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Unravel 2 Pillars of the Ascension Process

There has been much discussion about the ascension process. More and more people are expecting the ascension process to take place. Some worry that they might not make it; others fear leaving their beloved ones behind. And others dismiss it as a fantasy at best. So how is it with the collective ascension process? And what exactly does it mean? In this article and the video below, I want to walk you through 2 main stages of the ascension process that everyone will go through. These 2 pillars will offer you a roadmap, and it’s up to you how far you’ll take it.

What Is the Ascension Process?

The ascension process is merging with your higher self and Christ consciousness. By doing so, you return yourself to your divine, pure, innocent state of being. You reclaim your sovereignty and divinity. During the ascension process, you plug yourself back into the greater part of you from which you had been disconnected for thousands of years. This is the divine union, the sacred marriage, that so many traditions speak about.

During the ascension process, you truly come back to your true self. But despite some idealized perspectives, this is just a beginning. There are simplified and idealized beliefs that once you ascend, you’re done. You’re perfect. Some people believe that when you become enlightened, you can return to the Source. Some think that they don’t have to do anything anymore, just forever rest in the embrace of infinite divine love.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I understand where those beliefs are coming from, but if I could manage one thing, I’d like humanity to really open their eyes and see greater connections within the creations. Simplified truth, when left out of important aspects, leads to illusions and disempowerment. And we’ve been exercising this free-will choice for thousands of years, and I dare to say that more and more people are done with it.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

You’re a Part of the Ascension Process. Wake Up!

If you’re reading these words, you likely have chosen to be an active participant in this ascension process. Deep in your being, you can sense that you have a one-in-lifetimes opportunity to liberate your essence from the illusions of this world and ascend. You can sense it even if you slip into the unconscious behavior here and there. This invitation within your soul remains there, no matter how many times you fall asleep. You may reason with it. Bury your head into the sand, hoping the call will disappear. But it’s still there. Why?

Because your higher self is calling you to wake up truly. And not just spiritually awaken, which is the first step, but to completely reclaim your power and sovereignty. Dear soul, you and I have a lot of work to do. And I know that you don’t like the idea of taking responsibility for every feeling, thought, intention, situation, your impact on others. I can see you fear your true potential and power.

I know it because I help my clients every single day to rise and reclaim who they are. I see the resistance; I get it. It’s far easier to fall back to sleep. Far easier to wait for a savior. It’s easier to believe in illusions and limitations. It’s so simple to turn your head away from the truth. But what price are we paying for this ignorance? What price are we paying for postponing, wishing, and hoping? The game is on. Right here and now.

You can’t be running away forever. Eventually, you’ll get tired of yourself. Of your old stories. Of your fears. And you begin to wonder what you could actually create from a sovereign state of being?

And here you are. At this point, at this very moment, reading these words reminding you of the promise you’ve made to yourself. Are you remembering? The ascension process is about you. It’s happening for you. And by reclaiming who you are, you’ll be able to uplift others with your light.

Only if you’re ready to go fully in, you’ll meet your true self. And by going fully in, it takes WAY more than meditation, reading books, and praying. There is no doctrine, no dogma, no safe heaven you can hide in. It’s about the realness of you. The ascension process takes a real commitment to your evolution. It takes showing up for what is real and right instead of what is easy and in your comfort zone. Forget your comfort zone. All safety is just an illusion. The only safety lies in your relationship with who you truly are. Stop giving your power away all over the place and come back to yourself.

2 Pillars of the Ascension Process

Since I was a child, I was being prepared to guide people to reunite with who they truly are. Since 2015, I’ve been doing it professionally. I’ve seen the chains enslaving the souls of people and the chains enslaving my own soul. I’ve traveled through realms within and beyond the time and space continuum and have been guiding others there to help them reclaim who they are. Because it’s time.

The game has been on for a while. It can’t be stopped. And my prayer for you is that you wake up and show up authentically to what is true for you. Much could be said about the ascension process. There are layers upon layers of information and initiations we could look at. Today, I want to make it as simple and easy as possible to have your roadmap and know what to focus on next. P. S. You’ll find more information in the video.

Stage One: Soul Merge

You might have heard me talking about the importance of embodying your soul. When you have your spiritual awakening, the soul merge begins. Therefore, we’re moving through different stages and layers of awakening. We have to purify our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies for the soul to unite with our being. If you haven’t yet read the 7 stages of transformation, you can read it now. It’ll give you an overview of what is taking place during the soul merge.

Moreover, during this first stage of the ascension process, your soul will eventually guide you to soul healing work. We have to purify our soul’s energy and integrate the many lessons our souls have had on our planet. This is what I help people do in the first pillar of the mystery school, the Lightworker Healing.

The Lightworker Healing focuses on healing, integrating, and creating the perfect conditions for the actual soul merge to take place one is the right time. Notice, your higher self orchestrates this whole process. Together, we do our part of a deal, collapse time, and the soul merge will take place once you’re ready. For some, it happens instantly. For others within the next couple of weeks or months. You’re always being guided to the next step in a loving yet powerful way.

Stage Two: Higher Self Merge

The second stage of the ascension process – and the actual ascension – is merging with your higher self. Just like the soul merge, this part also has many more steps involved. The light and the fire of your higher self are powerful. When you look at the ascended masters in the past, they’ve embodied their higher selves, and their words and energy became potent. And you can do the same. In fact, this is exactly what we’ve been working on for lifetimes.

Not everyone will choose to merge with their higher selves in this life. And some will initially choose it but then will not fully show up for their assignment. But in either case, you have to realize the divinity, strength, and sovereignty within yourself. Everything else is just a projection of us not embracing our true essence. All this chaotic manifestation of the divine energy needs to return to its pure state. In the second pillar of my mystery school, the Starseed Healing, we’re working on the higher self merge. And I can tell you that it’s so incredibly beautiful to witness people remembering their true selves and expressing their truth and light to the world.

Dear soul, it’s time to step into your leadership. The journey of merging with your higher self is a courageous one. It’ll ask you to do what you had believed to be impossible and then some more. It’ll completely change the way you’ve thought about yourself and life. The fire of your higher self will burn away your illusions and limitations.

I know it all might feel overwhelming. But you can take it to step by step. If you show up every single day, you’ll grow and strengthen your wings. Little by little, you’ll get comfortable with your power. You’ll face your potential and not hide away from it. I believe in taking minor steps but taking them consistently and in every situation. Showing up again and again and again. No matter how many times you’ve fallen. The “failing” doesn’t matter, but that you get up and learn from it matters.

Watch the Video on the Ascension Process

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