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the portal program for lightworkers

The Portal

Be the One!

Step Through the Portal

The Portal Is YOU
You’re the One You’ve Waited For
It’s Time to Initiate Yourself to the Next Level

The Portal is a 3-week LIVE group program for healers, shamans, lightworkers, priestesses, visionaries, and starseeds!

Have you waited for the time when you can finally claim it all? When you’ll be ready to use your gifts and live your highest timeline? 

It’s time to step through the portal. 

The Portal is for the ones who can feel their next level levitates in the air; they can almost touch it, but it’s not yet embodied. 

When you walk through the Portal, you’re no longer the same. You’ve been initiated into a greater level of alignment, truth, and purpose. You’ve stopped waiting for things to come to you and claimed it all. 

The Portal is a place of initiation, transcendence, and embodiment. It’ll take you to the next level, whatever it may look like. You can continue stepping through the Portal as you take new upgrades in your life. The energetics and the work remain the same. 

So will you claim it all? 

step through the portal program

The Portal is You

I’ll show you the keys of self-leadership and self-initiation. 

The Portal is a place where you can meet your Unrestricted Self – the Original Blueprint. 

It’s a place to reclaim your strength and spiritual gifts. 

It’s about walking through the threshold to the person you’re meant to be here as a guide, lightworker, healer, the wisdom keeper. 

The Portal first comes to you uninvited, showing you your gifts and what is possible, but then it closes. The second time, you have to open the Portal – that’s why it’s a journey of self-initiation for lightworkers. 

Those who open the Portal become professionals in their craft and gifts. They become the Portals themselves and light bearers for others. 

The Portal is a symbol for claiming your dharma – your highest timeline and letting the world see you in your gifts, fully activated and aligned with your inner strength and power. 

Who Is This For?

This is for all the magical beings who know they’re here to share their gifts with the world, yet it feels like it’s never fully manifesting. There is anticipation and waiting: the thrill and the low of those future and current conscious leaders. 

The Portal is for people who feel they need an activation, a gentle yet powerful push to claim their highest vision for themselves. 

The Portal is also for those who feel stuck and find themselves way too often in waiting mode. 

The Portal is for those who want to know the pathway to claiming their gifts and living their purpose and feel they need some powerful initiatory energy to move them in the right direction. 

The best thing about the Portal is that you can rewatch it and self-initiate yourself anytime you’re stepping into the new next level. This journey is always the same – always here to support you. 

highest timeline, enter the portal

The Aim

The Portal aims to help you find a deeper alignment with your soul’s purpose, your gifts, and your role as a change-maker, healer, and lightworker.

The Portal also aims at helping you to understand the energetics and spiritual principles of the path of dharma – the conscious embodiment of your purpose as a lightworker. 

Therefore, the topics, examples, the transcendence exercises aim to address any limitations, dreams, hopes, and energetics from a perspective of a person who wants to share their gifts with the world, be seen, and be aligned with their inner strength and power. 

The Portal also reveals the pathway that you can follow at any point in your life as the energetics will take you to the next level of showing up in your purpose and the next one and the next one. 

The Portal

3 PRE-RECORDED CLASSES (120 min each )


+ A BONUS TRAINING (about 60 min)
Spiritual Protection & How to Develop Relationship to Your Gifts Through Simple Rituals

The Portal combines guided energy exercises and activations, teachings, and healing.

Week 1: Step Through the Portal

Reclaim that inner healer, shaman, priestess, or magician, and use your gifts to heal yourself. I’ll show you how to walk through your portal and activate your gifts.

We open the path of self-initiation and self-leadership.

This is multidimensional healing and activation for you to step through the portal and understand what it’s required to become a professional healer, guide, coach, and share your magic with the world. 

Week 2: Transcendence

You opened the portal, and now it’s time to move to your inner truth and
transmute any limiting beliefs about being seen in your gifts, being big, strong, powerful, being a leader and a healer.

This session will go deep into the heart of transcendence from the shadow to your Original Blueprint. We’ll go through the deepest limiting beliefs I’ve witnessed in other lightworkers, healers, and leaders over the years, and we’ll utilize that energy to bridge us to the next level. 

Week 3: Highest Timeline

We’ll remove any residual limitations to help you embody your highest timeline. I’ll teach you a roadmap of how to stay in your power and how to move in alignment with your highest timeline and learn to hold the potency of your highest timeline. 

About Sylvia

The topic of feminine power fascinates me. The deeper you move into your feminine power, the more universes of endless possibilities you discover. And I’m passionate about helping women embrace their feminine power. 

I’m a teacher and activator for leaders, lightworkers, and priestesses ready to be seen. Who are willing to co-create in bringing forth a new paradigm. To explore their highest potential because nothing else makes sense. 

I want to see women rising. People who are tapped into their hearts and souls. The people who came here to birth a new consciousness. 

I’ve taught a circle of women about embracing their feminine energy since 2016 and have guided many women individually in my Priestess Healing into the arts of feminine energy. And I’m happy to create this portal for all of us to rise!


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