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heart chakra awakening symptoms

The Heart Chakra Awakening Symptoms to Know About

The heart chakra is the center of transformation that bridges the gap between our human and soul form. When we experience the heart chakra awakening, our consciousness, and perception of world shifts.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is located in the center of the chest. It marks the transition between the first three lower and upper chakras.

One of the reasons why the heart chakra is important is because many people are now experiencing the heart chakra awakening. The awakening is related to a significant shift that happens on the planet, and if you read those words, you’re quite likely a part of this shift too.

In this article, I talk about the heart chakra awakening symptoms at the basic level. However, one could go into this topic much deeper, and I probably will in the future articles.

When I experienced the heart chakra awakening many years ago, I didn’t know what was happening. I knew that I was becoming a new person, yet I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the transformation. In that process, that can also be confusing, I found my inner guidance, and only much later, I understood that the heart chakra awakening was the part of the 7-stage inner transformation that I now teach about.

If you experience the heart chakra awakening at the moment, keep in mind that it’s one of the most beautiful processes that can happen to you. Indeed, you’ve been blessed and gifted. I believe that the greatness of this sacred process goes beyond what we can now perceive.

Thus, slow down, be gentle with yourself, and enjoy it.

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The Heart Chakra Awakening Symptoms


1. The Zero Stage

The zero stage is related to the cry for help stage of the transformation journey. One day you wake up and realize that your life isn’t enough. Something deeper is missing. The conversations with people get shallow. Your work doesn’t satisfy you. And the inner voice asking you, “Is this all?” gets louder.

You withdraw from people, and you may even feel apathetic. Life isn’t tempting for you anymore.


2. The Heart Chakra Awakening

In the past, the adepts for initiation practiced daily for many years to awaken their consciousness. The awakening used to happen only to selected groups of people throughout the planet. However, this has changed, and the awakening is available to anyone willing to listen and do the inner work.

There is usually a trigger for the heart chakra awakening to take place. It may have happened in your yoga class or during meditation. Or you met someone who awakened your heart chakra. The person may have known about it or, more likely, they’ve opened your heart chakra spontaneously.


Suddenly, your heart explodes, and you get overpowered with sensations of love, joy, and bliss. 


You didn’t see it coming, and the power of the unconditional love and sensations of bliss smashes you. The sensations of bliss that you feel in the center of your chest are the true you.


You tapped into the Source energy, and its magnitude awakens you spiritually. 


Although there is no going back from this point, if you don’t actively work with this energy, you’ll not utilize its full potential. And it may feel like your heart chakra is closing down again even though you’re a changed person. It is possible to keep your heart chakra open constantly and to merge yourself more and more with the Source energy.

If someone else opened your heart chakra, then you may assume that you and that person are meant to be. I call these people heart-openers because they crack the walls around our hearts wide open.

(You can read about my story and my hear-opener in my memoir, Find Yourself.)

When you project your romantic expectations on that person, you may suffer as they might not feel it the same way. Moreover, they may not be aware of their role as a catalyst for your awakening.

If this is your case at the moment, then it may be beneficial to redirect the energy of unconditional love back on yourself and use it to heal emotional wounds and limiting beliefs.

You may also feel love for more people at once, or you even experience love for all the living beings on a planet. This may be challenging as it clashes with our perceptions of how love should look like and that it should be exclusive.

What is happening is that you’re NOT actually in love with all those people, but you feel the love energy pounding in your chest vigorously.


It’s not about other people. The heart chakra awakening happens for YOU to heal and clear out the old templates of belief systems.


And THEN you’ll be in service of others WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. It occurs naturally when you’re ready. So don’t rush the process.


3. The Physical Symptoms

There are physical symptoms related to the heart chakra awakening. Some of these symptoms are:

  • heart palpitations
  • heat and hot flashes coming up in unexpected waves
  • pain or heaviness in your chest
  • excessive sweating
  • acute pain in the breastbone
  • a sensation of your head pulsing
  • seeing visions due to the third eye opening


I don’t say that each time someone has those symptoms that they are related to the heart chakra awakening. But if you also feel the unconditional love or the sensation of bliss, then it probably will be combined with those and similar sensations at the beginning.

The reason for these sensations is that your body is getting used to the high frequencies of what we understand as unconditional love (or Source energy). New structures of light need to be created in and around your physical body; thus you may feel the related pain or uneasiness. Remember that it’s only temporary until the energy creates new pathways.


4. Shift in Consciousness

The heart chakra awakening is also a spiritual awakening. Hence your personality is changing, and you’re becoming a new person – a better, upgraded version of yourself.

Your spiritual sight opens up, and you become a seeker of deeper truth. Changes that used to scare you become exciting – maybe too much as people often tend to change their lives entirely at once.


The life as you knew it crumbles, and you need to rebuild it from the ashes of a previous existence.


Your consciousness changes and you question your beliefs and thoughts. As if someone would grant you a new way of thinking in a short period of time, and you let go of many limiting beliefs.

The process of disintegration takes a relatively long time, and this is the area where most of your attention should follow. As you have a unique opportunity to transform your fate into destiny and thus set yourself free from the dysfunctional patterns that you learned from your family and society.


During the heart chakra awakening, you release the old programs running the show in your mind and replace them with a new, better version.


The way you use this precious time of your heart chakra awakening is crucial. You can significantly speed up your inner growth and start creating a completely different reality.

During the years of coaching, I have noticed that the magnitude of a shift in life and consciousness is related to how much you support this process. You can let it happen to you and try to fit yourself back into the old world.

Or you can do just a little bit of inner work here and there and then think that the “job” is over. However, you can also go with that flow and co-create a new way of living and functioning for yourself. Even something so beautiful comes back to your free will and active participation in your life.

When you experience the heart chakra opening, your old identities slowly die away. If you try to go back to the old world, you may find out that it’s not possible or that it causes you a considerable amount of pain.

On the other hand, if you open up to the shifts in your consciousness and let the process penetrate every area of your life, then eventually, you’ll become the person you’ve dreamed about. The heart chakra awakening is a gift, and when you collaborate with the universe, the whole process will go smoother and deeper.


5. Body and Cellular Changes

Other of the awakening symptoms happen at the physical level. You’ll notice that your eating habits change. Without trying, you slowly incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle.

It’s not the rule, but it often happens that people become vegetarians, vegans, or they reduce the consumption of meat. You may feel the need to reduce caffeine and sugars and start to move your body more often. As you blend a new diet to your life, you’ll notice that your body is cleansing toxins, and your energies run high as a result.


Being in your body will become a joyful experience, and you’ll feel more love and acceptance toward your body.


Other changes that aren’t visible are the cellular changes. Your body cells become “lighter,” and they won’t need so much sleep and food as they used to because they’ll also receive nourishment from the light and air (prana – also known as life force or qi in the Chinese medicine).

There will also be a change in your chakra system. You may know that traditionally, we function within the 7 chakra system. However, as the heart chakra awakening continues, you switch to the 12 chakra system. Once again, this isn’t visible and measurable change, but you’ll notice it if this happens to you.

As a result of plugging into the 12 chakra system, your intuition gets stronger, and you may develop or enhance psychic abilities such as seeing the aura, energy structures that surround us, or you may develop psychic gifts.

The heart chakra awakening is a gift. It’s for you to heal your body, change the way you think and feel, and also to experience genuine love for yourself. Support this amazing process by consciously participating in letting go of the limiting belief systems and integrating shadow aspects of yourself.


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