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This Is the Actual Starseed’s Purpose on Earth

The starseed’s purpose on Earth is to enrich the collective consciousness. The Earth is connected to a system of higher dimensional suns. (You can learn more about our connection to Sirius A and B in this masterclass). The planet and people are exposed to the higher dimensional light stimulates the peaks and lows of the planetary cycles. Therefore, the starseeds come with those changes in the collective consciousness to help others to remember and ascend.


Starseed Purpose

One of the reasons starseeds are here is to hold the ascension portals open. Those portals are vital for the collective consciousness and the Earth. The starseed’s purpose is to keep the star portals active. Thus the energy and life force from the higher dimensional suns can flow to the Earth. Of course, the life force energy would travel through the portals regardless. But sometimes, those portals can shut down, or their energy is redirected. Since starseed’s purpose is to tune their higher subtle bodies to the energy of their home planets and create a point of connection from the Earthside.

The starseed’s purpose is not only to keep the ascension portals open, but they inherently know the Golden Pathway (more on it here) to higher dimensions. Some starseeds even become the wayshowers or teachers of ascension. Depending on the starseed lineage, the starseed’s purpose varies. Some become teachers and healers. Others become inventors. Many starseeds also translate the sound from higher spheres and feel attracted to music or art.

The starseed’s purpose is about transmitting and holding the right frequency. When attuned to the higher realms, they become the vessels and channels for higher consciousness to flow through them to Earth. Although everyone can do that, the starseeds bring the energy of their star systems which is also beneficial for the Earth.

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Spinning the Universal Wheels

Starseeds expand the consciousness. They’re the forerunners of new timelines and possibilities. Starseed’s purpose is to bring the ignition, the Spark, Sacred Fire that makes the consciousness expand and the universal wheels spin. This Sacred Fire then burns through the collective, eventually bringing everyone further. Thus one of the starseed’s purposes is to make sure the Sacred Fire is burning. Not all, but many starseeds carry the initiatory energy.

The starseed souls are carefully selected to represent their particular star lineages and higher dimensional consciousness. Thus, the diversity of star wisdom is what enhances our growth. If everything were the same, all would stagnate. This is true on the individual level and the universal level too.


Think Out of The Box

As a starseed, always think out of the box. Your consciousness needs to stay unrestricted. Forget how things should be done and create from within. The starseed purpose requires consciousness and creativity to be limitless. As a starseed, you’re not here to talk, do and think about things like everyone else. You need to activate your inner master (you can learn about meeting your inner genius here).

Starseed’s purpose is to channel something new to the Earth. Something from the higher spheres. Thus starseeds become excellent translators of the energy of the higher worlds.


If you could do it in the way most natural to you, how would you do it?
How would you improve things if you didn’t know how things should be done? 

What piece of art would you create if it didn’t have to fit in within the context? 

Simultaneous Incarnations

Often, starseed experience simultaneous incarnations. Since we all have multidimensional essence, one can simultaneously focus their consciousness on different dimensions. It’s like having ten dreams during a night. In all dreams, it’s you – the observer. Although every dream offers you a different landscape and lessons, it’s you experiencing all of it. With simultaneous incarnations, it works similarly.

Depending on how well someone is connected to their I AM Presence and has awakened to their multidimensionality, they can be aware of what they experience across different dimensions. However, to fulfill starseed’s purpose, it’s not necessary to be mindful of multidimensional “incarnations.”

Yet with some of my Starseed Healing clients, we were able to create the bridges to their higher dimensional selves. Thus they could see themselves on other planets and exchange wisdom, and lessons learned, etc. It’s miraculous what this can do if we use it correctly.


Starseeds Aren’t Incarnated In Succession

The fact that they don’t need to go through successive Earth incarnations enhances starseed’s purpose on Earth. Starseeds aren’t incarnated all the time. On the contrary, they chose specific critical times in human history, typically during the Golden Ages. Hence they don’t feel connected to every moment of history. Usually, they feel a strong connection to Atlantis or Lemuria as one of their first entry points. Since they had longer breaks from what we call the incarnation wheel, starseeds can access more of their remembrance once activated.


Disclaimer: What Type of Starseeds Do I Refer To

On my website and in all my work, I speak about a specific type of starseeds. These higher-dimensional beings agreed to come to the Earth to enhance the collective evolution from within. I don’t talk about anyone coming here on spaceships or needing to use physical methods or technology to improve the evolution.

These starseeds are a part of the Light Collective. Some come here out of pure love and compassion, knowing they have to bear the risk of getting entangled in the karmic gravity field of Earth. They aren’t here to support any narratives going against people’s sovereignty, whether in the form of low astral magic or the use of psychedelics, for instance.

On the contrary, these starseed souls model to people how to embody Christ’s consciousness and activate everything in a natural soul-aligned way. One could think of them as teachers from the stars. They are the teachers of sovereignty and ascension. They show people how they can access everything within themselves.

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