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Unlock the 5 Ways to Receive Intuitive Guidance

Everyone can sharpen the sixth sense to receive intuitive guidance. It’s merely a matter of practice and dedication. The better the relationship you build with your intuition, the easier you receive intuitive guidance.

You can receive intuitive guidance from many sources. The most common ones are your higher self (also known as soul), spirit guides (like guardian angels or a descend family member), or tapping into akasha (the realm where the answers exist).


The Right State of Mind to Receive Intuitive Guidance

To receive intuitive guidance, you need to be in the right state of mind. You can do it by tuning in to the right frequency, so you’re a vibrational match to your answer.

The intuitive guidance is always present. We have access to it 24/7. But the reason why we can’t hear it is because our minds are full of thoughts and own ideas of how things should be. Thus our shattered mind blocks the intuitive guidance.

It’s like having thousands of dirty filters through which you receive a small stream of water. Of course, the water also comes dirty, and you get a few drops here and there instead of having a clear stream.

So the very first step is to learn how to clear your mind, so it becomes empty and ready to receive the guidance. Undoubtedly the best way is to start a meditation practice. Meditation helps the mind to focus, and in time you’ll learn to clear out your thoughts at will.

There are endless benefits of meditation. One of them is that you’re able to focus and direct your consciousness, which is precisely what we need while tapping into the inner guidance.


The right frequency to receive intuitive guidance is:

  • having a blank mind
  • being in your heart (specifically heart chakra)
  • feeling a sense of expansion in your body – like your body opens up
  • being grounded and calm


The more clear mind you have, the stronger you hear the intuition. That’s why the meditation comes handy. To be in your heart means that you open up your heart chakra, which is connecting you directly with your higher self.

Opening up your body feels like you’d remove the protective walls around yourself. And you want to open yourself up to your higher self. It’s good to be specific before you begin to be clear to which source you want to tune into.

Last but not least, being grounded is good for you to understand and cope better with the higher vibrating information. Or else it can get overwhelming or even confusing to you.

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The 5 Ways to Receive Intuitive Guidance

Everyone has their primary intuitive language.  It’s the easiest way you receive intuitive guidance, and this language is the strongest for you. But as you grow spiritually, and most of all, as you mature as a soul in the human body, you’ll also strengthen other intuitive languages.

Your inner guidance always translates the messages for you in the way you can best understand them. Thus it uses a familiar sensation, images, situations, topics, etc. It feels like it’s you talking to yourself (and in a way you’re), but the nature of the answers is different.

You simply know that your mind couldn’t have made it up, and it feels “right.”


1. Feelings

Feelings are a common way how to receive intuitive guidance, especially for empaths. When you tune into your guidance and ask a question, you receive the answer as a feeling in your body.

So after asking, stay calm and observe your body to see if you feel any sensations. You might feel like certain body parts tighten up or get spacious. When the feeling you receive doesn’t feel good, then it means that the thing you ask about isn’t right for you. Either forever or at that moment.

When you become more aware of the feelings in your body, you’ll be able to receive more complex answers and read them better.

So, for instance, you may ask about your current relationship, and then you feel a sense of tightness in your throat. When you feel more in-depth into the sensation, you may find out that you feel restricted with your partner, and you can’t express yourself completely with them. So you suppress yourself and your feelings.

It’s good to play with the guidance you receive and ask additional questions and feel more in-depth into what you receive.


2. Images

Another group of people is naturally able to see images while asking questions. Depending on how strong your intuitive muscles are, you see the images with closed or open eyes.

In the beginning, the typical way to receive images is with your eyes closed. So when you ask for guidance, close your eyes and let your mind translate the intuitive message into an image that you can understand.

It’s easy to dismiss the images like an act of an overly active mind. But when you’re in the sacred space of connecting with your intuition, the answers will flow to you. So you can be sure, given that you’re open and not manipulating the answers, that what you receive is from your intuition.

For instance, you ask about your job – whether you should stay or not – and then you see the image of you being surrounded by sharp metal spines. This imagery can tell you that this is how the energy at your working place is and that there is not much room for your expansion.


3. Voices

People who have a gift of clairaudience can hear the answers. It can either be like a voice speaking in their head or coming from outside of them.

When you hear the answers outside of your head – just like someone would be standing next to you – it’s clear that it’s your guidance. While if you hear it in your mind, it may not be evident at first.

Therefore, it’s good to test the voice to make sure that it’s not your ego answering. Yet if you’re in the right state of mind, then it should be the right guidance. Either way, you always feel if the answer is true or not.

An example can be, you’re asking your soul what you should focus on, and then you hear a sentence that makes sense to you, or you have to ask additional questions.

Usually, when this is your intuitive language, the answers might be short – even one word at the beginning. But as you practice, you’ll get more comfortable with receiving longer answers.


4. Smell

Some people can “smell” the answer. When you ask a question, you may smell a familiar perfume or anything else that carries the essence of your answer.

The gift of smell can even warn you if there is some danger ahead, and you may smell like something is burnt before some accident happens.

This intuitive gift isn’t the most common out of these five, but as you become more in sync with your inner guidance, this intuitive language will strengthen too.


5. Knowing

Frankly, this gift is the fastest for receiving guidance. You simply ask a question, and then you immediately know the right answer.

You can develop this sense to a degree when you’re nonstop in tune with your guidance, and you always know what the truth is.

For instance, you’re discussing with someone, and they ask some questions that you haven’t thought about before, and all of a sudden, you’re downloading the answers. Even without trying, the answer simply comes to you.

When you have a very active gift of knowing, you don’t need to read books or study anything. On the other hand, this may slow you down and might be less informative compared to your own source.

Or you speak with someone and without trying, you can read their past and things they haven’t told you.

The stronger this gift gets, the more you feel like having constant access to a network greater than the internet.

And actually, you have, but that would be yet another topic. 

The bottom line is that you have to tune into yourself and observe what your primary language is, and then you can strengthen it. When you’re ready, other languages will come to you as well.

The important thing to make sure is that you tune in to the right source (because you can tune into anywhere, literally). And it happens that your ego tries to pretend that it’s your higher self speaking while it’s not true. As you practice more, you’ll eventually learn to distinguish between these two voices.

If you want to dive deeper and commit to connecting with your inner guidance, then I can teach you more-in-depth how to do it and help you clear blocks related to your psychic gifts.

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