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Break the Spell of Special Love Relationship

The special love relationship is something we all secretly yearn for. We want the one and only partner who is perfect for us. And we look for them and create many fantasies about this one special person. However, we can have a special relationship with our friends of the family, too.

Special love sounds like a fairytale, except it’s not. Actually, far from it. If you’re looking for a special love relationship and then you should know that it’s actually an ego master idea how to distract you from your tapping into your potential and healing fully.


What Is a Special Love Relationship?

The special love relationship is more a state of mind rather than feeling. When we make someone special in our heads, we feel strongly attracted to them.

Everything they do or say is mysterious and exciting. We feel like we’ve found the one and only person who is our other half. Even more, now we feel finally whole, and it feels like it’s them we’ve been looking for.

We believe that a special person is the source of our happiness. Only with them, we can step into our highest self. Only they truly understand us.

The special love relationship sounds like heaven on Earth. Except, it’s the master ego idea that wants us to keep stuck and misaligned with who we truly are.

The first time, I’ve learned the term “special love relationship” was in a book called A Course in Miracles (1976) by Helen Schucman. It was in 2011 when I was going through my own special love relationship with my twin flame.

Sure enough, twin flames are considered by many as the most special relationships. But, your special love relationship can be with anyone whom you put on a pedestal.

You can also have this relationship with someone whom you hate intensively. Because the ego love can flip to both extremes in a second – from the greatest love to hate.

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The Other Person Doesn’t Exist

So far, it sounds like a special love relationship is all you ever wanted. But the problem is that you don’t actually see the other person. You only see your illusions about them.

When under the spell of special love, you don’t see the true self of the other person. Your mind filters out any words, actions, and behaviors that are contradictory to what you believe about your partner. (Read more about this concept in my book Become the Ceo of Your Mind).

The ego wants to have that special love so much that it tries to fit the other person into its idea.

In the special love relationships, the problem isn’t with the other person, but with our attachment to our illusion.

When we raise the other person on a pedestal, we can’t reach them anymore. We’re not equal, and a healthy relationship can’t ever be based on inequality.

This creates a wall of separation between us and our idol, and they become unreachable. Besides, we also separate ourselves from everyone else. Because we assume that no one can understand our special love relationship.

This way, the ego is secretly weaving its web around you. You trade your inner power with the illusion that someone can be more special than others.

Everything you make special will be eventually taken from you.

Nothing special has a chance to survive because it violates the principle of oneness. Yes, everyone is unique, but no one is more special than others.

When we think that the other person is special, we also allow them to treat us badly. Because we can’t afford to lose the one and only. So, we tolerate their empty promises and inconsistent actions. We excuse the abusive behavior because one day it will be perfect.

When in truth, the ego keeps us chasing something that doesn’t exist.

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