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Oneness Consciousness: Are You Awakening To The Truth?

I’ve experienced glimpses of oneness consciousness since I was little. It always came unexpectedly when I was watching TV or reading a book.

When I was younger, I could feel white light entering my body and then I  felt present and peaceful with my heart wide open. Sometimes these moments were brief; other times they could stay for a long time.

Understanding now how the energetical system works in the body, I know that my body was getting ready to be able to anchor the frequencies of oneness.

When I was in my teenage years, I started to feel the whole universe in my body. At will, I could feel into any electron within the universe no matter how far it was.

This way I learned to communicate with the oneness consciousness consciously. And more importantly, I began to put down the walls of separation that the human mind creates. As time went, the moments of oneness last longer and I could go deeper.

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What is Oneness Consciousness?

Oneness consciousness is the state of being in which you feel the Truth. Not the truth that ego likes to see, but you begin to see and feel the essence of your existence and universe. 


The oneness consciousness is the state of being without the illusions of separation. You feel united with all that exists.


Along with human history, our minds started to dominate the spirit. Together with that, our consciousness began to fall, and we became separated from each other and ourselves. 

The mind creates special cases, illusions, and chaos. (Except the part of the mind that we share with the universal, oneness consciousness – you can read about this in my book, Become the CEO of Your Mind).

When our ego starts dissolving, and our minds start to see what is real, we experience oneness consciousness. In its essence, the oneness consciousness is the absence of separation, illusions, and everything untrue. During the death of the ego which as you may guess is extremely painful and prolonged, we go through 7 stages of personal transformation.


However, to experience the spiritual oneness, you don’t need to be a perfected human being deprived of the ego. 


The oneness of consciousness means that both the light and darkness are one. There is nothing to fear; you see both for what they are, not the projections of the ego of what they might be or should be. 

You see beyond the illusions of the ego, but at the same time you understand that the so-called dark is not out there to hurt you, it just is. The same way the light is and you’re ready to descend first before you ascend. The oneness consciousness is about accepting and understanding what is. 



Why is oneness consciousness crucial?

I’ve been waiting for a long time to write this article or share it openly with other people.

I could still feel that it wasn’t the right time until last year when I began guiding some of my selected clients to open up to the oneness consciousness. And now, it’s essential to talk about it with all of you. 

We’re entering the times when we can access the oneness consciousness once again. Many of us lightworkers have done an amazing job at raising the consciousness so that we can now access our natural state of being once again. 

Before experiencing oneness consciousness required a dedicated spiritual work perhaps for decades or a lifetime. Now, it’s easier to access it and even experience it for short periods.

At first, it may come to you out of the blue. In an instant, your spiritual vision gets bright, and you understand that we’re all one. This time, you’ll feel it deep in every cell of your body, and this experience will change you because you can’t see the world the same after seeing the Truth. 

Even by reading this article, you’re opening up to this experience. It’s you who decides that you’re ready, but keep in mind, you can’t force it. It comes in the right moment, but you create the energetical foundations to be able to receive it.

It’s always there, but we need to be in the right frame of mind to experience it. 


3 Seeds of Oneness Consciousness 

I hope that you realize that we speak of what is indescribable and must be experienced 🙂

But I’ll share with you three insights into how it feels to me so that you can lay the foundations to merge with oneness as well.


1. The other person is you

Don’t judge people and situations. It creates separation. The other person, even your enemy, is you. We’re all connected, and everything else is but lie. 


2. Special cases don’t exist

Since all are united by the universal ocean of consciousness that flows through everything, there is nothing special, yet all have space to bloom and expand. 


3. God is in pain and unpleasant situations too 

Find him in every encounter and challenge, and the situation changes.  Don’t be afraid of the darkness.

The best space to be is neutrality to so-called positive and negative. Don’t be scared to travel to your inner underworld; it’s there where you find the light.

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