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This Will Help You Create an Actual Breakthrough In Life

How to create an actual breakthrough in life? Have you ever wondered why we sometimes bounce the invisible ceiling and struggle to make it through to the other side? Well, there is a tangible alchemical process happening whenever we’re about to make a breakthrough in life. It’s a mastery to learn to surf the waves of transformation, but once we understand its mechanics, it becomes a joyful ride. So, let’s unravel what happens when we’re about to experience a breakthrough in life and how to navigate it.


What Do You Do When You’re Close to a Breakthrough?

A breakthrough in life is a culmination of energy that has reached its momentum and is bridging us to a higher octave of frequency. Life consists of myriads of bigger and minor upgrades. Each of those upgrades is a universe on its own. We tap into a different frequency on every level, each leading us into a mastery of a distinct aspect of self.


We always move to the next level. The question is how smoothly shall we do it? 


Therefore experiencing a breakthrough in life is inevitable. Every experience culminates naturally, opening the gates to the next level. Yet, it’s a skill to navigate those upgrades elegantly. When you pay attention to what happens when you’re about to level up your life, you learn to navigate those waters of the unknown with precision.

What do you do when you’re close to a breakthrough in life? Do you get excited only to sabotage yourself later? Do you go into your old habits, unconsciously lowering your frequency? Or do you create a supportive environment for yourself, allowing yourself to land in a new reality with ease?


The Bridging Phase

I’ve talked about the bridging phase in older articles and my Instagram because it’s essential to learn to handle the weird in-between. When you ask to go to the next level, your higher self listens. Your higher self creates the perfect environment to master everything you need to handle what you’ve asked for. By connecting to your soul’s desires, you enter the bridging phase of manifestation.

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During the bridging phase, we have to let our old self die. We need to get cozy with the frequency of the person we’re about to become. And we have to learn new skills, new ways of thinking and feeling so that the next level becomes a new stepping stone to the following upgrade. Thus, not all challenges are signs that we’re on the wrong path. In fact, most of the challenges are a perfect teaching tool for the soul to expand.

The bridging phase of manifestation can be short and sweet. Or it can equally take a lot of time. The smoothness of the transition to the next level depends on how big a leap we’re making. And it also depends on how much we resist the shaking of the ground under our feet. The bigger the breakthrough in life, the bigger the transition period. And during the bridging, you might easily forget that you’re leveling up your life. It may feel challenging and as if something has gone wrong. But if you’re on a conscious spiritual path, the chances are you’re frequently bridging.


How to Navigate a Breakthrough in Life?

Whenever you’re close to a breakthrough in life, it’s necessary to look into your resistance. Even though you desire to change and upgrade, it (almost) always brings up unconscious resistance. If there were no resistance, you’d already be where you desire to be. So, let’s address the main three things to look at when you’re about to leap.


1. Distractions

When we’re close to a breakthrough in life, we’re more prone to distracting ourselves. A distraction is anything that lowers our frequency and takes us away from the highest timeline. Common distractions are unhealthy foods, scrolling social media, overcommitting ourselves out of fear of saying no, or falling into old behavioral patterns.

Although it may seem that distractions are innocent, it’s a way to keep us in the old energy. They never happen on accident. Likely when we’re about to distract ourselves from being in alignment, there is a potential to leap in our lives. Thus gravitating towards activities that lower your frequency is a red flag. It tells you that you’re about to make a breakthrough in life, and you don’t feel ready for it, so you unconsciously try to bring yourself to lower timelines.


2. Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotaging behavior is our unconscious resistance to our potential. How far could you be if you didn’t sabotage yourself? At first sight, we all might believe that we want to take the leap. But making a breakthrough in life means we’re becoming a new version of ourselves. It’s a big emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual reset. As much as it’s exciting, it also brings up a lot of unknowns.

Do you feel ready to become the next version of yourself?
Will you handle that which you ask for?
What if going to the next level requires letting go of distractions (or relationships, behaviors)? Are you ready to do it?

Self-sabotage is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We deselect ourselves from potential higher timelines, and then we find justifications for our behavior. We tell ourselves that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway, but how can you know it if you never thoroughly tried?


3. Avoidance

The last thing to note when making a breakthrough in life is avoidance. By distracting and sabotaging ourselves, we’re avoiding something. We’re avoiding new experiences. Avoiding embodying more space and becoming a higher version of self. And we also avoid feeling some uncomfortable emotions because when we fall back down, we’re in the old familiar. Safely hidden from the emotional breakthrough we might have experienced had we continued.

What are you avoiding feeling by distracting yourself?
What are you avoiding experiencing by sabotaging yourself?
Who are you avoiding becoming by practicing old frequency?

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