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How to Co-create Spiritual Business as a Lightworker

How do you co-create your spiritual business as a lightworker with the higher universal forces? A spiritual business is like a modern-day temple. It’s a place where human and divine energies meet to co-create ascension pathways for others. A spiritual business takes you on the most profound and accelerated spiritual journey as you’ll eventually begin to tap into your limitless consciousness.

It’s a vehicle for you and others to meet, co-create, and grow. Unlike other types of business, a spiritual business stands on integrity, soul-aligned leadership, embodiment, and pure intentions. Anything other than this will eventually be purged away from you and your business. That’s why many soul entrepreneurs give up; the overnight success formula doesn’t apply here. It can’t because your spiritual business is a doorway for you to meet your true, limitless self.

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Behind the Scenes of Your Spiritual Business

At first glance, you live your daily life and perhaps follow some business advice you find online. Sometimes, it works, and sometimes, it doesn’t. Your family and friends may not take your spiritual business seriously until it becomes really successful. Sometimes, you feel frustrated, yet your soul calls you to dive deeper into your spiritual business. To give it your all. To purge any and all ego limitations and subconscious patterns that don’t serve your soul’s objective. And still, at first sight, nothing out of the ordinary takes place. And yet, it does. A whole evolution occurs behind the scenes of your spiritual business. An evolution that takes lifetimes.

When you have a spiritual business, you co-create with higher beings through it. The higher beings and fields of consciousness look for individuals who can be vessels for those energies to reach more people. If you have a spiritual business, the higher levels of consciousness can charge it with specific intentions, light codes that benefit many people at once.

If you can reach 5D and beyond, or all the way to 12D, you can anchor those higher-dimensional forms into your business. Doing that leaves a light trail in the collective field that others can follow. Your consistent, devoted spiritual work creates a pathway for others to reach higher states of consciousness.


The Spiritual Business Is Different

Your spiritual business chooses you even if you don’t feel ready. Unlike other companies, when people try to get the idea and make it happen, a spiritual business happens through you. You don’t need to think of ideas; you need to work on any resistance, embodying those ideas and advocating for what naturally flows through you. You start your business because you feel the pull to do so at the soul level. Your soul calls you.


You can’t NOT do it even if you’re afraid of starting a spiritual business. It’s a part of your soul contract. The soul will let you know when it’s time to amplify what you’ve learned and share it with others.


Hence, spiritual entrepreneurs face more challenges because they’re not “selling the product.” You’re becoming the highest version of yourself. As a consequence, the people you have soul contracts with find you. Traditional business advice doesn’t work much for soul entrepreneurs because there is much more behind the scenes.

When I work with soul entrepreneurs on their business, most of the work is the energetic architecture of the business and removing the blocks that limit their consciousness. And the rest is the strategy and layout. As a soul entrepreneur, you deal with much more than just running the business. You’re meeting yourself on a completely new level and inviting your soul clients to meet you there.


The Energetic Architecture of Your Spiritual Business

A spiritual business is a temple of divine and human co-creation. Intentionally or not, you’re building energetic foundations that strengthen over time, reaching higher dimensions of consciousness.

At the beginning stage of your spiritual business, you weave the light structures of your business on the 3D level. Then, you build energetic foundations and work with the astral layout—the 4D energy. Some spiritual entrepreneurs then weave higher-dimensional light structures into their business, which allows higher-dimensional beings to co-create with you more.

Think about your soul business as a bridge built into higher dimensions. The higher levels of consciousness need to be represented on the 3D plane through businesses, individuals, and different endeavors. Every dimension is represented here on Earth. Let’s say that the earthly consciousness is 80% of the collective energy, the astral represents 15%, and the remaining 5% contains dimensions beyond the 4D.


Higher beings look for individuals who have the potential to bring the spiritual business into those higher dimensions.


As your spiritual business carries more higher-dimensional energy, your soul clients can tap into that energy through it. Thus, the soul clients don’t need to build their individual bridges but instead use the one you’ve co-created. Also, the ascension journey becomes easier for them. Thus, many amazing things are happening behind the obvious things in your business.


Focus on Your Evolution

The best way to co-create your spiritual business with the higher forces is to focus on your evolution. Take consistent, gradual steps because those compound over a lifetime. A mistake that some soul entrepreneurs make is that they reach some dream level in their business and stop growing on the individual level further. Perhaps they get too busy running the business, or they don’t have the motivation anymore since they’ve reached their goals. Then, no new teachings and healing modalities will come through the spiritual business. It stagnates.

Therefore, the best thing you can do to fulfill your purpose is to continue pushing your limits. Take time daily to connect with your soul, heal any soul wounds from past lives, and refine your leadership. Without realizing it, through your spiritual business, you may be opening the doors to the ascended master level. Depending on how far you’re willing to go.

Remember that you’re the vessel. When the vessel is pristine, more light flows through it. Nothing should take you away from your inner work. As you reach new levels of success in your business, see it as an invitation to dive deeper into your limitless soul.




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