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The 6 Secrets to Stop Dimming Your Light

It’s time to stop dimming your light! You’re here for a reason, and even if you don’t know what it is, it’s time to reclaim your greatness. You don’t have to suffer through life or make yourself invisible.

God’s essence is pulsating through your veins, can you feel it?

I’ve had the pleasure to uncover people’s core blueprints through my work, and I’m in awe! People come to me, and they feel lost or burdened by their challenges, and as we dig deeper, we discover a completely different story. We reveal their Soul’s true power and their purpose here on Earth, and I can’t stop being in wonder at the beauty that I can witness when people step into their light.

So, no matter where you’re along your journey, don’t dim your light again. It’s time for you to shine and expand. Now more than ever.

Can you feel my excitement?

Are you with me?

In this article, I’ll share with you how to stop dimming your light. And I sincerely hope that you’ll at least stop and take it in and perhaps, make some courageous steps. Because this is YOUR time to shine.


Why and How You Dim Your Light

Dimming your light means that you don’t let your true self be seen. Instead of allowing your energy to expanding, you hold it back.

Hiding your true light and essence is a natural response to potential pain or threat. So instead of shining, you shrink. You try to become invisible and unimportant. You hide your smartness, your gifts, and uniqueness.

Any action we take comes back to this question:

Will you dim your light for others?

Or will you let your light be seen and touch other people’s hearts?


If you’re in a situation when you decide subconsciously to be less than who you’re, you’re dimming your light.


You dim your light so that you don’t become TOO much for others. Too bright, too wise, too happy, or too beautiful. 


There are godzillion ways how you dim your light every single day. Some of the ways you’re dimming your light are:

  • You swallow your words when you know that you should speak up.
  • You tell your friends or family that things aren’t going so well when they actually are.
  • You allow energy vampires to kill your spark, excitement, and steal your energy when you should set firm boundaries instead.
  • You don’t leave relationships that aren’t equal and which costs you too much energy.
  • You subconsciously create financial problems because you fear your greatness.
  • You make sure that you’re always busy so that you can’t recharge and give your life the best version of you.
  • You sabotage your success, promotion, or relationships.

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The 6 Secrets to Stop Dimming Your Light

To stop dimming your light, I invite you to take a piece of paper and look deep within yourself. Write down any observations that come to your mind while you’re reading the following steps. 


1. Observe Your Body

The first step to stop dimming your light is to become aware of what is happening with your body. There is a physical response to you dimming your light. 

When you dim your light, likely your body contracts, shrinks, and you feel the tension. Become aware of where you feel that tension in your body and feel into that sensation of shrinking yourself. 

Close your eyes for a moment and feel into what happens with your body when you dim your light. And then try to remember that feeling and write it down. 

This will help you to be conscious the next time you dim your light. When you feel similar sensations, it’s your body responding to your subconscious decision to be less than who you’re are. 


2. Your Energy

The second step is similar to the previous one, except this time, you bring your awareness to your energetic field. 

What is happening with your energy when you’re dimming your light?

Likely, it’ll be a similar sensation to what takes place within your body. You don’t let your energy to expanding into your environment, and instead, you keep it small. 

When you capture this sensation, do the opposite. Expand. Don’t restrict your energy.


3. Why You Dim Your Light

The third step to stop dimming your light is to find out why you do it. I’ve mentioned some common reasons earlier. But in your case, there is some unique flavor to it, which is the reflection of your experiences. 

So, take your piece of paper, and free-write your thoughts on why you dim your light. You can use the following question to guide you:

What would be the scariest thing if you didn’t dim your light? 


4. You Alone

Now that you’re aware of what is taking place within you, it’s time to find out how would you shine your light if no one is around.

Most of you here are empaths, and you dim your light to keep yourself safe. And you also take in other people’s energies into your auric field. 

So it’s important to look at these two questions:

What would your light be without anyone else around you?

How would you approach this situation if you were alone?


5. Your Blueprint

Knowing your Soul’s blueprint is crucial. Once you know it, you release any blocks to your manifesting powers, you step into your inner power, and you’re guided to what is next.

It’s like finding your unique melody. I’m so excited that I’m launching a new service for you to find your Soul’s blueprint! In this case, you want to know what is your blueprint vibe – your core and unique vibration.


When you know the vibration that carries the frequency of your unique Soul’s essence, you expand into your light. 


Try to connect with your unique frequency because it’ll guide you to stop dimming your light more than anything else. Instead of worrying about how others dim your light, you become so full of your real essence that none of it matters anymore. 


6. Fill Yourself Up

The last secret of how to stop dimming your light is to take your core vibration from the previous step and meditate on it.

Commit to this meditation every morning or evening and reconnect with this vibration again and again. The aim is to fill yourself up with so much light of your true essence that you’ll not dim your light again. Instead, you’ll retrain your energetic field to become expansive. 

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