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How to Balance Your Inner Masculine and Feminine Energy

How to balance your inner masculine and feminine energy, and why is it important? Creating harmony between the inner masculine and feminine energy is the sacred alchemy that the mystic talks about. Both masculine and feminine energies are expressions of God, the Absolute. Those energies run through our bodies and nature, creating dynamics between the soul (feminine) and the higher self (masculine). One can’t escape it. The outer reality reflects the harmony of the inner masculine and feminine energy. When we achieve a state of sacred union, the inner masculine and inner feminine support each other and co-create instead of being at war. The inner harmony translates into our daily experiences, and we find a flow with Life. We enter a zone of fluidity and peace with the outer reality. And the harmony reflects in a stable mental and emotional body, our relationships, and our life purpose. So how to balance your inner masculine and feminine energy? Well, let’s consider your leading energy first.


What Is Your Leading Energy?

Regardless of gender, everyone has their inner masculine and feminine energy. Those are primordial energy, and their cosmic dance forges our reality. Thus, they exist in everyone. However, everyone has a unique ratio of inner masculine and feminine energy, making one of them the leading energy. Say someone has a 60% of feminine energy and the rest is masculine. In this case, their leading energy is feminine – irrespective of gender. Someone else might have an 80% masculine and 20% feminine, making them identify primarily with masculine energy. Now, there is no need to change the ratio and flip it into a different leading energy. All we have to do is create a balance between masculine and feminine energy. To make them cooperate as they were designed to – as equal partners.


When we create a balance between the inner masculine and inner feminine, we don’t seek to create a 50-50 ratio. On the contrary, we work with what is natural and use the non-leading energy to balance the leading energy. 

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How to Balance Your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine?

How to balance your inner masculine and feminine energy? Let’s imagine the yin and yang symbol. Here the black represents the feminine and the white the masculine consciousness. The black dot within the white energy balances the white consciousness. Thus, one must embrace their inner feminine to achieve a balanced inner masculine energy. This doesn’t imply that one must become feminine!

It may just look like accepting one’s intuition and feelings. Sometimes we imagine accepting our emotions means becoming overly emotional, but this is not the case. Emotions are messages, pointers to where our energy may be stuck or what doesn’t feel aligned. It’s about not suppressing the emotional body and being aware of what we feel, but one doesn’t have to let the emotional body rule the whole being. 

To balance the inner masculine and feminine energy, we use non-leading energy to create harmony. For those who identify more with the feminine energy, this means integrating their inner masculine. Without it, we lose a sense of balance and may feel powerless, overwhelmed, and unable to take action. Similarly, if we only focus on one of the energies, we create an imbalance. Suppose we want to be only feminine or masculine and haven’t yet integrated the balancing energy into the leading energy. In that case, our life follows a similar pattern – we live in extremes, emotionally and mentally. Then the harmony in our lives reflects it.


The Inner Feminine and Power

People with leading feminine energy create inner harmony by embracing their inner power. When we embrace our power, we learn how to correctly use our life force energy to benefit all, including ourselves. We become unafraid of the impact we can have. We learn to use the power of the voice. We elevate our families and communities.

And most importantly, we become highly creative because the powerful universal energy is creative. We learn how to work with cosmic energy as we accept our feminine power. And we take responsibility for our power and what we can create with it.

On the other hand, if someone with leading feminine energy tried to become more feminine, it’d cause greater disharmony. Ultimately, it could leave one feeling powerless and a victim to the emotional body, which becomes overactive and drives life decisions. If we move too much into one extreme, some reset needs to occur to restore harmony.


The Inner Masculine and Love

For people with leading masculine energy, the balancing aspect is the inner feminine. Thus to balance your inner masculine and feminine, you must come to terms with your inner feminine by accepting your heart. The higher heart chakra is a gateway to higher consciousness. When we accept our feeling and become loving beings, we learn to balance out our inner power. When you allow yourself to love and be loved and nurtured by your inner feminine or feminine energy in another person, you become a powerful leader, partner, and parent.

In the past, the collective masculine got hurt by the collective feminine energy. Since then, the masculine energy built up walls of protection and a desire to control. But what you think you control actually owns you. It doesn’t let you choose what a limitless, infinite being would choose. Thus, stopping being afraid of love will allow you to tap into the limitless consciousness of god/goddess. Therefore letting go of the fear of losing control is healing to the masculine energy.

When you give from your heart and let yourself receive love, you step into the unconditionally giving aspect of Source consciousness. And unconditional giving and love equal freedom. That’s why the only freedom can be found by becoming unconditional, and for that, one must make peace with the fear of being hurt or hurting someone so they can act from their pure creative power.


The Union

We don’t need to be overly masculine or feminine to balance the inner masculine and feminine energy. This would create an even more significant imbalance. But we have to understand the feminine and masculine dynamics and use them both in the ratio which is genuine to us. Internal conflicts disappear when we create an inner state of harmony by embracing both the inner masculine and inner feminine. Inner conflict happens when one side of us wants something that conflicts with what another part of us wants. And this usually happens because our inner masculine and inner feminine don’t communicate. We might be stuck in one cycle and not understand the other polarity.

In the united state, we no longer feel whether we’re in our masculine or feminine. They dance together – when one initiates, the other response. The dance becomes seamless, with no pauses or hesitation, so they appear as one dancer – one body of primordial energy moving through the body temple of the Spirit.


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