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The Dance of Feminine and Masculine Energy In Relationships

The feminine and masculine energy in relationships dance in perfect harmony. Using the feminine and masculine energy in relationships isn’t about switching from one polarity to another. Rather it’s about unifying both polarities so that you don’t know where one begins and the other ends. This, however, takes years of practice and healing our inner feminine and masculine.

Disclaimer: everyone has a feminine and masculine energy within. For simplicity, I will refer to the feminine energy as the one predominant in women and the masculine in men. However, we also seek internal harmony of the feminine and masculine energy first and foremost. Those energies are universal, independent of our gender.

Sacred Union of Inner Feminine and Masculine Energy

You might have heard the term sacred union or bringing heaven to earth. What do those terms mean? In our level of existence, everything has feminine and masculine polarity. This applies to our human self and the relationship of our soul and higher self, nature, and the animal world. The feminine and masculine are the two primordial forces of our plane of existence. And we’re meant to bring them into a sacred union where they support each other.

Achieving the sacred union is what ascension and enlightenment are really about.

Most ancient practices focused on bringing our feminine and masculine energy into a union. Once they cooperate as they were designed to, we activate our 12 strands of DNA and activate full brain capacity. The sacred union always comes from within, and then everything else finds harmony. However, we’ve been projecting the sacred union outside of ourselves. We’re looking for the perfect half, our soulmate or twin flame. We do experience a sacred union in a relationship, but the internal union always takes precedence.

As we’re learning to balance our inner energies, we’re also learning how to balance the feminine and masculine energy in relationships. Thus, relationships help us become more aware of our own inner dynamics. For instance, you might be very much in your masculine energy, and therefore you’ll likely attract someone in their feminine energy to help you find balance. This applies vice versa too. Those energies are universal, and they always seek to find harmony.

One energy isn’t better than the other. One energy isn’t the solution; they’re meant to work together. We’ve experienced highly feminine and masculine eras on this planet, and neither of them has worked. Because we’re here to learn the alchemical process that leads us individually and collectively into a sacred union of our inner feminine and masculine energy.

I’ll be going deeper into the sacred union in the future. Yet if you’re interested in truly understanding and balancing your feminine and masculine energy, I recommend you the Priestess Healing.

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Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energy In Relationships

The first step to balancing the feminine and masculine energy in relationships is understanding that they’re each different. We live in times when we’re sometimes trying to negate uniqueness. Yet, this wreaks havoc on energy. Usually, what we think is feminine is actually far from there. And it causes confusion which makes it challenging to find a sacred union within. In other words, the feminine and masculine energy are different. And that’s a good thing! If we tap into their strong aspects, we can bring harmony to our relationships and selves.

Both the feminine and masculine energy in relationships need space to be in their sphere of genius. This applies internally and externally. When we’re in a relationship, we need to let the energies do what they’re best at doing. On the other hand, we lose the harmony between the two energies when trying to make the other energy alike. Then, all the magnetic polarity disappears.

Externally, this is reflected by losing the spark and passion and often an interest in the other person. When we make the other person to our liking, the magic is gone. The feminine needs to keep her mystery and communion with her soul. The masculine needs to have the space to support the feminine and bringing visions to life.

The Rejuvenating Aspect of Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is great at receiving deep soul nourishment. The feminine and masculine energy in relationships need to be nourished. Usually, this comes from the feminine energy first. She can connect her partner to deeply nourishing energy too.

When feminine energy is in her flow and joyfully embodying her human vessel, she constantly rejuvenates herself. She is giving birth to a new version of herself moment after moment. This way, the feminine energy is never the same. Forever fluid, creative, and fresh.

When you let your feminine energy receive first, she overflows. And this way, the feminine nurtures others without exhausting herself. So when the feminine energy is in her overflow, she naturally nourishes her partner. Everyone wins. Yet sometimes, we don’t let ourselves relax and find the flow. Thus, our inner feminine energy gets exhausted and flips into masculine energy. Suddenly, we lose internal balance and also harmony with our partner.

If a woman goes into her masculine energy, her partner starts unconsciously defend against it. And the spark and magic are gone. Now, the woman is cut off from her nurturing flow, and she enters the masculine cycle of doing and pushing. In a relationship, this can be reflected by her partner pushing her even more, which further reinforces her masculine energy. On the other hand, her partner is more likely to go into out-of-balance masculine energy, which gets hard as steel. Or her partner flips into the feminine energy to maintain the dynamic flowing.

Watch a Video on Feminine and Masculine Energy In Relationships

To make the feminine and masculine energy in relationships work, we have to let them do what they’re best at. If we want to create a deep soul intimacy with someone, we bring our inner feminine and masculine into balance. And then we attract a partner who has also balanced their energy.

If, however, you’re in a relationship where this is not the case, give more space to both the feminine and masculine energy to flow. Although this topic goes so much deeper, a great place to start is to allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate if you’re a woman. When you’re in an overflow, you’re ready to take action – you move into your masculine energy. For men, make sure you have a clear vision for your life and work towards your purpose. The masculine energy needs clarity, focus, vision, and work on meaningful things that come from your soul – your feminine energy.

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