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3 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Potential

Do you feel you’re wasting your potential? Maybe you use these spiritual distractions to limit what you came here to do. No words explain how following your potential is essential to everything. Since I was a child, I’ve had a heightened awareness of how people follow their potential. Someone can tell me the name of someone, and I know where they are hiding, their highest timeline, and their soul path. All this information is recorded in their field. I can see the potential of people, and it’s my greatest mission to help them unlock it and remind them of it. And yet, how many can say they don’t waste their potential? But what are we doing with our lives if we don’t live up to our potential? 


How to Stop Wasting Your Potential

Maybe you’ve got used to the idea that when things go well always, something negative is lurking around the corner. We grow in cycles of expansion and contraction. These cycles are natural, and we don’t need to try to suppress them. However, I’ve noticed there is an evolution to those cycles. At first, each cycle lasts a long time. If you feel bad, it may last weeks, even months. As you work with your subconscious mind and the soul, the not-feeling-good time shrinks to days, hours, and finally to only a few minutes.


Thus, the cycle changes its rhythm – as you, the stabilizing Third aspect – learn to harmonize the swing of the pendulum. 


The same cycle applies to how we live our potential. You may work on yourself and then take a few steps back. Some people even withdraw and lose faith because they don’t distinguish their subconscious patterns from their purpose. They assume they are on the wrong path when things don’t go as they had imagined. The rhythm of your potential is essential. You can get to a point when you no longer sabotage yourself, or it only takes a couple of minutes before you shift your energy. 

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Finding the right rhythm and learning to stabilize extreme spiritual forces within yourself is the heart of alchemy. It’s about finding the right pace when you move at a sustainable speed, yet it gently stretches you. 

Finding your sustainable pace is how to live up to your potential. 


3 Reasons You Distract Yourself From Your Potential

The first step to stop wasting your potential is to realize when you do it. Simple, right? But not really. I’m not here to tell you should stop scrolling social media. I’m here to take you a few steps deeper and look at the root cause.


Spiritually, you waste your potential because the ego fights against the soul’s guidance.

The ego needs to individualize itself, so like a rebellious teenager, it sometimes boycotts the soul to prove its way is the right way, although it’s not. 

1. The Biggest Reason You Waste Your Potential

The biggest reason you waste your potential is that you unconsciously want to bring your frequency down. Because, deep down, you know you’re light, and you fear that if you keep growing, you can’t relate to other people anymore. You’d be too far ahead. Too much light. Things would go too easy – and we have to prove how difficult everything is.

If you’re on a spiritual journey (especially if you’re a starseed), you know you’re here for more. Deep down, you can become good at many things. You know that you COULD continue growing and living your highest potential. That possibility is always present within you – like an undercurrent that you let lead you at times only to freak out that things move too fast and easily.


But you’re here to show a different path. To bring unique solutions. And to do that, you can’t follow everyone else’s life path but yours. 

What if you let life be so easy? 


An easy life doesn’t mean there are no challenges. It means that those challenges don’t stop you. It means you don’t dwell on them longer than necessary to learn a valuable lesson.

If you were honest about why you waste your potential, likely you’d find out it’s because you want to fit in. You want other people to be able to relate to you so you’re not too out there. Having all these realizations that you have no one to talk about with. You learned to fit in, which made sense at some point. But does it still?


2. Too Much Light Is Dangerous

I work with people addressing their soul wounds originating from other lives, and what everyone has in common is the belief that too much light is dangerous. In the previous planetary cycles, the light had less space as we descended deeper into matter. Many people have been silenced, persecuted, and even cursed. Lots of people were taught that being too much light gets you in trouble.


To which degree do you waste your potential because you believe too much light is dangerous? 


One reason you may waste your potential is that unconsciously being too much light equals danger. Many of my clients believe that “the dark side” will find them if they dare to shine. With this belief, is it any wonder you waste your potential? As a lightworker, you do anything to bring your frequency down. Because when you don’t shine, you’re safe. But the time has changed, and I ask you to heal those deep wounds so you can do what you came here to do. Nothing else than living up to your potential – however it looks to you at the specific season you’re at – won’t ever be satisfying. 


3. Be Responsible with Power; No More Excuses

And finally, the last reason you waste your potential is responsibility. Every soul will be asked to bear more and be more the resource of help to others as the soul evolves. Some of you had been in leadership positions in past lives, and maybe something went wrong. And you’d instead do anything else than be a leader and serve others. And yet, life keeps pushing you that way.


You stop wasting your potential when you make peace with who you are and what you came here to do. When you take responsibility for what is yours to carry and release what’s not. 


When you awaken your inner king-queen consciousness, you stop wasting your potential. The king and the queen show up for their life purpose. They don’t stop moving through their lives because it’s hard work. They don’t accept their excuses or from others. The king and the queen know they’re in service to something greater than themselves. Although the journey can sometimes be challenging, they know that doing something else makes no sense. It’s a waste of life.


How to Stop Wasting Your Potential

First, identify why you’re running away from the things that would move you further in life to stop wasting your potential. Forcing yourself to stop procrastinating may work, but we seek a systematic, sustainable life change. Do you want to stay relatable to people so much that you somewhat hinder your natural soul’s pace? Are you afraid to be too light, so instead, check out of reality sometimes? Do you feel that having excuses allows you to pretend you’re more human than a soul?


Whenever you feel like wasting your potential, ask yourself those questions:

  • What am I distracting myself from here?
  • Who am I afraid to become in this moment (so instead, I entertain this distraction and become less than who I can be)?
  • Who could I become if I continued following my soul path?


Wasting your potential is a way of escaping your true self. It’s not about the distraction. It’s about not choosing to become the person you’re here to become. 


To stop wasting your potential, you need to get energetically and emotionally familiar with who you would be without distractions. On top of identifying the fear and asking yourself the questions, visualize yourself and your life if you live your highest potential. What would it look like? For this, I highly recommend my class on quantum shifting.


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