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11 Things Your Soul Wants You to Know, But You Don’t Listen

What does your soul want you to know? I’ve connected to the consciousness we refer to as the soul, and I asked the soul, what do you want people to know?  Even though some of these points may sound obvious, do you really live by them? The truth is that the most profound truths are simple. And yet, we seek for the next shiny thing without embodying those simple truths. The magic doesn’t happen the way people think. It comes through mastering the small. So, let’s dive into the 11 things the soul wants you to know!

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The 11 Things Your Soul Wants You To Know

You can think of your soul as your best friend. The soul is a wiser aspect of you who has access to more wisdom than the conscious mind often does. And this life is between you and your soul. I can’t even begin to explain how life changes when we connect with the soul. Because the beautiful truth is that we don’t have to figure out everything. In fact, we can’t figure our life out. Or we can, but it isn’t a life that feels fulfilling. The soul wants you to know that it’s essential to listen. And yes, it can take a while before you learn to distinguish your soul’s voice. But it will change your life.

If you don’t know how to connect with the soul, I recommend downloading this guided visualization album, 7 Pillars of Connecting With The Soul.


1. Soul Is Always Guiding You

Your soul wants you to know that you’re constantly being guided. Even if it doesn’t seem like it. Even if you judge yourself for making some mistake, the soul is still guiding you on how to bring a positive turn to your life. Even though you may feel like you are not your best, your soul is sending you nudges of inspiration. And if you acted on that inspiration, it’d change your life. So why don’t we listen?

Because we’re too busy listening to the fear, worries, and limitations. When we tune into the illusions, we can’t hear the soul. And we manifest our life from the frequency of fear instead. We can’t be tuned to two different levels of consciousness at once and manifest with clarity and precision. It’s a choice. Which one will you listen to – the illusions or the soul?


Keep asking yourself: Who would you be without fear? 


2. Who Are You In Those Situations?

The soul wants you to know that it’s the experience of something that matters. The soul only cares about the experience; it doesn’t care about what you have. We’ve reduced everything to achievements and productivity. But the soul only wants to have experiences. Where do you pretend you have the experience without actually living it? You don’t need to change anything in your life as long as you enjoy what you do. The embodiment of the soul is about bringing joy to what we do. Life doesn’t have to change dramatically to be happy. Joy and happiness are a choice. When we realize that it is us creating our experiences, we can have fun with it. Life doesn’t have to be all so serious and dramatic. The soul doesn’t care whether you work 12 hours a day; the soul cares about how you experience it.


How could you have more fun in what you’re doing?
How do you choose to experience yourself when you do what you do? 


3. You’re Not a Newbie

The soul wants you to know that you’re not a newbie, so don’t act like one. The soul is a treasure of wisdom. The soul knows stuff. Many soul memories may come to you in the form of feelings, flashes of images, or you just know how to do something you’ve never tried before. You already have that wisdom inside of you, you only have to learn how to access it. This is what I teach in the Lightworker Healing.

If you’re a lightworker or/and a starseed, you’ve been training for this life. So remember that. Give yourself a little more credit. You’re not a newbie here.


4. Soul-Aligned Relationships

The soul wants you to know that it’s crucial to create soul-aligned relationships. When we form relationships with soul-aligned people, we create a powerful field of resonance together. This field of resonance allows everyone to remember who we are faster, speeding up the ascension process. As we connect to soul-aligned people, together, we form an entity that benefits everyone. And the more we nurture those connections; the more this “entity” nurtures us back. If you don’t have many soul-aligned friends now, it also works when you connect with people you resonate with online. We’re meant to be connected during these times of the Golden Age. 

5. Stop Punishing Yourself

The next thing the soul wants you to know is that it’s time to stop punishing yourself. We punish ourselves whenever we hold the past against ourselves (here is a guided meditation to release it). Likewise, self-sabotage, not taking care of yourself, and talking ugly to yourself are forms of punishment too.


And the soul has one simple solution,
“Just drop it! There is nothing for you in those lower frequencies; it’s not a healing path.”


6. Safety And Security

An important thing the soul wants you to know is to focus on safety and security within you. This one can take a little while, but it can’t be skipped. When we feel safe energetically, mentally, and emotionally, we can act from the soul’s consciousness. In most cases, we don’t feel energetically safe in the lower chakras due to past traumas and wounds. For that reason, the soul can’t penetrate the lower chakras completely. Also, the nervous system needs to have the capacity to take in more of your soul’s energy. Now, many techniques will help you to feel safe. And if you have never tried, I recommend consistent inner child healing at least for a couple of months.


7. The Earth Is Your Home

The soul wants you to know that the Earth is your home now. So make it count. Enjoy being here. Don’t take it as a burden or something you just have to live through. No! The soul wanted to come here BECAUSE OF the Earth. The soul loves the magnetic frequency of the Earth, that’s why you are here. So make it beautiful here. Live fully. Taste all the tastes the Earth brings. Travel when possible. Dance in the rain. Be fully here on Earth.


8. You Don’t Owe Explanations

The following message the soul wants you to know is that you don’t owe any explanations to other people about your soul’s choices. Read it again. And let it sink in. Literally, you’re the only person here on Earth who can hear the guidance of your heart chakra and hear your soul’s callings. When we start explaining from a place of fear that others won’t approve of what the soul wants to experience, we pollute our dreams with other people’s projections and fears. As a result, we may not end up following the soul at all. Or if we do, it isn’t the same pristine experience because now there are seeds of doubt.


9. Surrender

The soul would love you to know that living in a surrendered state of consciousness makes your life a lot easier. The ego tries all the solutions coming from the logical mind or fears to control the situations until it realizes it doesn’t hold the key. When we go through the Dark Night of the Soul, the soul wants to clear out all the noise from the system. When we surrender, the ego acknowledges it doesn’t have the answers, and now the soul can really step in.


The soul will guide you when there is no resistance. 


If you feel stuck surrender. But remember, the surrender needs to come from the heart. It can’t be faked.


10. Don’t Give Into the Fear of the Global Situation

The soul wants you to know that you didn’t come here to live in fear and worry about the things out of your control. Your soul wouldn’t plan this life to live it in fear. That which your soul intended to experience here will happen even in the current circumstances.


Nothing will deprive you of your fullest soul expression other than yourself. 


When you feel worried, remember the soul knew what you were getting yourself into. And the purpose wasn’t to come here to suffer. Nothing can take your soul’s intentions away because there are certain universal laws that you can trust.


11. Embody Me Bit By Bit

And the last message your soul wants you to know is that it’s time to start embodying your soul consciously. How do we know whether we’ve embodied the soul? Because there is no difference between you and your soul. You speak as your soul. You walk as your soul. And you act as your soul. The soul needs to be expressed through physical reality. That’s the whole point of living in the 3D.


What would your soul say?
What would your soul do?


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