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8 Myths of the Twin Flame Journey That Keep People Stuck

Being on the twin flame journey is one of the most intense experiences one can go through. During this time, people are forced to touch the depths of their souls. The twin flame journey either allows them to rise as the phoenix, or it burns them and creates chaos in their lives. Over the years, I have been given a profound understanding of the twin flame journey and will share it with you at some point. This understanding is different than what is often described and romanticized. But for now, I want to share what commonalities I’ve witnessed in numerous twin flame journeys with clients. Because understanding them can help you too.


The 8 Myths of the Twin Flame Journey

The twin flames are considered the perfect soul partners; their bond is deeper than between soulmates. Recently, many people have experienced the twin flame connection. The twin flame journey can be confusing. We often romanticize their relationship, and it seems we’ve lost touch with the original meaning and purpose of the twin flames.

I will share the true spiritual purpose of twin flames in the future. Over more than a decade, I deeply understood their meaning. The whole picture is so big that I have to see the best way to transfer this knowledge while maintaining the totality of it so it’s not narrowed down into other illusions. If you’re interested in reading about my twin flame connection, you can find it in my memoir Find Yourself.

Let’s now look at the common myths of the twin flame journey that keep people stuck.

1. Projecting Love

The common myth of the twin flame journey is that only with your twin you can feel the depth you’ve never felt before. It feels like the twin is the source of all the beautiful sensations and feelings. It feels like with your twin, you’ve finally arrived where you’ve always belonged. Like it all makes sense now. As if you were searching for each other for eternity, your heart can rest in peace knowing they’re here. Because of the depth of the connection, we feel pure, unconditional love and bliss on the twin flame journey.

Upon meeting their twin, some people feel unconditional love on and off in the heart chakra. While others handle and feel it for long stretches at a time, and some can embody it. However long you can feel your heart fully activated, you feel love as you’ve never felt before. And it changes you. Thus the logical conclusion is that your twin flame is the source of the love. This is where the ego steps in, romanticizes the twin flame and puts them on a pedestal.


We bypass our connection with our source by projecting it onto the twin flame and making them the source. 


When you meet your twin flame, you have an opportunity of lifetimes to reconnect to your I AM Presence. I teach this topic in depth in this masterclass.

But because of the fascination with the twin, we see THEM as the source instead of reconnecting with OUR source. The myth of the twin flame journey is that the twin is the source of unconditional love; only with them do you belong, and only with them can we feel the depth of the feelings which touch the soul. Although it’s logical to think that way, this illusion hinders people’s ascension journey. Remember that the twin flame is not the source of unconditional love and other feelings we may have connected with them.


The unconditional love and the depth of the connection among the twin flames is a taste of connecting with our I AM Presence

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2. Twin Flame is Not Your Other Half

Thanks to our contemporary explanation of Plato’s Symposium, you might have heard that the twin flame is the soul’s other half. This isn’t true. Your soul is whole and complete. There is no other half out there to complete you. When we believe in this myth, we feel imperfect, unwhole, and waiting for the ultimate union. The truth is it never was about another person. Although the other person can activate you and the twin flame connection skyrockets your spiritual journey, you’re a whole soul.


3. Being Perfect to Deserve Them

Another myth of the twin flame journey is that we must become perfect to deserve the union. The twin flame union is the carrot we keep chasing. Never fully arriving. Forever doubting ourselves and giving our power away in the name of love. But is it love, or is it the ego? Since we don’t understand the twin flame energy, we fall into the trap of constant chasing, pushing, and initiating. What might not be so visible is that due to this illusion, one creates inner separation and inner conflicts. And this keeps us even more in duality. To achieve the union, you always have to fix the next thing, and the next thing, and you’re never enough, never deserving of your twin. Perhaps you even believe you made some mistake and can’t be together because of you. Because you aren’t perfect.


The only one genuine true Sacred Union happens between you and your I AM Presence. 


The idea that you have to deserve the twin flame union is false. It makes you think something is constantly wrong with you. If you could only understand why it’s happening. How to fix things. Make them understand the importance of your twin flame journey…But it’s not about deserving. The true union is an alchemical process that occurs within each of us.

