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The True Spiritual Meaning of Heart Chakra

The true heart chakra meaning goes beyond the heart chakra being a holder of forgiveness and love. Many of you have experienced the heart chakra awakening symptoms and wonder what other spiritual meaning the heart chakra has. In this article, I will explore 6 heart chakra meanings that will accompany you along your ascension journey.

The Heart Chakra Meaning

Before we dive deeper into the heart chakra meaning, I just want to mention that all chakras are important. We should develop and balance all of our chakras – for some, it’s 7 chakras, for others 12, and a few 16, 22, or even 36. Each of the chakras plays a major role in our awakening and then ascension journey.

I’ve been studying and exploring chakras since I was a child based on my past life memories and inner guidance. This has given me an opportunity to understand the energy dynamics, keycodes of self-mastery, and other chakras attributes that we don’t have a too big knowledge of yet. The energy and chakra work in itself is a life-enriching experience. Today, I’d like to invoke a different perspective on the heart chakra. However, keep in mind that one can go much deeper into a proper understanding of the heart chakra meaning. You’re also welcome to watch my YouTube video at the end of the article that goes more in-depth.

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1. Spirit and Matter Balance

The first most important heart chakra meaning is being a keeper of balance. The heart is the space where the spirit and matter meet harmoniously. Those two primordial energies eventually reach the Christ consciousness, which is the turning point on our soul’s journey on Earth.

As the Christ energy awakens within our mind and heart, we start walking a path of sovereignty and self-mastery. This path liberates the soul from thousands of years of disempowerment and not recognizing our inherent divinity.

The heart chakra meaning is to balance our spiritual, mental, and physical energy in a cohesive and synergic way. This opens our being to holding a higher frequency of light and consciousness. As the light quotient grows, we’re able to bring in more of our spiritual energy to our bodies and Earth.

2. Emotional Body Purification

The second vital heart chakra meaning is to purify our emotional bodies. Essentially, the spiritual heart is transcending the energy of our sacral chakra. We move from the lower chakra desires and emotions and create space for their higher counterparts – unconditional love and compassion.

As our emotions are being transcended, the emotional body becomes stable and peaceful. Once the transformative process is completed, our emotions are serene and stable, and we no longer suffer from mood swings. A stable emotional body allows our mind to embody higher consciousness truly. And it enables us to embody our purpose consciously.

3. Fire for Mer-Ka-Bah

Another vital heart chakra meaning is the chakra acting as fuel to your light body. This is an essential aspect of the ascension process. There are many levels and layers through which your higher heart’s light and spiritual technology are activating. During this marvelous process, you’re guided to use your light body and fuel it with fire that puts it into motion. If you’re interested in the light body and ascension process, explore the Lightworker and Starseed Healing.

4. Higher Dimensions

The fourth heart chakra meaning is to help you find your core frequency. As we start returning to and remembering our true frequency, we begin to align with our soul, higher self, and eventually our oversoul. Our frequency helps us find and create a resonance field where we can interface with higher dimensions. This deepens our intuitive faculties and allows us to channel at a more conscious level. When your heart chakra is open and stable, it’s easier to access higher dimensional realms.

5. Keeper of Emerald Code

The question isn’t whether we should follow the mind – and technology, science, structure – or the heart. We need both, in an integrated, balanced, wise, and humble way. One without the other leads to extreme illusions, and especially the misuse of power.

If your mind awakens without your spiritual heart opening, your ego might eventually lead you astray. When we misuse our power, we create deep soul wounds that many lightworkers are here to heal within themselves. It also leads to a distortion of DNA, which doesn’t allow the keycodes to activate properly.

6. Healing Powers

Despite what the majority of people might think, we all have healing powers within. Undeniably, some people are more gifted healers, and they’ve been developing their abilities for lifetimes. However, each of us has healing powers within ourselves. The fundamental heart chakra meaning is to activate those healing powers in yourself and use them to purify and heal your physical vessel.


Is your soul guiding you to remember who you truly are? As lightworkers and starseeds, we’re here to heal ourselves and then heal others. If you feel the call to step into your self-mastery, explore the LIGHTWORKER HEALING. 

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