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Five Practical Ways to Embody Your Higher Self

To embody your higher self means that you become your channel. You act on the inner guidance and take a soul-aligned action, and as a result, your world shifts. If you want to become your highest version, it’s not about reading spiritual books or listening to podcasts. It’s about anchoring the quantum-activated energy by acting on the glimpses, aha moments, and your inner wisdom.

An example of how to embody your higher self is receiving a vision of your future self during your meditation. Now your energy was activated. Now you have two options. One is to let the vision be and think that you couldn’t possibly become this person and go about your day. Two is to devote yourself to becoming that version through consistent commitment to your vision. HERE is step-by-step guidance on embodying your higher self in every area of your life.


A Spiritual Perspective on the Embodiment

When you embody your higher self, or this is profoundly calling you, you are at a significant turning point on a spiritual journey. When we first start embodying the soul, the personality and the ego merge with the soul. Then we begin to merge into the higher self. When the personality-soul merge happens, you’ve stopped stopping yourself. There is no more push and pull between the soul and personality. There is no more; I know what’s good for me, but I have those fears, resistance, and excuses. You show up. Trusting. Knowing. Open for your true self to guide you. You surrender to its counsel, and thru that, you embody your higher self.


 The sacred moment when the 3D and 5D selves unite is following your soul unconditionally. They move in synchronicity, unison, towards the same goal – to become your highest self. 


When you embody your higher self, there is no more separation between your soul’s energy and you. You let life feel effortless because you trust. You trust in yourself and the guidance you receive. Because you’ve stopped the fight. It feels like letting the energy of your soul and higher self move through you. All resistance from the body and personality has cleared up so that you can embody your higher self.

On this journey of lifetimes, you cultivate strong willpower. You no longer have to force yourself to do the right thing. You just do it. Because you know that nothing else makes no longer sense. It feels effortless. It feels like you’ve arrived where you were always meant to be. You unlock the keys to your self-mastery.

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The 5 Steps to Embody Your Higher Self

All it takes to embody your higher self is your commitment to the journey and daily practice. As you walk consciously on the journey to embody your higher self, your emotions and thoughts will become stable. Thus there are no more swings in the emotional and mental body. You hold your energy and your power.


1. Awaken the Higher Heart Chakra

The essential first step to embodying your higher self is fully activating the higher heart chakra. Often the heart chakra awakens spontaneously due to some strong emotional experience, as I mentioned in the 7 stages of the personal transformation. Other times, we can help it by doing heart chakra meditations.

Until the heart chakra activates, the soul doesn’t take much notice of the 3D self. Since until that point, we distract ourselves through unimportant things, and we are not yet ready to surrender to the soul’s guidance. Also, after the heart chakra activation, we feel and know what our purpose is. Until then, it feels unclear, and the ideas of our life’s purpose are changing.

Here you can read the signs of the awakening heart chakra.


2. Get to Know Your Soul

The following way to embody your higher self is to get to know your soul. Your soul is the bridge to your higher self. Thus get familiar with the frequency of your soul. How does it feel when you’re tapped into your soul’s energy? If your soul could speak to you, what would it tell you? How is your soul’s frequency unique, and how can you distinguish it from the mind? Get curious to know your soul intimately.

To get to know your soul, you can connect to it through a conscious dance, meditation, or journaling. First, meditate and bring your awareness to your own energy field. Then take a pen and paper, write down some questions for your soul, and listen. There is an art to phrasing the questions correctly. Remember that the soul isn’t interested in ego-driven goals and ideas. Instead, the soul is very much involved in guiding you towards your highest potential, living your purpose, and becoming your highest self.

As you practice connecting with your soul consciously, with time, the bridge between you and the soul remains open. Then it’s not necessary to meditate or journal; you act and think as a soul.

3. Inspired Action

You’ll hear the call to recreate your life when you embody your higher self. As you take inspired action, your life will start shifting. And you feel as if you are becoming a new version of yourself. To take the right action, one must learn to trust in themselves and develop courage in the heart.


The more soul-aligned action you take, the more you see that it works, and the more you believe in yourself and your guidance. 

Ask yourself:

Who am I meant to become?
How does that version of me act?
What did I come here to create and experience? 


4. Walk Your Talk

To embody your higher self, you have to walk your talk. Instead of convincing someone, proving ourselves, fixing and saving, become the person you’re meant to be. Walking your talk means that you live what you say. You live in your integrity, aligned with your power and inner strength. You lead yourself. If you experience a profound shift, you embody it in your 3D life.


Do you bring the fire of the soul into everything you do? 

When you embody your higher self, it’s no more a theory; you become it. 


Walking your talk will change you. This is the fertile soil for self-mastery. It’s no more a theory; you become it. All that you’ve dreamed of. Step by step, knowing it’ll compound into exponential growth.


5. Daily Practice

To embody your higher self, you must practice daily. When you show up every day, consistently, and with commitment, you’ll master it. Spirituality doesn’t happen on a meditation pillow; it happens when we bring it to everything we do, so there is no separation between the spiritual and practical. When you show up as your highest self, the ego and personality eventually surrender to the higher self’s guidance.


There is no more stopping.
No more guessing.
No more wasted energy.
Everything you do becomes simple and impactful. 



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