at a time.

Imagine a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Becoming the butterfly is like embodying your soul. You’re stepping into your full potential, and as a result, you become genuinely happy and fulfilled.

We can always tune into our true essence more. There are no limits in this sense. The deeper we go, the better we feel. Just like when we were little and were dreaming about how great life we would have one day. It’s still possible.

When you embody your soul, you’re returning to your true self. The self that hasn’t been influenced by the standards and demands of society. Yet you take all the wisdom you’ve earned and consciously choose to happiness and peace. Because at the end of the day, nothing else makes us feel good.

We can bring happiness and excitement back into our lives when we surrender to who we are. Don’t worry, even if it sounds too spiritual, you can do it!

I believe that spirituality should be practical and tangible to everyone. There is no mystery. Being spiritual means that you allow yourself to be more of your true self.


The 5 Ways to Embody Your Soul


1. Recall Your Dreams

To embody your soul, you need to connect with the pure and innocent part of you. To do that, you have to go back in time to the moment when you were still connected to it and bring it back to life. Create more space for it in your reality.

What did you dream about when you were little? It doesn’t mean that when we become adults that we need to have boring lives. I don’t think that life has intended it to be this way.

Of course, you’re here to live your dreams. Why else would you have them? So, what do you want the most? What if you could have it?


2. What Does Make You Feel Alive?

When do you feel free and light-hearted? Maybe you feel great when you dance salsa or when you take yourself for a spa weekend. There are moments when your true self shines. Get connected with what these “soul moments” and bring more of it to your daily life.


3. Connect with Your Feelings

More often than not, we don’t admit to ourselves how we feel. We tell ourselves stories about that it’s okay to focus more on a career than to create a loving relationship. Because we’re scared that the relationship could end while the career lasts.

But then we make ourselves unhappy. We lock our hearts into prison and wonder why we don’t feel freer. Examine the stories you tell yourself. Is it really how you feel about your life situations? Or is it the fear of running the show?


4. Try Something New and Exciting

Have you ever thought of riding a motorbike or taking a Japanese cooking class? Whatever excites you, try it out. This helps you to get out of your mind.


You don’t meet your soul in your head.


It’s when you stop over-rationalizing everything and get lost in the moment that you feel the connection with your soul.


5. Be Creative

I love it when people tell me that they aren’t creative because I know that we all are. The process of creativity invites the soul to come forward. Of course, if we’re starving to become the best painter in the world, then it isn’t too much fun. Perfection and comparison kill the muse.

I know that we all had some art classes at school that made us believe that we have to create things in a certain way to get an excellent rating. But to embody your soul, forget it, and just be yourself. Creatively express your essence, and you’ll see how liberated and joyful you feel.

To embody your soul, it’s essential to create conscious habits that strengthen the connection. It’s available to all of us at any moment we choose it. We can choose to create a life on purpose.

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