4. Separation

The deeper you go into the twin flame journey, the bigger separation you feel. Not many people notice this subtle separation, but in the long run, it can cause harm. Since others usually don’t understand what you’re going through with your twin, you feel isolated and alone in the experience. Before you know it, you’re shutting down. True love never has to defend itself by creating walls of separation. This is only what the ego does to protect us from realizing that something we believe is an illusion.


When false things get exposed, they disappear. It becomes visible they were never real.


And even more so, one begins to experience separation from God. And this is the hardest thing to realize. Because isn’t the whole twin flame journey about being closer to God? Even though your connection with God usually deepens due to the twin flame journey, it also creates an underlying sense of separation from the Source. I devoted a whole chapter to this in Find Yourself.


5. Test of Integrity

The myth of the twin flame journey is that you have to be together with your twin. How can you love anyone else as deep as your twin? It seems impossible. But likely, one of you is in a committed relationship. There is a reason why this is the case. It’s not a mistake of the universe or wrong timing; it has to be that way. And here comes the test of integrity so essential on the twin flame journey.


Act in alignment with your integrity, and you’ll never make a mistake. 


The sense of integrity is unique to everyone. It evolves with time. What we might have considered okay a few years ago no longer aligns with our integrity. Therefore, no one can really tell you what the right thing to do is. But consider a couple of things. There truly is a reason why both of you might not be single. And the twin flame journey shouldn’t stand on someone being disloyal. Because in the end, you betray yourself. Just because we feel for someone doesn’t mean we must do things in secrecy. If one believes in the strength of their twin flame connection, then they are not afraid to step into the truth about it. But if one doubts they could be in a romantic relationship with their twin, they’re more likely to act out of alignment with their integrity. If something is true to you, you stand up for it.


But what if the whole thing was never real, and it will evaporate as you bring it to the light? 



6. Unconditional Freedom

One of the prevailing myths of the twin flame journey is that you must be with your twin. However, this goes counterintuitive with feeling unconditional love for your twin. The definition of unconditional means that there are no conditions. Thus it doesn’t matter whether you’re together. One doesn’t turn on and off their heart depending on whether their twin wants to be with them. Also, pure love means complete freedom. Therefore, you and the twin can choose to be with someone else, and it’s okay. They don’t have any obligations towards you.


You can love somebody without shutting down your heart and having a relationship with them.


7. Push and Pull

A common sign of the twin flame journey is pushing and pulling. One is pushing and chasing; the other is running and pulling away. The actual push and pull happening between the astral, mental, and spiritual bodies. The inner push and pull are mirrored through the twin.


True love doesn’t need any push and pull.


Instead of chasing your twin, focus on aligning the lower and higher bodies. Work with your inner child and do some emotional healing. Any push and pull dissolve when there isn’t resistance from the lower bodies to the light. Therefore the push and pull dynamic of the twin flame journey isn’t related to love; it relates to the energetics of the connection and your inner selves. And it’s not necessary as long as you work on yourself.


8. Divine Mission

One of the ideas of the twin flame journey is the common divine mission. Once you’re with your twin flame, you’re here to save the world. But the truth is that nothing can take away your mission. You don’t have to wait to live your purpose. Our mission isn’t conditional, depending on whether you unite with someone or not.

I’ve seen people who turn their attention away from their twin flame and reach inner union can co-create with others who aren’t their twins as if they were their twins. Once we step into our potential and live our purpose, we can create the divine union and mission with the partners of the soul and soulmates. But the move and unity come from within first. It’s nothing to be chased on the outside.


Final Thoughts

Instead of analyzing what you experience, allow yourself to be fully in the energy of it. And learn to channel it into something creative or healing. The twin flame energy is healing, creative, powerful energy. If we don’t use it, its potency might turn against us and create unstable minds and emotions. But when you use that energy and create something with it, the twin flame energy within you will begin to stabilize.


Remember, it was never about the other person. It was always about you. 


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