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How to Know If You’re a Wayshower Lightworker?

Are you a wayshower lightworker? Who are the wayshowers, and what is their purpose on Earth? There are different kinds of lightworkers and starseeds. Often, their purposes – galactic missions – are complementary and overlapping. Understanding your unique blend of consciousness can help you embody your purpose with more precision and ease. Wayshower lightworkers are currently increasing in numbers to help navigate the new planetary cycle we’re collectively stepping into.

What Is a Wayshower Lightworker?

I like to call wayshower lightworkers galactic ninjas. (If you’re a galactic ninja, let me know on my YouTube channel, lol). Wayshowers travel across all spectrums of frequency and dimensions across our galaxy to help create new consciousness pathways. It’s natural for them to read timelines and to move their consciousness inter and intra-dimensionally.

Typically, for a wayshower lightworker, it’s always been challenging to fit in. As they don’t see the limits the same way as the collective consciousness does. To them, everything is plastic and moldable. Wayshowers very well know that “no” is not an answer. It’s just a preference for seeing a reality a certain way. Likewise, they also understand that there are whole universes of possibilities beyond the polarity of 3D reality.

Therefore, wayshower lightworkers might sometimes feel suffocated or being slowed down by others’ expectations of what might be real and realistic. If wayshowers manage to detach themselves from the external expectation and co-dependent relationships, they feel a sense of wonder and empowerment. It’s their innate ability to see what others would call magic that allows them to shapeshift timelines.

A wayshower lightworker is a galactic ninja, standing at the very leading edge of consciousness, pre-paving the way for others to follow should they choose it.

Wayshower lightworkers possess an air of fierce and grounded energy. In fact, I’d say they’re one of the most grounded beings. Since reading probable timelines requires you to stand in the zero-point of consciousness. This is what we call the present moment. As wayshowers activate more interdimensional light keycodes within their DNA and consciousness, they find more ease in riding the quantum waves of reality.

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It’s All About Timelines

If anything, I love exploring the multilayered qualities and properties of time. To me, this is one of the most exciting things. Even more exciting is that there is almost no information on this topic. This is one example of what a wayshower lightworker can do – bring in new information. Many brilliant minds throughout human history have been wayshower lightworkers.

Wayshowers can see and read probable timelines assessing where certain actions might lead. This applies to both personal and collective timelines and also to their overbridging areas. As wayshowers open up and expand their own consciousness, they can read increasingly more timelines with more accuracy. As for any lightworkers, you have the seed of potentiality within you. But you have to activate it and then integrate it. As a wayshower, you can take it as far as you want to or as little as you choose to.

A skilled wayshower can open up new timelines with intention and precision. They can also bring in new healing, integration, and embodiment modalities to support and prepare the collective for upcoming events. Most often, wayshowers teach others through their own embodiment. Thus, they show others the way by creating and living the way.

Wayshowers expand global consciousness. This IS how the next golden age begins. Therefore, there are a great many wayshowers incarnated currently on Earth.

Now, the information they bring in can originate from their home planets. Likewise, they can withdraw it from their other incarnations on Earth and likely elsewhere. Also, wayshowers tap into the very structure of the time and space continuum, which is the greatest source of information flooding in through their consciousness. Simply, the information is there. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak. But as the information blends with your unique energy signature, it gets a new flavor to it.

What to Keep in Mind if You’re a Wayshower

What is true for every lightworker and starseed also applies to wayshowers. Some wayshowers live their mission more intuitively and less on a conscious level. Thus they might not be able to utilize their potential fully. However, this in no way diminishes their tremendous contribution to humanity. It’s more a personal choice – how far do you want to take it? How much do you want to step into who you came here to become? Are you ready to step into your self-mastery not because you should but because it feels so damn good?

It’s Important to Get This Right

When you first realize you’re a lightworker, it might feel overwhelming. It might feel like, “Okay, now the fun (of staying unconscious) ends, and huge things are awaiting me. Also, it might feel like your grandiose purpose will reveal itself in front of you rather quickly.” Well, this is not true. Luckily. We have to keep evolving our consciousness, so this is actually the place it all begins. As lightworkers, we have to step into our spiritual maturity first and foremost to be able to carry more light, wisdom, and with that, more responsibility.

So, when you’re a wayshower, you have to ask yourself, what are you going to do with that potential? And let me tell you, there is no final destination. Even if you step into a most mind-blowing powerful version of self, this is just a foundation to the next level of you. This superuniversal game never ends. That’s why staying humble is the key. When you realize that all those miracles are just us barely scratching the surface, you remain humble and teachable.

So more than how being a wayshower lightworker might elevate the ego, it’s important to look at what amazing things you can create with the cards you have. Your gifts aren’t only about you; there are here for others too. And in the case of wayshowers, there are here for the collective consciousness as well. Therefore, this little mindset shift might help you get out of your way. It’s not about us.

Wayshowers are here to help the universal wheels spin. When you fall madly in love with consciousness’s evolution, you let your love for it motivate you on your personal journey. You realize we’re all bees working on a grand creation. As a wayshower, you can enhance it, accelerate it, help open new timelines, and find the ways to most pressing questions of humankind.

Do what you came here to do. Heal soul your soul wounds. Step courageously into your soul’s power to embody your purpose. Explore the LIGHTWORKER HEALING.

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