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The Secret To Success No One Really Talks About

The secret to success no one talks about is to act from quantum-activated energy. The quantum-activated energy feels like a fire burning in your heart chakra. It feels like being fully alive, aligned, and activated. When you’re in your activated energy, you don’t randomly move through the motions waiting for the weekends or evenings. You’re turned on spiritually and energetically. The secret to success is to activate your energy and THEN take action.


We can’t see the most soul-aligned action unless we’re in the quantum-activated energy. 


What is The Secret to Success?

The secret to success in everything you desire is to tune yourself into quantum energy. In the quantum field, all potentiality exists. The version of you who is successful, healthy, and happy exists. The only difference between you and that version of you is different energy wavelength.

Over the years, I taught the quantum shifting to countless people and could witness them collapsing their timelines and creating magic-like solutions where previously walls seemed to exist. The key is to take the right action. Action in itself isn’t enough because we might end up doing and doing but getting even further away from the person we want to become.


Quantum creation of massy particles can occur in the cosmological context without the cost of energy… The universe is conceived as the response of matter and the gravitational field to a spontaneous pointlike disturbance. Its history unfolds in two stages, creation and free expansion. The first stage gives rise to a “fireball.” The free expansion is extrapolated back to the “fireball.” The latter thus replaces the “big-bang,” thereby avoiding an initial singularity. – From ScienceDirect


The true secret to success is to take those two steps and repeat them daily. One is to shift yourself into the activated quantum energy. Two is to take quantum (soul-aligned, visionary) action. And then make it a part of your daily routine.

The secret to success is to activate your energy before you take any action. As you can imagine, it takes commitment and practice first. But soon, you’ll see results that defy logic. Moreover, operating in activated energy is fun. Because this is the divine feminine energy in motion. As she dances through the sky of your life, she uplifts you, nurtures you, and shows you the magical solutions you didn’t realize existed.

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What is the Activated Quantum Energy?

The best word to describe the activated energy is to feel alive. It’s the creative fire. Everyone has experienced this quantum energy when they’re in love. Suddenly, everything becomes alive. Everything lights up. One feels creative because the heart is wired.


The secret to success is to act from the energy of your desired outcome. 


When we’re in the activated energy, we can see the easiest, simplest, and most efficient way to achieve desired results. When you’re in quantum energy, you make illogical success. However, you define success. You don’t need to take ten logical steps to achieve your vision. You can take shortcuts by tapping into the quantum 5D energy.


In chemistry and physics, activation energy is the minimum amount of energy that must be provided for compounds to result in a chemical reaction.- Wikipedia

The Secret to Success: Quantum Action

It’s not that any action leads to the results we want; it’s the quantum action that makes dreams happen. Quantum energy allows us to tap into the 5D energy without linear time. Since there is the 5D time (you can learn about it here), we can sense all the possibilities and timelines. It’s like a bird’s view of your present, past, and future.

From the 5D energy, you can see the shortest and most soul-aligned path to your dreams. The secret to success is then taking quantum action. The quantum action is an action from the activated energy. When you’re in that fiery energy, you access new magical solutions. The solutions that felt impossible just a moment ago drop into your consciousness.

The quantum action leads us to a series of relatively short activities, leading us to the fulfillment of the big vision. Even if you don’t realize how things will eventually constantly,  if taken from quantum energy, you’ll always surprise yourself with how things move effortlessly. It’s almost like channeling. When we channel information, it just moves through us. When we take quantum action, it just flows through us too. Actually, it doesn’t feel like an effort.


You Can Transform Your Life Faster Than You Think

When my clients are in the activated energy, they collapse the time and transform their lives quickly. The timing is on you. Some things are simple to quantum shift instantly. Some like transforming whole life can take a bit longer, like a year, but it’s relatively still fast. The bridging depends on the intensity of your vision and how big of a gap you need to cross.

There are endless ways how to tap into activated energy. Some examples are tapping into the energy of someone with activated energy, like a coach or healer, reading a good book, or watching a sci-fi movie. Nature can activate you too. Or a good relationship or doing something that gives you energy, like creating your purpose. You can also activate yourself by tapping into the soul, higher self, and unlocking the heart.

The secret to success is to activate your energy regularly. Especially when you want to collapse time, create new solutions, or go through an up-level in your life. Over time, you learn to master your energy flow so that it stays expanded and activated and your emotional body stays stable. Still, we can’t fake the activation of our energy, but we can significantly ease the time it happens by exploring our own edges, being courageous in following our soul’s calling, and stepping into our power.


When you’re in the activated energy, your energy ignites others and magnetizes the resources you need.

Pause at what you do and ask yourself:

Is my energy activated?
What does activate my energy?
What is my grandest vision of myself? 


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