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How to Shift Your Reality Fast to Highest Timeline

In our new quantum age, it’s important to know how to shift your reality fast. We can easily oscillate between different timelines in a matter of seconds since we’ve collectively finished thousands of years cycle in 2012. You may have noticed that your energy can be high one moment, and your whole world and perception of your reality shifts. And a moment later, it may feel like sinking back to your old timeline. So how to shift your reality fast and, more importantly, find alignment with your highest timeline?


What Is Your Highest Timeline?

Like the piano scale, we can experience any blend of frequency and resonance. Each frequency changes our reality. Some reality change can be smaller – like moving a half-tone up the piano scale. Or the shift can be significant, like changing the piano scale to a higher resonance.


You’re at the center of your timelines and you choose which variation of reality you’ll experience based on your personal resonance.


Accessing your highest timeline doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid or bypass some lessons that your higher self wants you to experience. Of course, if you can shift your reality and maintain it, then this in itself can be the lesson. To maintain higher timelines vibrationally, we have to do a lot of embodiment and soul expansion work.

On the higher timelines, you can learn through joy, lightness, and ease. While on the lower timelines, you go through the same self-mastery process by experiencing the vibration of limitation, struggle, and being out of flow with the essence of your being. There is no judgment – no right or wrong way to experience life. However, at a certain point in your journey, you get tired of living in a struggle, and you’ll naturally start to wonder what else is possible in your life. This question opens up new timelines for you.


What else is possible in your life? What else is possible in this situation that you haven’t yet considered?


The key to understanding how to shift your reality fast is to follow your highest resonance. This is the resonance with your core frequency. Your higher self always calls you to lean into the resonance and expand yourself and your reality.

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How to Shift Your Reality Fast

There are many ways how to shift your reality fast based on quantum shifting and manifesting. For me, personally, this is the way I choose to create, expand, and experience my life. And if you want to become the quantum mage of your reality, let me teach you quantum shifting methods that create miracles.


You’re the architect of your life.


Yet, the easiest way how to shift your reality fast is through a conscious choice. Every choice opens up possibilities and timelines. It’s like having an open space in front of you, and your choice creates a sophisticated web of potentialities of what you COULD experience if you followed them.

An Embodied Choice

The best way how to shift your reality fast is to start choosing in alignment with your desired reality. When you make a strong enough choice that vibrates through every fiber of your being, you can shift to any version of reality that is available to you at that moment. This is the kind of choice you make with no turning back.


When you burn the bridges to other potentialities and chose something with the power of your I AM Presence, you shift your reality instantly.


You can make this whole-being choice at any moment. And it may surprise you how it shifts your reality fast. I’ve experienced things that “shouldn’t” be possible based on the collective agreement of how we should do life. However, the thing here is being able to induce enough soul power and energy to get to that quantum space of infinite choice.

When you become singleminded and focused on what you want to experience and choose it with your whole being, you shift your reality fast. Yet, we tend to fall back into our old selves. One of the reasons it might be challenging to anchor the new reality in your present moment is our subconscious programming.

And it’s also because to anchor higher frequency within your physical body and reality; we have to reprogram our energy body and work with our multidimensional essence. This is what we do during soul healing sessions with my lightworker clients, and it’s mind-blowing.


Breaking the Time Loop

For me, the most shocking realization was when I understood that I had been trading my free will for fitting into this reality based on my subconscious conditioning. As you may have read in my memoir, we might think that we make our own choices when, in fact, we choose the same frequency and experience through different people and situations over again. The free-will truly begins when you change your subconscious programs and choose the resonance with your truest essence.


When we chose out of our subconscious programming, we live in a time loop.


When we chose on auto-pilot, we create a time loop that always leads us back right where we had started. It feels like no matter how much we try; we can’t change something. Or it may also feel like that there is this ONE thing you can’t ever seem to breakthrough. For some people, the invisible ceiling is love. For others, it might be following their life calling or tapping into the financial abundance. It seems that you’re moving somewhere, but you actually live the same pattern again.

The core element of understanding how to shift your reality fast is by making conscious choices. Not the choices based on what you were trained to believe to be your only options. But the choice that feels expansive, light, and which creates more space in your life. When you decide something to be your reality with your whole being, you shift your reality fast.


Ready to become a quantum mage of your life? Let me teach you how to QUANTUM SHIFT YOUR REALITY.


How to Shift Your Reality to Your Highest Timeline

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