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Feminine Power

The Feminine Power Group Program is a self-study program for women ready to embrace their inner strength and feminine energy, activate their magnetism, and step into their queen’s consciousness. 


The Feminine Power Group includes:

6*120 min key training videos
(these are replays of live training)

6 Healing Manuals

8*Additional Embodiment Material in the form of Videos and Activations 

All content is pre-recorded; you can access it after purchasing and studying at your own pace.


The Feminine Power includes a self-study program consisting of 6 modules. 

During the 6 modules, we touch on feminine power, embodiment, and activating your inner magnetism or queen consciousness. 

Module 1: Feminine Power 

You’ll learn what it means to stand in your feminine power, and you’ll also learn to identify where you might act from a disempowered energy. The main emphasis is on bringing your feminine power into daily situations and thus, step by step, transform your universe. 

Module 2: Seal Your Energy Leaks and Activate Your Magnetism 

You’ll learn to identify and close your energy leaks, understand the flow of the powerful creative feminine energy and activate your magnetism. When your feminine magnetism is fully on, the right people and opportunities gravitate to you instead of chasing them. 

Module 3: Activate Your Inner Masculine 

Just as we might not fully tap into our feminine energy, we might struggle with integrating our inner masculine energy. We’ll dive into your unconscious patterns preventing you from utilizing the gifts of your inner masculine energy to bring your ideas and creations to physical manifestation.

Module 4: The Secrets of Soul-Nurturing 

You’ll learn to be present with yourself and birth yourself to the following levels of your expansion. We’ll talk about nurturing and mothering yourself through tough times, challenges, relationships, and your purpose.

Module 5: From Princess to Queen 

Together, we’ll pass through the birthing stages between the princess and queen to firmly root you in the balanced and one-in-herself queen archetype energy. It’s time to put your crown on and step into your feminine power, fully understanding its laws and how to use your power with integrity and elegance. You’ll learn the key differences between the princess and queen energy which will help you identify which energy you act from. 

Module 6: Goddess and Self-Worth

It’s time to release blocks to experience ease and lightness. It’s time to learn how to receive and let things be easier and better and better and better. We’ll talk about deserving and how to step into your worth and never doubt it again.

In the last module, you’ll learn how to become the woman of your dreams and embody her in your life. You’ll also learn how to continue moving through life more easily, flow, and precisely. You’ll learn the secret of continuous expansion. You’ll take this with you for the rest of your life and can always return to it whenever you go to the next level.