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Time to Commit to Yourself. For Real. Dump Excuses Now

It’s time to commit to yourself. If you don’t choose yourself, you stop creating, and instead, you live on auto-pilot. I know that many people think that they’re committed to themselves and their growth, but I’d like to challenge you today and invite you to go beyond the obvious answers. Committing to yourself is MUCH more than doing self-care and prioritizing yourself; it’s about unlocking your limitless power.


How Committed to Yourself Are You?

When you commit to yourself, everything in your universe shifts. There is no other option than unlocking your magnetic power and attract your desired creations into your present moment. But how much are you truly committed to yourself? To your life? And are you really committed to your dreams?

To commit to yourself, you first have to become honest with yourself. Likely, you lie to yourself about who you truly are and about what your real capabilities are. Because here is how we do our reality.


We make things real by limiting ourselves. We solidify ourselves to fit in the constructs of this reality we’ve accepted as appropriate. Everything beyond that we don’t allow ourselves to see and become.


Please, read the above sentence again. The real reason why you don’t commit to yourself is that you dedicate your energy and time to keep yourself limited. I know that consciously you might say that it’s not true. But it is. We all do it. This is how we do life on Earth, and with you choosing something different, you can create a different reality for everyone else.

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How Might You Be Holding Yourself Back?

When you commit to yourself, you become a conscious creator of your reality. There are no buts, ifs, shoulds, and certainly, there is no space for excuses. You tap into space and limitless possibilities.


Why wouldn’t you choose committing to yourself? What illusions are keeping your from committing to yourself pretending that they might bring you something better?


So before we go any further, I invite you to see how committed to yourself are you? And if you don’t get 100%, then ask yourself what else you value over the decision to commit to yourself?

When you – as an unbounded, infinite, free spirit that you are – don’t choose to commit to yourself, you’re buying into illusions. If you don’t acknowledge who you truly are, you give a go to your subconscious mind to run your life. You stop being conscious and aware of your choices, even though it might seem like you’re the one making them.

When you live on autopilot, you don’t have to choose anything. This is your way of checking out of your life because you don’t want to be present. You might believe that if you were present, it would be too much to handle. Still, you might not get what you want anyway, so why bother, right?

To commit to yourself, you have first to choose to be conscious. And choose to see why you might be holding yourself back.


Do you choose NOT commit to yourself because it allows you to have excuses?


Do This One Thing to Commit to Yourself

I could give you millions of tools – like having a clear vision for what you want to create, knowing who you are, having systems in place to support you – but I won’t. The very first place to begin to commit to yourself is to close your backdoor in life.


If things don’t go well in your life, you have a couple of backdoor ready to flee from your reality.


This is the way we’ve unconsciously learned to cope with life. People have a bag of excuses and backdoor ready in case they don’t get what they want. Then they can pull out one of those excuses, and no one can tell them anything. Above all, they can make themselves believe that they couldn’t create what they had wanted. By that, I’m not saying that things actually don’t happen. But when it comes to your personal reality, you have the final vote.

We create this reality backward. We create by limiting ourselves, fitting ourselves in someone else’s reality, by creating illusions and projections. And by having a backdoor always ready. Just in case. Does it then come as any surprise that we don’t experience what we want? When all our energy empowers limitations and fears?


How having a backdoor might look like:

  • You’re in a relationship, but you have never truly let in the other person. You live in a fantasy that if you don’t get your ideal relationship, something is wrong instead of looking at your own choices and behavior. Hint: it’s your choice that creates the future. So you create a backdoor in your mind in case that the relationship won’t be as you had imagined it. You stay in contact with your ex, just in case. Or you plan out a scenario of what you would do if you and your partner separated. You create distance between you and your partner. And even worse, you might talk negatively about your partner with your friends (or anyone else in that matter). If all this is happening in the background, does it come as a surprise that it doesn’t work out?
  • You’ve started a business, but instead of committing to it fully, you spend your time procrastinating. And keeping yourself busy with things that don’t bring your business any further. In this case, your backdoor might be: If I don’t see success with my business, I’ll find a job. Or I’ll change the scope of my business. I’ll try to get someone else involved so they can make it happen for me.
  • Having a backdoor can also look like having a bunch of excuses. Like, it’s too late for me to create something different. I’ll never get it right, so why bother? I can’t forgive this person; it’s all their fault. It’s easier for other people because my situation is so special and no one can understand it.
  • When you have a backdoor open in your friendship, you’re not there for each other. You don’t open up yourself and share the truth of who you are. In your mind, you might be looking for reasons why your friend might hurt you. You might even gossip about them. Or you ghost them. Because you believe that this brings you a real choice, but it doesn’t.


Unconsciously, you might believe that NOT choosing is a way to commit to yourself. By having plenty of doors open, you might believe that you create freedom. But is it so? Ask yourself:


Is it true that by keeping backdoor open I have more freedom? Or is it possible that I’m actually limiting myself by not committing to the life I truly want?


We can choose again and again in every situation. In fact, this is the key to conscious manifesting. But your backdoor isn’t a real choice. It only pretends to be because you’re afraid to become and express the very essence of you fully.


The backdoor is a survival mode that keeps you stuck in life.


Having a backdoor doesn’t generate more choices in your life; it only strengthens your ego and imprisons your soul. What else could you create in your life if you committed to yourself? What other possibilities are available to you that you don’t acknowledge now?

To commit to yourself, get rid of your backdoor. They’re not what you actually want. It’s not creating but reacting to fear and diminishing your power. And ultimately, your life.

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