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8 Red Flags You’re Holding Yourself Back In Life

You’re holding yourself back every time you don’t act on your soul’s guidance. Deep down, you know that you could achieve more, but you rarely show up for 100%. Sometimes you take a step forward and two backward. Everything seems to move in circles, and you wonder how to break this vicious cycle.

You Were Born Powerful

You were born powerful, but you were trained to deny your power. Just like anyone else, you’ve been conditioned to pretend you’re less-than until you believed it. Whenever you shined, there was someone to remind you to fit in and dim your light.

When you feel inspired to follow your soul, someone explained to you how unrealistic or selfish it was. And so, you’ve started disconnecting from who you truly are until you had accepted who you should be instead of embracing your true essence. You’ve learned how to hold yourself back in life.

We’ve all been conditioned. This is part of the deal of being born on Earth. Yet, I invite you to explore the possibilities that lie beyond what others have taught you about yourself. It’s time to question your beliefs and your thoughts. Something indescribably greater is calling you. Answer the call. Go the distance to discover your meaning and stop holding yourself back in life.

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8 Signs You’re Holding Yourself Back


1. You Don’t Live Up to Your Potential

You know you’re holding yourself back when you don’t live up to your potential. It’s that little inner voice that tells you that you don’t stretch yourself enough in life. You’re afraid to take risks and enter the learning curve that brings about uncertainty. When we’re growing and learning, the ego worries that we look silly, so we rather pretend we know everything.


You choose the easy way instead of the right way.


Your internal guiding system tells you whether you’re living your highest path or you dim your potential. Honor that voice within and always reach beyond where you’d stop. You’re on the ascension path, and you’re here to grow and evolve, not to let your fears deprive you of valuable experience of your life.

2. Not Sharing Authentic Self

When you’re holding yourself back in relationships, you worry that other people wouldn’t accept the real you. You overthink your words and actions to the point that the joy escapes you. Yes, other people can be harsh. But remember that it’s always a reflection of where they’re on their journeys. It has little to do with you. You’re here to honor your uniqueness and your purpose.


When you don’t share your authentic self with others, you send mixed signals to the right people.


They can’t find you because your frequency doesn’t match your behavior. You’re not here for everyone, but you’re here to connect with your tribe. You can only do that when you share who you are and let people choose whether they want to stay or leave.

3. People’s Opinions

When you let other people dictate your life experience, you’re holding yourself back on a big scale. You have your purpose, and your guiding system leads you to fulfill it. But when you don’t take the actions that would bring you to the next level, you’re walking in circles. When you put other people’s opinions on a pedestal, you make it incredibly more difficult for yourself to find fulfillment and happiness.

4. Self-Sabotage

We all sabotage ourselves. Every time we’re about to expand our comfort zone, the inner saboteur speaks up. It’s essential to address your beliefs. Otherwise, they get louder and more convincing.


You’re holding yourself back because you don’t believe that you can have the thing you want.


What if instead of sabotaging yourself, you’d always decide to support yourself?
How could your life change for the better if you were always by your side? What beautiful things could you achieve if you didn’t let your mind stop you?

5. Forever Dreamer

Another red flag you’re holding yourself back is dreaming without taking action. You tell your friends how you’ll change your life. In your mind, you’re preparing to leave your job or relationship. You dream of starting your own business or taking it to the next level. But the right action never comes. There always seems to be a stream of never-ending obstacles.

Although having a clear vision of where you’re going is essential, you still have to take inspired action. If you postpone acting, then it means that you’re afraid of something, and you need to face it. Why are you really holding yourself back in taking the right actions?

6. Substitute Life

If your life is full of substitutes, you’re undoubtedly holding yourself back. The substitute life is when you settle down for something less than what you had actually wanted. You take the job that pays the bills – which is a smart choice at the moment – but you stop striving toward a fulfilling career. Or you give up on your dreams because you hadn’t found the way to make them happen.

What are the substitutes in your life?
How could you start upgrading your life towards what you want?
What are your number one choices in regards to your relationships, jobs, hobbies, and personal growth?

7. Not Giving Yourself a Right Chance

You dream of changing your life, but you never give yourself a 100% chance to succeed. Instead of creating the way towards what you desire, you spend your precious energy on pitting yourself, comparing to others, blaming self and your circumstances.


You’re barely scratching your potential.


What if you stopped holding yourself back and DECIDE that you’re going to do everything it takes to make your vision happen?
How quickly your life could change if you support your every step?
Where could you be in your life if you provide yourself with the right people and knowledge?

8. Dimming Your Light

Do you allow your inner beauty, intelligence, essence to be seen? Or do you dim your light to feel safe? When you’re holding yourself back, you’re constantly censoring the way you come across to others. Unconsciously, you’ve put up walls around yourself, and now it seems like you can’t take them down anymore.


You’re showing 40% of your shine. You’re living your life from 30% of your true capacity. You invest only 20% of your energy and time efficiently to make your dreams come true.


But what if there was another way of living? What if it takes to forget everything you’ve learned and instead follow your soul?

Place your palms on your heart and ask yourself whether you could be the person you dream of becoming. Ask your heart how much you’re using your true capacity to embody your highest self.

Your heart chakra never lies. Of course, you’re here always to reach the next level because this is our task on Earth. So what if you stopped holding yourself back in life?

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