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How to Give Yourself Permission to Outgrow Others

It’s okay to outgrow others. This is the very thing we’re here to do to bring our lives further. Outgrowing other people isn’t usually a conscious choice we make, and yet this is what generates flow and fulfillment. So why is it that it feels challenging to outgrow others? Should we stay in the safety of the comfort zone? Or should we let ourselves expand?

What Does It Mean to Outgrow Others?

To outgrow other people means that you give yourself permission to go further than your family and friends. Your soul volunteers to be the brave one who explores what is beyond the horizon where no one you know has been before. By exploring your infinite possibilities, you commit to growing. And you stop being confined by the energetic parameters of your social group.

Outgrowing others happens on many levels. The most visible level happens during the spiritual awakening. When you don’t have common topics and interests with your friends anymore. Your vibration and priorities have changed, and the old conversation bore you because you know there is so much more to life.

To outgrow others means that you dare to go beyond others have ever dared to go.

We can also stop resonating with other people on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. When we stop resonating with others, it is not always a sign of us outgrowing others. Maybe they’ve expanded their consciousness and lives so much that we can’t contain their vastness anymore. So we deselect ourselves from their lives. And the same can happen the other way around. I bet you’ve had friends or acquaintances who have simply disappeared from your life without ever talking about it. When we stop being on the same wavelength with others, it’s natural that our timelines shift away.

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Move Your Energetic Barriers

I like to look at outgrowing others on an energetic level. When you could see your aura, you would see the edges of your energetic body and also energetic barriers that don’t allow your energy to expand further. Those barriers bounce our energy right back whenever we try to go beyond them. On a mental level, energetic barriers feel like you want to change, and still, it feels like something is holding you back. It feels impossible to break through that ceiling no matter how much you want. Energetic barriers go hand in hand with limiting beliefs.

As we come near to our energetic barriers, we’re more likely to sabotage ourselves. We’re prone to going into old habits, unconsciously create an argument to bring our energy down or overextend our energy in the wrong places, which then begins a cycle of energetic exhaustion.

Those energetic barriers are programmed into our subconscious mind by our family and society. They also relate to the soul patterns our soul is experiencing through different lifetimes. Also, our humankind has specific codes locked within the DNA, which guides us to evolve according to particular dynamics that might feel restrictive. That being said, it is possible to expand those barriers.

When you work on reprogramming the things mentioned above, you allow yourself to outgrow other people energetically. And it’s a good thing to outgrow others because this is the way our species evolve. There is always someone who has to go first beyond what others thought possible.

How to Allow Yourself to Outgrow Others

Before we move on to four steps on how to outgrow others, it has to start with your permission. When we see the value in something, it becomes easier to implement it in our lives. The same applies to outgrowing others. After the spiritual awakening, you begin taking leaps ahead in your life. And eventually, it’ll feel you’ve come far from the place of your origin.

And if this is where you are, I’d like to challenge you to look even deeper within yourself and ask yourself whether you’re still hiding? Do you consciously or not wait for other people to get you? Do you wait to be with the love of your life before going to the next level? What are you waiting for? Where do you hold yourself back? What stories do you tell yourself that keep you in the old?

1. Decide

Giving yourself permission to outgrow others happens on many levels of the being. It can be as complex or simple as you wish it to be, always coming back to your decision. Never underestimate the power of your whole-soul-body-and-mind decision. The kind of decision that you feel in every fiber of your being. Because in the moment of that kind of decision, you enter the quantum field of reality.

2. Do It For Others

To allow yourself to outgrow others, the essential step is to understand that it’s not directed against people in your life. It might feel that way on the unconscious level. But keeping the status quo for generations doesn’t help anyone. On the contrary. Since you’re on my website, you’re likely a lightworker. It means that you’re creating new energetic pathways for other people to follow. In some aspects, you’re here to go first and to outgrow others. You, as a lightworker (and a wayshower), show the way to other people. By going first, you help liberate others to do the same.

3. Tired of Living in the Same Cycles

The ego would tell us that we should stay within the energetic parameters of where we have been conditioned to operate for the rest of our lives. However, the soul is here to expand. And it’s only natural to desire to expand. There is no point in being caught up in similar energetic cycles life after life again from the soul perspective.

As a soul healer, I guide my clients to their ancient (or starseed) lives. And I’ve seen countless times that the soul experiences similar soul patterns. From our linear perspective, for thousands of years, the soul might go through similar templates, stories, and lessons with the hope that THIS life will break that chain. And that’s why you feel that spiritual fire inside of you. It’s meant to break you free from the old. And as you do so, you outgrow other people in your life, and that’s perfectly fine.

4. Expand Your Energy

The last step to outgrow others is to work on expanding your energy consistently. The energetic body is like a muscle in the body that we can flex, bend, and grow. With my Lightworker Healing clients, we learn to contain and hold higher energy without shrinking it back. The key is to retrain your energetic body to stay in a state of expansion without bouncing back to the old energetic patterns.

And the good news is that there is always more space to grow into energetically. Essentially, our energy body can become super large as we learn to hold the energy and frequency. And as we do so, the energetic barriers dissolve, and it feels good to continue growing. Our resistance to light and living up to our potential slowly melt away too.

7 Unconscious Reasons We’re Afraid to Outgrow Others

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