Unlock Quantum Time and Self | July 18

Unlock Quantum Time And Self is a 2-hour LIVE ONLINE CLASS.

Are you a prisoner of time?

Do you create things in life on an imaginary timeline believing you have to go from a point A, B, or C, instead of directly becoming the person you want to be?

The 3D concept of time is limiting and inefficient.

You’re here to embody your highest self, and for that, you need to unlock the 5D time. 

Time is here to serve us, not us being victims of time.


July 18, 2022
10 AM EST | 7 AM PDT | 3 PM UK

Video Replay Available.


You can also buy a subscription for the remaining live classes of 2022 (incl. the Unlock Quantum Time & Self). 



How to heal our relationship with time? What a strange question you may think. But hear me out! Everyone feels to be a victim to time. We’ve structured our lives around time, and imaginary timelines and even the aging happens faster for some people because they believe they have to age by a certain age.

But time isn’t supposed to be used against us. This is a limiting 3D perception of time that we’re here to outgrow. Time can serve us instead of us being the slaves and victims of time. 

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • What is the 5D time and how to use it to create the life you want.
  • How to heal your relationship with time. 
  • What is the time-space matrix we live in?
  • How the quantum time and your quantum self relate.
  • How to connect with your quantum self to create wormholes through time directly to what you’re here to experience.
  • How to think and live in the quantum time and release the fixation with the linear time.
  • Remembering your future selves.


Yes, this masterclass may make your head spin a little because you’ll peek into the higher dimensional nature of time. But, it is life-changing! Miracles are simply manifested expressions of the 5D time.


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