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Seal Your Energy Leaks Masterclass

Seal Your Energy Leaks is a 2-hour masterclass.

Sealing Your Energy Leaks is a masterclass teaching you to identify and seal your energy leaks to show up more wholly for your soul’s calling.

We have an energetic relationship with everything. Some of these relationships are nurturing, and some are soul distractions. Plugging the energetic holes in your aura, mind, and soul will allow you to achieve a new level of harmony and balance in your life. The energy leaking is likely the energy you need to invest in your soul’s visions.

How can you access the recording?

Please, check your order confirmation to find the link to the recording.


This fun and essential masterclass, Seal Your Energy Leaks, should be in the toolbox of every empath and lightworker. I love playing with energy and watching the miracles that unfold once you seal your energy leaks and become magnetic. The things you want, desire you too. But when the aura is leaky, we can’t claim what we came here for.

We all need to be mindful of how we spend our energy. Doing a mini energy audit every now and then should be a natural part of our spiritual and energy routine. In this masterclass, I’ll show how you can identify your own energy leaks and bring your energy back to your center so that you can channel it into what you desire to create. 


In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your energy leaks and why they happen.
  • How to seal your energy and take back your power.
  • How to have a conscious energetic relationship with everything.
  • Identifying the energy leaks in your aura and chakras.
  • How to realign your life with the vision of your soul.


During the masterclass, I’ll guide you through several energetic exercises to help you embody the shift we’re creating on the call.