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4 Soul Wounds That Make You Play Small As a Lightworker

There are four essential soul wounds that make you play small in life and prevent you from stepping into your fullest potential. Those deep soul scars feel real and attract the perfect environment to understand and heal them. Unlike other wounds we carry from childhood, soul wounds may be difficult to spot. We may not realize that we block ourselves from experiencing our highest potential and create an invisible ceiling, making us play small.


What Are Soul Wounds?

The soul carries deep soul wounds from other lives. Based on those soul wounds, the soul chooses the circumstances of your life, including your family and relationships. The soul wounds result from not fully integrating a lesson, thus creating some resistance, fear, or other emotions that temporarily take the soul out of a neutral balanced state.

But the Cosmic Order must always be maintained, and everything balances itself over time. Thus, the soul chooses what soul wounds to focus on in that given life. The intention is to comprehend its lessons and see the other part of the duality that wasn’t fully understood.


Soul wounds mean that we’re temporarily in debt. There is some wisdom, strength, virtue, and gift to receive we haven’t yet claimed.


Thus the universal scale is not balanced. We need to go back and face the soul wound. Although soul wounds are difficult to spot, after the spiritual awakening, they intensify. Each time we come near the level of consciousness we once had (due to descension), the intensity of these wounds grows stronger to help us learn not to play small. Then we meet any people who have contributed to it, or we have been negatively influenced.

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4 Soul Wounds That Make You Play Small

The soul doesn’t want you to play small. It doesn’t want you to live in fear. Nor it wants you to stop expanding your consciousness. Although the soul wounds feel deep and painful, there is always a hidden gem. Will you claim it? If yes, each time you do so, you grow stronger.

What does it mean to play small? Play small means you don’t use your full potential, and the cards are given to you. If you know that you could do and be much more and yet not claim, you play small.

You play small if you let others stop you from living your dreams. You play small when your soul is calling you to step up, and you choose to distract yourself from that calling. Only you know when you play small. You know your potential. And you can feel what you’re capable of and what not. When you play small, you inevitably lie to yourself about who you are.

That being said, taking a short break along the journey is okay. Being gentle and admitting that you need help and more support is okay. It’s alright to acknowledge that you don’t know how to shift something, but you will shift it one day, regardless. When you don’t play small anymore, you assume complete responsibility for yourself and your life and stop identifying with the limitations of a victim.

1. Soul Fragments and Persecution

Undoubtedly, the most significant of the soul wounds that make you play small is being persecuted in other lives. Nothing can seed more fear than this. One of the reasons why this wound feels so strong is because some of the soul’s energy is still trapped in that life. Likely, you also attract people who have contributed to this so you can all heal it and move on.

If you have this soul wound, it intensifies every time you step outside your comfort zone. Every time you stop hiding and don’t follow the script that makes you play small, this wounding knocks on your door, begging you to integrate it. The intense fear related to this aids you in remembering and integrating the particular soul fragment.

I strongly recommend finding a trusted guide and healer to heal this wound. There are some things we can let go of on our own and others that are better to heal with someone skilled in this work. From my experience, nothing is more triggering than a lifetime of persecution. When you have a guide, you can relax and be held during the integration process.

When healing this soul wound that makes you play small, consider the fear or blockage related to it as an opportunity to explore. As you zoom out and stop focusing on the specific situation, you realize the fear and the gem are about you – about connecting more holy and wholly with your true self. The uncomfortable feeling is only trying to get your attention so you can integrate your soul fragment.


2. You Failed at Your Mission

When you fail at your mission in other lives, you likely play small in this life. To fail at one’s mission is a subjective feeling. Perhaps, it wasn’t the case from a bigger perspective, yet you can feel like you failed big time. If a soul played a “negative” role in one of the lives, the soul did what was needed to be done. It doesn’t mean that the soul is doomed or evil. It only means the soul has tried on the other suit for a few lifetimes.

If you failed in your previous life, you’re the right person this time around. Your soul has already tried how it feels not to succeed or perhaps even misuse its power. Now having this lesson, you can learn from it and experience something new. When you remove the fear of failing, you’re ready to learn from the lesson and thus not fail at the same thing again. On the other hand, if we run away from fear and resistance, we don’t learn the lesson and are bound to repeat it.


3. It’s Not the Right Time

Another of the soul wounds that make us play small is the belief that it’s not the right time. At first, this doesn’t seem to have anything in common with soul wounds, but it does. As a collective and solar soul, we evolve through cycles. Those cycles come and go regardless of our endeavor. Although we can preserve some of the ancient sacred knowledge so the wisdom is not wiped out, just like during the Flood, we can’t stop the swing of the pendulum.


Sometimes, the collective consciousness has to fall, no matter what you do. It doesn’t make what you did insufficient or a failure. Every soul deed counts to your merit. 


This soul wound that makes you play small in life feels like you’re always misaligned with time. You’re either too ahead of your time or behind. It also feels like you’re wasting your time and should have been further ahead. Similarly, you believe it’s never the right time to act on your dreams or follow your soul. But, this new cycle has already begun, whether we feel ready. We can contribute to it through love and consciousness or fear and limitation. But the time is now. 


4. When You Play Small Because of Others

The last of the soul wounds that make you play small is feeling like you don’t have your soul tribe around you. It may feel like you miss “your people.” You can sense they are somewhere there, but you deal with karmic people instead. In the past, certain events manipulated and contributed to the shutting down the higher heart chakra. Due to this, it was more challenging to meet and recognize your soul people.

Your soul tribe resonates on the frequency of the higher heart chakra. When the higher heart chakra is fully open, we meet our soul tribe. Remember that you can never be truly disconnected from your soul tribe. Each time anyone within the group evolves, the whole group benefits. You ascend together. Thus you’re never alone. You rise together even if you haven’t met them yet.


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